The Surfer's Choice: Discovering the Best Funboard Surfboard for You

Funboard Surfboards

Introduction to Funboard Surfboards

Surfing is a rich and diverse sport that attracts enthusiasts of all levels. But it’s the funboard surfboard that stands out as one of the best boards for enhancing the surfing experience for everyone. Bridging the gap between the agile performance of a shortboard and the stable, easy ride of a longboard, the funboard surfboard caters to a wide spectrum of surfers. Its design, characterized by a balance of length, width, and volume, makes it an ideal choice not only for those taking their first steps into surfing but also for seasoned surfers seeking a versatile board for varying wave conditions. 

It is known for its versatility and ease of use, offering a unique blend of stability and maneuverability. This makes it an ideal choice for all.

Funboard surfboards provide a smoother transition from learning basic skills to more advanced techniques. For the experienced surfer, it opens up opportunities to experiment and enjoy conditions that might not suit a longboard or a shortboard, such as smaller, less powerful waves.

surfer on funboard surfboard

What truly sets the funboard apart is its ability to enhance the surfing experience in a variety of conditions. It offers a stable platform for newcomers to build confidence or allow experienced surfers to play around with different styles and waves. The funboard surfboard is a testament to the sport's inclusivity and adaptability. In this article, we'll explore how and why it’s become such a beloved choice in the surfing community.

Design and Features of Funboard Surfboards

The funboard surfboard offers a unique combination of stability and maneuverability that caters to surfers at all levels. This adaptability is a key aspect of its design, making it a great choice for both learners and experienced riders.

funboard surfboard design

Size and Shape

Funboards typically range in length from 6 to 8 feet, providing an ideal middle ground between the shortboard's agility and the longboard's stability. Their wider nose and fuller outline facilitate easier paddling and a more forgiving ride, especially beneficial for beginner surfers who are transitioning from basic skills to more advanced techniques.

Material Construction

The choice of material plays a crucial role in the performance of a funboard surfboard:

  • PU (Polyurethane): Preferred for its classic feel and responsiveness, particularly by experienced surfers.
  • PE (Polyethylene) and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene): Lighter and more buoyant, these materials are ideal for a forgiving and enjoyable ride.
  • Epoxy Board: Known for their durability and resilience, making them a long-lasting choice to surf under various conditions.
  • Soft Top Epoxy: A great option for newcomers, offering safety and ease of use, and also favored for casual, fun surfing sessions.

The funboard surfboard’sdiverse range of materials and designs ensures that there is a perfect match for every surfer, enhancing the surfing experience across all levels and conditions.

Types of Funboard Surfboard

All the different types of the funboard surfboard cater to different surfing needs and preferences. Among the most prominent examples are the Soft Top Epoxy Boards, Mid-Length Surfboards, and Mini Mal Surfboards.

Types of funboard surfboards

Soft Top Epoxy Boards:

  • Characteristics: Known for user-friendly shape and safety, ideal for learners and surf schools.
  • Construction: Foam top with an epoxy core for durability and a forgiving surface.
  • Example: The CBC 7'0" Slasher Foam Surfboard provides stability and ease of learning.

Mid-Length Surfboards: Durable epoxy board

  • Characteristics: Versatile board ranges from 7 to 8 feet, balancing maneuverability and stability.
  • Construction: Suitable for varying conditions of waves, preferred by intermediate surfers.
  • Example: The CBC 8' California Foam Surfboard with Wood Graphic offers a smooth ride and versatile navigation.

Mini Mal Surfboards:

  • Characteristics: A mid-length board, known for ease of use and excellent paddling capabilities.
  • Construction: Ideal for small to medium wave conditions, suited for surfers transitioning from longboarding.
  • Example: The Catch Surf Odysea 8'0" Log Basic Jamie O'Brien Hot Pink is notable for its vibrant design and classic funboard shape, embodying the fun and playful spirit of the funboard.

Each type of funboard surfboard brings its unique characteristics to the table, ensuring that surfers of all levels and styles can find a board that suits their needs. Whether it’s the forgiving nature of a Soft Top Epoxy Board, the adaptable performance of a Mid-Length Surfboard, or the smooth transition offered by a Mini Mal Surfboard, these funboards are designed to enhance the surfing experience for everyone.

Funboard Surfboards vs. Other Board Types

A funboard surfboard offers a unique middle ground in the surfing world, balancing the agility of shortboards with the stability of longboards. This makes them exceptionally versatile, and suitable to surf at different levels and sea conditions.

Funboard Surfboards vs. Other Board

Compared to Shortboards

  • Stability: Funboards are wider and thicker, offering more stability than shortboards.
  • Ease of Use: Easier to paddle and catch surf, especially in less powerful conditions, making them ideal for learners.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wider range of surfers, from newcomers to those with more experience.

Compared to Longboards

  • Maneuverability: Mid-sized funboards provide better maneuverability than longboards while still maintaining good stability.
  • Wave Conditions: Versatile in various wave sizes, from small to medium, compared to longboards which excel in small, slow waves.
  • Skill Level: Great for surf enthusiasts transitioning from novice to intermediate, whereas longboards are often favored by learners for their ease of use.

Suitability to Surf at Various Levels

  • Beginners: Funboards offer an easier learning curve. They are stable and easy to catch surf.
  • Intermediate Surfers: Provide a step up in performance from longboards without the steep learning curve of shortboards.
  • Advanced Surfers: Perfect to surf on small waves, offering a different experience from the high-performance focus of shortboards.

A funboard surfboard offers a flexible and adaptable experience, ideal for a wide range of surf enthusiasts. They blend the best aspects of both shortboards and longboards, making them a popular choice among those who seek a board that can handle a variety of sea conditions and skill levels.

Choosing Your Ideal Funboard

To choose the right funboard surfboard, you should consider your skill level, the types of waves you'll surf, and your personal preferences. The right board can significantly enhance your experience, whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer.

funboard surfboard features

Decision Factors

Skill Level:

      • Beginners should look for funboards that offer stability and ease of paddling.
      • Intermediate surfers might prefer funboards that allow for more maneuverability and wave versatility.
      • Experienced surfers can choose a funboard for specific conditions or as a complement to their main shortboard or longboard.

Wave Types:

      • For small, mushy waves, a larger funboard with more volume will be helpful to catch more waves.
      • In medium to larger waves, a funboard with a more streamlined shape can offer better performance.
      • Consider the common wave forecast at your local surf spots when choosing your funboard.

Personal Preferences:

      • Some might prefer the responsiveness of epoxy boards, while others might opt for the forgiving nature of soft top boards.
      • Aesthetics and design can also be a factor, as many choose surfboards that reflect their style.

Tailored Advice for Different Surfer Profiles

Beginner Surfers:

      • Focus on stability and ease of use. A larger, wider funboard can be more forgiving and helpful in building confidence.
      • Soft top funboards are a safe and popular choice to start.

Intermediate Surfers:

      • Look for a funboard that challenges your skills but still offers some forgiveness.
      • A mid-length funboard can be a great option to transition smoothly to more advanced surfing.

Advanced Surfers:

      • Consider a funboard for specific conditions, like smaller days or for casual surfing.
      • Experiment with different materials and tail shapes to fine-tune your experience.

      Remember, the ideal funboard is the one that best suits your individual needs and helps you enjoy your time in the water to the fullest. Consider these factors and advice tailored to your surfing level to make an informed decision.

      Top picks for your new board

      CBC 7' Classic Wood Graphic Foam Surfboard 

      CBC 7' Classic Wood Graphic Foam Surfboard

      The CBC 7' Classic Wood Graphic Foam Surfboard is a fusion of aesthetic appeal and performance. It's 7-foot length and lightweight design make it ideal for beginners and experienced surfers. The board features a striking wood graphic design, enhancing its visual appeal. Its foam core and streamlined shape ensure ease in catching waves, offering a perfect blend of stability and responsiveness.


      • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to transport, making it convenient for surfers on the go.
      • Ideal for Beginners and Experienced Surfers: The stable design and forgiving foam material suit beginners, while its responsive handling caters to more skilled surfers.
      • Aesthetic Design: The wood graphic design is visually appealing both in and out of water.
      • Complete Surf Package: Comes with 3 surf fins, a PU surf leash, and a preinstalled trackpad, providing everything needed to start surfing.
      • High Weight Capacity: Can support up to 210 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of users.


      • Limited Rocker: The minimal rocker towards the middle and rear may make turning slightly difficult.
      • Specific Target Audience: May not be the best choice for advanced surfers seeking high-performance boards.


      This surfboard is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers looking for a balance between functionality and style. Its ease of handling and the complete surf package make it a great choice for those starting their surfing journey or looking to enhance their experience with a reliable, visually appealing board.

      CBC 8' "California 96" Foam Surfboard

      CBC 8' "California 96" Foam Surfboard

      The CBC 8' "California 96" Foam Surfboard is a versatile board designed for surfers of all skill levels. It combines safety, durability, and performance in its design. Featuring a classic wood graphic design, this lightweight board offers stability and ease of handling. With a weight limit of 210 lbs and beginner-friendly features, this surfboard is a great choice for anyone from beginners to experienced surfers.


      • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Wide nose and tail provide extra stability for beginners, while the single fin setup offers control for advanced surfers.
      • Attractive Design: The classic wood graphic design is visually appealing.
      • Lightweight and Durable: Easy to handle in the water and built to last.
      • High Weight Capacity: Supports up to 240 lbs, accommodating a wide range of users.
      • Complete Surf Package: Includes 3 surf fins, a PU surf leash, and a preinstalled trackpad.


      • Limited Maneuverability for Hard Turns: The stiffness may hinder sharp turns.
      • Top Slippery When Not Waxed: Requires waxing for better grip.


      The CBC 8' "California 96" Foam Surfboard is highly recommended for beginners and those transitioning to the intermediate level. Its balance of stability and control makes it an excellent choice for learning and improving surfing skills. The stylish design adds to its appeal, making it a great purchase for both practical use and aesthetic pleasure.

      Catch Surf Odysea 8'0 Log Basic Jamie O'Brien Surfboard - Hot Pink

      Catch Surf Odysea 8'0 Log Basic Jamie O'Brien Surfboard

      The Catch Surf Odysea 8'0 Log Basic Jamie O'Brien Hot Pink Surfboard is a vibrant and high-performing board designed for surfers of all levels. It combines an EPS foam core, epoxy resin, and wooden laminate for durability and performance. Its classic fishtemplate shape and wide square tail offer ultimate control, making it a standout choice for surf enthusiasts.


      • Innovative Construction: EPS foam core with epoxy resin and wooden laminate ensures durability.
      • Optimal Control: Classic fishtemplate shape and wide square tail for better wave handling.
      • Eye-Catching Design: The hot pink hue adds a unique and stylish touch.
      • Versatile for All Skill Levels: Suitable for beginners and seasoned surfers alike.
      • High-Performance Fins: Comes with a removable fin system for enhanced surfing experience.
      • Jamie O'Brien Endorsement: Professional surfer Jamie O’Brien’s endorsement adds credibility.


      • Color Specificity: The hot pink color might not appeal to all users.


      The Catch Surf Odysea 8'0 Log Basic Jamie O'Brien Surfboard is an excellent choice for surfers seeking a durable, high-performing, and stylish board. Its suitability for various skill levels makes it a versatile option. While the price point is on the higher side, the quality and features justify the investment, especially for those who value design and performance. The endorsement by Jamie O’Brien further assures its quality, making it a worthy addition to any surfer’s collection.

      Maintaining Your Funboard

      Maintaining your funboard surfboard is essential to prolong its lifespan and ensure you have the best surfing experience possible. Different materials require specific care, but general maintenance practices can significantly enhance the durability and performance of your board.

      maintaining a funboard surfboard

      Durability and Maintenance Tips

      • PU and Epoxy Boards:
        • Check for dings and perform timely repairs.
        • Avoid prolonged sun exposure to protect the board's integrity.
      • Soft Top Boards:
        • Inspect for surface damage regularly.
        • Keep away from extreme heat and sharp objects.

      General Care

      • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in a surfboard bag.
      • Cleaning: Regularly clean with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals.
      • Waxing: Maintain wax for grip and inspect the board's surface.

      Proper care and regular maintenance of your funboard, be it a durable epoxy board or a soft top, are crucial for a long-lasting and enjoyable surfing journey.


      The funboard surfboard provides a unique blend of versatility, stability, and ease of use to the inclusive and dynamic nature of surfing. It bridges the gap between the nimble shortboard and the stable longboard, offering advantages that appeal to a wide range of surfers, from beginners to the more experienced.

      The true beauty of the funboard lies in its ability to adapt to various sea conditions and surfing styles. Whether you're just starting, transitioning to more advanced techniques, or an experienced surfer looking for a relaxed day on smaller waves, the funboard offers something for everyone. Its diverse range of builds and materials, from soft top epoxy boards to durable epoxy constructions, caters to different preferences and skill levels.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can a beginner use a funboard surfboard?

      Yes, funboards are ideal for beginners. Their stability and ease of paddling make them perfect for learning basic surfing skills.

      What is the difference between a funboard and a surfboard?

      Funboards are a type of surfboard with a unique design that blends the features of shortboards and longboards. They are generally mid-sized, offer more volume for stability, and are easier to paddle than shortboards, making them versatile for various sea conditions.

      Should I get a longboard or a funboard?

      This depends on your surfing goals. Longboards have great stability and easier wave catching ability, ideal for beginners or those who enjoy a relaxed surfing style. Funboards offer more maneuverability and are suitable for surfers looking to transition to more advanced techniques.

      What is the difference between a foam board and an epoxy board?

      Foam boards are softer and safer, ideal for beginners. Epoxy boards are long-lasting, lightweight, and suited for a range of surfing abilities, offering a balance between performance and ease of use.

      Is a funboard the same as a Mini Mal?

      Funboards and Mini Mal share similarities, but mini mals are a specific type of funboard known for their ease of paddling and stability, making them a popular choice among beginners and intermediate surfers looking for a board that's easy to handle yet offers room to grow in skill.

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