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Water Shoes

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Water Shoes

The right footwear is a must for any sport or activity, we all know this as it helps you perform at your peak while providing the appropriate level of protection. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet! Water shoes allow water to get in and out, while offering protection for your feet from cuts and abrasions caused by reef, rock, pool bottoms or even hot sand.

If you want to protect your children from getting hurt on the beach while playing or enjoying their first ride on a surfboard then water shoes are a must. Don't assume any shoe will be just fine in the water? Think again. Unfortunately, if you’ve ever stepped on a sharp rock coming out of the water, even slipped in flip flops on a slippery surface, then you're already aware of two key reasons: safety and traction.

You can be more careful about the sharp rocks but your children may not have that control quite yet. For their protection, you should buy the best pair of water shoes for your children that you can also enjoy your summer days on the water.

Here we've brought our best pairs of water shoes for an exclusive family collection for parents and children. They cover the entire foot and most importantly have thick soles. These features are absolutely essential for protecting your feet from hot surfaces and sharp objects. If you are also looking for a stylish water shoe then we have the exact right collection for you. Browse through our selection of quality water shoes for a style and color you love.

Any questions about buying a pair of water shoes? Please don't hestitate to Contact us.

Stay safe!


Is Good Wave based in the United States?

Yes! We are based in sunny San Diego. Currently our team is 100% remote with teammates in California, Florida and throughout the Midwest. Yes, there are bodies of water in the midwest ;)

What is Good Wave’s standard water shoes shipping time?

Nearly all of our products are manufactured directly in the United States. It typically takes 2 business days to process and 5-7 business days for shipping. Please feel free to reach out to let us know about any urgent date you need your product to arrive, such as for an upcoming surf camp, vacation, etc. Likely, we can arrange with our warehouses to meet your deadline but please reach out so we know.

Does Good Wave accept returns?

Yes, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I contact Good Wave?

Urgent questions: please find us on chat on the bottom right of the website! If we're unavailable, we're helping another customer so please just leave us a message.

All other questions please use our contact form.

I want to order more than one set of water shoes. Can I get a discount?

Likely yes, but please contact us since it depends on the product :)

Does Good Wave have inventory in a certain product?

If you can purchase it on our website, likely we have it. Sometimes we run out, but we can easily find you a replacement board or refund your order if so.