Huckleberry 11’0″ Fibreglass SUP
Huckleberry 11’ Fiberglass SUP
Huckleberry 11’ Fiberglass SUP
Huckleberry 11’0″ Fibreglass SUP 1

Huckleberry 11’ Fiberglass SUP

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The 11’0″ Huckleberry SUP is designed to explore and feel the freedom of open water!

Inspired by a certain you-know-who, doing you-know-what, downriver. Shaped with a TON of volume (206L), the Huckleberry is the ultimate cruiser. Ideal for touring rivers, lakes, harbors, and coastlines.

The unique bamboo veneer showcases our Naturetech construction in high definition, displaying the natural wood layer, making every board look one of a kind.

Plus with a stunning mint green finish, we apologize in advance for the questions of where you got the Huckleberry. Now get out there!

Note, for our 2021 version we've upgraded the lime green to a mint green, photos #2 & #3 are from 2020.


  • Length: 11‘0″
  • Width: 32“
  • Thickness: 4 3/4″
  • Volume: 206 Liters
  • Max weight: 245 lbs
  • Weight: 27 Pounds
  • Rocker Shape: Medium
  • Tail Shape: Squash
  • Bottom Shape: Single to Double Concave
  • Rail Shape: Round Rolled


Our line-up of all-around boards are designed with our most innovative process using Vice Construction. The foam core is created from our proprietary, high compression molds making these models ultralight and durable. A layer of bamboo encases the foam to improve impact resistance. The standing area is further supported with carbon fiber, while the nose, tail & side rails of the board are reinforced in Kelvar.

Futures: Futures: The 11’0 Huckleberry used Futures Thruster (2+1) fin setup. Thruster setups are specifically used for SUP surfing and allow you to adjust your fins to dial in speed, thrust, and maneuverability for your local break. Futures is based in Huntington Beach, California and offers a wide variety of adjustable and removable fin systems used by world champions to make quick adjustments while on the go. You can spend less time tuning your board and more time paddle surfing the 11’0 your way.

Every SUP board crafted by POP is hand-finished; ensuring each board we shape receives a great deal of attention and soul. Our hand laid glassing fortifies the bonding between each layer, resulting in an evenly structured and lightweight paddle-board. Once dry, each board is hand-painted with our signature color-blocked designs and polished by hand for a sleek and glossy finish. Using these handmade techniques consistently enhances the build quality and integrity of our paddleboards.

POP Board Co’ 360° diamond traction connects riders to their paddleboards with and ultra-tacky grip that’s firm and forgiving. The recessed diamond ridge design provides 360° of grip that keeps riders glued to our boards. Whether you are circling the buoys around the harbor or dropping in on an overhead wave, our trademark pad will allow you to seamlessly pull off the most critical maneuvers. There’s no blaming your next wipeout on traction-pad-slippage with POP’s diamond 360° traction pad.

Vacuum packed technology is used with Nature-Tech during our board construction process. Once glassed our boards are inserted into a plastic sleeve and vacuum packed to suck all the air out during the bonding process. This successfully reduces the overall weight of our SUP boards while increasing strength and durability. Using this premium construction method, riders can expect a POP board to weigh between 20-30lbs depending on the model selected.

POP uses a one-way military grade vent plug to release heat pressure buildup from the inside of our boards, without letting water in. The materials used in making most paddleboards can expand when exposed to high heat for extended periods of time. This can cause internal warping of the foam core and fiberglass, causing delaminating between the bonding layers of the board. For best results loosen the vent plug when racking your board on a hot day or setting it dockside under the hot sun.

POP Board Co is a company conceived by three riders with three different ideas about what it takes to make a great paddleboard. With backgrounds in surfing, long-distance paddling, and racing, O3 Science combines these three different perspectives to carefully R&D every product before external testing is conducted. Using three heads instead of one ensures a final product that caters to a variety of different SUP backgrounds, riders, and riding styles. The O3 science is why POP boards are among the most well-rounded SUP boards in the industry.

How do you make something that weighs 25lbs feel like 5lbs? Put a good handle on it. POP SUP boards feature our very own ergonomically recessed handles with ribbed finger grips for extra carrying comfort. No more finger cramping, the handle is designed to transfer the weight of the board from your fingertips to your hand and arm. We carefully position the handles on the center of our boards to give riders optimal balance, making our boards feel weightless carrying them to and from the water.

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