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CBC Foam Wake Surfer 54
CBC 54" Wake Surfer Foam Surfboard
$249.00 USD
Ride the Waves with the CBC 54" Foam Wake Surfer Experience the ultimate thrill of wave riding with the CBC 54" Foam Wake Surfer! This compact and lightweight surfboard is expertly crafted to provide a smooth, stable ride, making it the perfect companion for every wave enthusiast out there. Catering to both beginners testing the waters and seasoned professionals craving adrenaline, the CBC 54" Foam Wake Surfer brings the joy of surfing to all. Don't wait! Order now and embrace the mesmerizing waves in style! Wake surfing has been a game-changer in the wake board and water industry. The CBC 54" Foam Wake Surfer is a testament to this revolution, featuring an HD waterproof EPS foam deck and core. Supported by three wood stringers coated in waterproof resin, this surfboard promises flexibility and durability that stands the test of time. Key Features: Custom Molded 54" Wake Surf Shape: Expertly designed for optimal performance on the waves. Full Top and Bottom Graphic: The vibrant graphics lend the board a stylish, distinctive look. EVA Traction Pad with Built-In Tail Wedge: Enhances grip and control during your surfing adventures. 100% Waterproof EPS Foam Core: Ensures your board stays buoyant and responsive. Heat Laminated Wood Stringers: Adds strength and resilience to your surfboard. Three Easy-to-Install and Remove Fins: Offers improved steering and stability. Consistently topping wakesurf board reviews, the CBC Foam wakesurf board is a popular choice among surf enthusiasts. Plus, enjoy free shipping until the end of December! Specs: Dimensions: 54" x 19" x 2.50" (Length x Width x Thickness) Weight: 5 lbs Weight Capacity: Supports up to 150 lbs max Special Notice for Los Angeles & San Diego Customers: Save on shipping costs by arranging for local pickup at our warehouse in Corona, CA. Just select local shipping at checkout, and we'll send you further instructions upon purchase confirmation. Get ready to create unforgettable memories on the waves with the CBC 54" Foam Wake Surfer. Order today and let the surfing begin! SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us.
CBC 58 Foam Wake Surfer
CBC 58" Wake Surfer Foam Surfboard
$399.00 USD
CBC 58" Wake Surfer Foam Surfboard - Carve Your Way to Glory! Introducing the CBC 58" Foam Wake Surfer, your perfect partner for an exhilarating wave carving experience! With its high-performance design, this board brings remarkable stability and control, making it a top choice for riders of all skill levels. The lightweight foam core combined with a specially contoured bottom design lets you glide through water with effortless ease. The slip-resistant deck guarantees a safe and stable ride, giving you the confidence to take on even the biggest waves. What Makes it Stand Out? Dynamic Design: Bold graphics and a sleek, smooth shape that will have heads turning on the beach. Affordability: High-quality surfing without breaking the bank, accessible to all regardless of skill level or budget. Top Ratings: Consistently ranked among the best in wakesurf board reviews. Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping till the end of December. Local Pickup Available: For our Los Angeles & San Diego customers, save on shipping costs by arranging local pickup at our warehouse in Corona, CA. Select 'local shipping' at checkout and we'll provide further instructions upon purchase confirmation. Specs: Dimensions: 58" x 21" x 2.50" (length x width x thickness) Weight: 5.5 lbs Weight Capacity: Up to 150 lbs max Key Features: Custom Molded Wake Surf Shape: Expertly crafted for maximum performance Full Graphic Deck & Bottom: Stands out with stunning visuals EVA Traction Pad with Built-in Tail Wedge: Enhanced grip and maneuverability Triple Fiberglass Fins: Superior control over your ride Waterproof EPS Foam Core: Lightweight and buoyant, perfect for catching waves Heat Laminated Wood Stringers: Added durability and rigidity XPE Deck Skin: Comfortable and safe for extended surfing sessions Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding surfer, the CBC 58" Foam Wake Surfer is your ticket to an unforgettable wave riding adventure. With its premium features and exceptional performance, this board takes your surfing experience to a whole new level. Catch the wave with CBC and carve your way to glory! SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us.
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