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Liquid Shredder 11ft EZ-Slider SUP PaddleBoard - Good Wave
Liquid Shredder 11'0" EZ-Slider Paddle Board Soft SUP $495.00 USD $699.00 USD
Specs Length: 11'0” Width: 30.5” Thickness 4.75” Board Weight: 24 lbs  Vol: 210 liters Suggested novice weight limit: 250 lbs 11ft EZ-Slider SUP Soft Paddle Board The 11′ EZ-SLIDER Soft SUP paddle board is designed for beginners up to 250lbs. Experienced riders up to 300lbs. This 11ft EZ Slider Soft SUP PaddleBoard is soft foam deck with epoxy fiberglass under layers, EPS core and Slick, Fast Bottom. High-tech microfiber venting to help prevent heat damage. Dual wooden stringers for strength. Heat laminated, no glue. The 11ft FSE Foamie Soft SUP PaddleBoard is a stable forgiving beginner SUP that will give you years of paddle boarding joy. COMES WITH FULL KIT: Paddle, Foot Leash and Fin.
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Liquid Shredder 41in EVA Deck - Wood Skimboard - Good Wave
Liquid Shredder 41" EVA Deck Wood Skimboard $59.00 USD $99.00 USD
41in EVA Deck - Skimboard The Liquid Shredder wood Skimboards with the extra traction of its Shred-Grip Soft EVA Deck. These Wood Skim Boards are durable with heat laminated soft, anti-slip traction. The slight rocker makes them easy to throw and start sand sliding. Shred with the best on Liquid Shredder Skimboards. Key features Made of high-quality solid Fir wood, not common plywood. Liquid Shredder Skim Boards are Epoxy coated to strengthen and waterproof the high-quality Firwood core. The solid fir wood Skimboards core helps reduce the chance of breaking, splitting, or warping of the core. Available as a 41in wood skimboard to meet most skimboarding rider needs. Choose your color between Pacific Blue or Atlantic Green in our Premium Quality EVA Shred-Grip decks. Skimboards with antislip deck EVA deck is Fully heat laminated to the top, with no glue to reduce the chance of deck delamination. Do you wax a wooden skimboard? Not the Liquid Shredder Skimboards. So you never use surfboard wax. There is no better bang for the buck in the skimming world. Liquid Shredder’s skim boards are technologically forward yet rooted in tradition with a dedication to quality and performance designs Skim rocks the beaches worldwide.
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Liquid Shredder 44in - Bodyboard - Good Wave
Liquid Shredder 44" Bodyboard $149.00 USD $199.00 USD
FSE 44 Inch Plus Series - Bodyboard The Liquid Shredder FSE 44 Inch Plus Series high tech bodyboard, EPP Core Premium Quality Bodyboard is the pinnacle of Liquid Shredder technology. Many years of development produced arguably the best quality and super performing wave riding vehicle yet seen on any beach. Specs Dimensions: 44 x 19 Inches Nose: 11″Width Tail: 16″Width Thickness:  2.5″ Weight: 3.2 lbs Rider weight up to 270lbs Key features FSE Plus Bodyboards start with a Premium Shred-Core Polypro blank, The unique Shred-Core is highly durable Polypropylene. Available as a 44in size to meet virtually any rider’s skill and needs. Fully heat laminated, no glue. Shred-Deck is Super IXPE Soft Polyethylene with contours and thumb Grips Shred-Hull Slick Channel Bottom provides advanced performance, and wave carving grip with IXHD Polyethylene Fiberglass Stringer System. Crescent Tail, Double Rail add radical bite in the turns. Fully Heat Laminated Construction. Includes Leash Plug. Liquid Shredder has Reimagined the design and performance characteristics of the belly board.
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Liquid Shredder 7ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard - Good Wave
Liquid Shredder 7' EZ-Slider Foam Soft Surfboard $329.00 USD $389.00 USD
Surfing is fun but takes practice! Our 7ft EZ-slider foam surfboard is one of the best soft surfboards on the market for learning and honing your skill. A high performing rad ripping surfboard, it’s great for beginners up to 150lbs and is suited for experienced riders as well. Specs Dimensions: 7′ x 21.5″ x 3" (length x width x thickness) Weight: 11 lbs Volume: 49 liters Package Includes 7ft Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Foamie Soft Surfboard Removable tri fin system (3 fins) Fabric leash attachment system (leash sold separately) Overview As it’s easy to learn on, the 7ft liquid shredder foam surfboard is an excellent option for young surfers coming out of surf school. With a safe soft deck, it provides safety and a soft surface that riders find extremely comfortable to popup on. Extra buoyancy means additional stability, and no matter how much it gets thrown around our 7ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard is highly durable so you can enjoy the waves for years to come. The 7ft EZ-slider is great for use in any condition. So no matter what your skill – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – this soft foam surfboard is the way to go. Materials The EZ Slider is built with an EPS core and a slick and fast bottom that makes it easy to cruise on the water, offering a fun and exciting ride along the way. Plus with a removable tri-fin thruster fin system, you can choose to ride with or without fins to suit your comfort and skill level.
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Liquid Shredder 8ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard - Good Wave
Liquid Shredder 8' EZ-Slider Foam Soft Surfboard $389.00 USD $499.00 USD
The 8' Liquid Shredder soft surfboard is part of the EZ Slider range and specially designed for kids and beginners. Shaped with a classic longboard soft top, the 8ft EZ foam surfboard is designed to easily catch waves for novice riders up to 180lbs or more for experienced surfers. Specs Dimensions: 8’ x 21.5” x 3” Weight: 13.4lbs Volume: 80 liters Package Includes 8ft EZ Slider Foamie Soft Surfboard Removable tri fin system (3 fins) Fabric leash attachment system (leash sold separately) 8ft Foamie Soft Surfboard  EZ Slider Overview Material & Shape This template is a classic longboards surfboard shape that carves the waves with ease. Soft longboard surfboard with dual wooden and one fiberglass stringers for strength. Heat laminated materials reduce the possibility of delamination. No glue is used in this 8ft Foam Soft Top Surfboard that might easily fail in the hot summer sun. Over Two Decades of Surfboard Manufacturing Since 1999, Liquid Shredder surfboards have been some “go to” surfboards for surf schools and surf camps. Hundreds of thousands of new surfers have learned to surf on soft top surfboards by Liquid Shredder. Trusted and tested by professional surf instructors worldwide, Liquid Shredder is a surf school favorite and considered as a best beginner surfboard. PERFECT FOR KIDS AND BEGINNERS AS WELL AS EXPERTS The EZ-Slider 8ft Foamie Soft Surfboard is designed specifically for kids and beginners. As an EZ Slider, it makes it easy to ride the waters and catch waves, increasing their confidence along the way.Our soft foam construction offers maximum comfort to surfers as pop up and carve, but this foamie is not all mush! It’s equipped with an EPS core with a slick and fast bottom, offering speed and toughness, gliding through effortlessly. And its dual wooden and single biberglass stringers give it strength and durability.Plus with heat laminated materials and no glue, it offers safety, minimizing the risk of delamination and eliminating the possibility of the glue failing in the hot summer sun.In addition it has a fabric leash attachment system that is stronger than a plug and just as durable. Avoid the hassle of a leash plug that must be leaked or pulled loose, with our 8ft foamie.Most Customers Also Purchased Optional: 8ft straight foot leash.
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Liquid Shredder 9ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard - Good Wave
Liquid Shredder 9' EZ-Slider Foam Soft Surfboard
$599.00 USD $769.00 USD
Specs Dimensions: 9’0 x 24.5” x 3″ Weight: 17.5 lbs. Volume: 95 liters 9ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard If you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf or looking to buy a new board to have some fun, then our 9ft Soft Top Surfboard is perfect for you! The Liquid Shredder EZ Slider 9ft Foam Surfboard is designed for beginners up to 210lbs and experienced riders up to 280lbs. Key benefits Soft top surfboards are lighter, floats better, and is easier to paddle on Great for beginners and harder to ding Good for instructors to teach people how to surf Removable fins allow you to try different setups on the same board Proven in Surf Lessons and Competition This 9ft soft top surfboard is proven to be beneficial in surf lessons, rentals, and competitions. Our 9ft foam surfboard has the ability to carve the surf with grace and style and is easy to control. All of our EZ Slider foam longboards are tested in the harshest conditions of rental programs. Even the best surf schools have proven the EZ slider foam surfboard’s durability. Liquid Shredder Softtops For nearly 2 decades, Liquid Shredder has taken pride in providing high-quality and user friendly foam longboards to the surfing community. 9ft soft top surfboard Liquid Shredder, a fantastic surfboard for adults, kids, and beginners, is fun and easy to ride.
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