Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak 17
Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak
Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak lifestyle
Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak 1
Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak
Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak 3
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Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak 2
Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak 15
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Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi Fishing Kayak

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Pre-orders now available for July 2021.

The Mahi Mahi is a trophy fish found in temperate, tropical, and subtropical waters around the world. Just like its namesake, the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi kayak loves the same conditions plus a ton of cold water adventures.


  • Two-piece paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings (keeps your kayak dry)
  • 4 Carry handles
  • Large rear and front storage with bungee
  • Cupholder
  • Adjustable aluminum seat
  • 2 Accessory track rails
  • 2 Integrated fishing rod holders
  • Drain plug
  • 6 drainage holes with scupper plugs
  • 2 adjustable footrests
  • Optional fin drive system
  • Fishfinder compartment (fishfinder not included)

The optional fin drive system allows for a hands-free experience on the water so you can focus your attention on getting your bait out in the water, and when the time comes, reel in that monster.

A one-handed rudder control allows for easy maneuvering. The rudder system is an integrated design with the bottom of the hull and no need to worry about obstacles that can damage your rudder; the rudder is securely horizontally aligned under the Kayak.


  • Length: 11 ft / 335 cm 
  • Width: 34 inches / 86 cm
  • Height: 11 inches / 30 cm 
  • Weight without drive: 70 lbs
  • Weight with drive:  79 lbs
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 405 lbs

The superior stability of the kayak makes it great for fishing. You can cast while you are standing up and not worry about the boat tipping or you falling off.

Finding the perfect ratio between weight and balance meant we had to relook the length and width of this vessel. 11 feet in length and 34 inches in width and weighing in at 79 lbs with the fin drive system and 70 lbs without the fin drive system, we believe we found the perfect weight to balance ratio. Less length means less weight to be peddled, yet the wide hull still secures plenty of storage space, which is ideal if you bag that big one.

The bottom of this vessel is complemented with a deep single V shape in the front towards a double V in the back for added stability and speed of water flow through the tail area. The hull is designed for superior stability, yet effortless forward propulsion.

The removable fin drive is super straightforward to use, allowing you to reach top speeds in no time and maintain momentum when you are moving, and that frees up your hands when trawling.

The Mahi Mahi is a smooth ride and takes little effort to get it moving. The fin drive navigates the kayak forward, and with the quiet propulsion of the fin drive system, the fish will not hear you coming and will still allow you the element of surprise. Kayak paddles produce a ton of unnecessary noise, with the fin drive system you will leave a smaller trace, with less disturbance and an advantage on your next catch.

Equipped with a round storage hatch between the peddler’s seat and the fin drive system, front storage, and rear storage system, with added space behind your seat, space is absolutely no problem. The Mahi Mahi kayak is equipped with six horizontal molded rod placements and two integrated rod holders at the back. On either side of the paddler, the integrated tackle box storage compartments are molded into the design, not to forget the molded-in cup holder.

When it came to seating, we equipped the Mahi Mahi kayak with an adjustable aluminum seat on a slider system to move your position forward and backward without much effort, to ensure a comfortable pedal. When you’re out on the water all day, you need to be comfortable, the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Fin Drive System kayak provides just that. Mahi Mahi’s spacious, and the raised padded seat ensures you’re not going to get soaked by any water in the seating area from ocean spray. With ample room to move around, entry and exit, as well as gear access, is easy. Recline your seat for a laid back paddle position, or secure it more upright for moments when you need to dash forward quickly.

As an added feature, the Mahi Mahi fin drive fishing kayak is equipped with the functionality to easily mount a motor mount on the back of the kayak for when you want to get to your next secret spot quicker. The motor will not interfere with your rudder system and no need to make adjustments to your steering system.

Don't want to add a fin drive system? No worries! A drive cover box is available. Simply remove the fin drive and the cover box fits into the open space. The box allows for additional storage while transforming your Mahi Mahi to a paddle fishing kayak.

  1. STORAGE: Large rear and front storage with bungee for keeping bait, food, and other essentials
  2. FIN DRIVE: 1 x Fin Drive System
  3. FOOTRESTS: 2 x Adjustable footrests
  4. RUDDER CONTROL: One-handed rudder control allows for easy maneuvering
  5. DELUXE ALUMINIUM SEAT: 1x Deluxe Aluminum Seat: With breathable mesh for all-day enjoyment, and adjustable fittings, you’ll feel content chilling back in a reclined position as you cast your rod, and in full control in a forward position as you push your way across bays to get the good ones. The seating’s raised design ensures you’re not drenched in a pool of spray water collecting in the kayak throughout the day.
  6. DRAIN PLUGS: 6x Drainage holes with scupper plugs
  7. MOTOR MOUNT: 1 x Motor Mount in tail area
  8. FISHFINDER COMPARTMENT: 1 x Fishfinder compartment (fishfinder not included)
  9. ACCESSORY RAILS: 2 x Accessory track rails
  10. STORAGE HATCH: 1x Small round storage hatch
  11. CUP HOLDER: 1x Molded-in cupholder
  12. ROD HOLDERS: 2x Molded-in fishing rod holders
  13. RUDDER: Integrated Rudder System
  14. PADDLE: 1x Two-piece paddle


  • Motor Mount
  • Electric Motor
  • Drive Cover
  • Fishfinder

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