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Yoga & Fitness SUP

Brand new for 2021! Introducing Good Wave's fitness & yoga SUP collection, with increased width for balance.

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Yoga SUP | Fitness SUP | Stand Up Paddle Board

Do you love yoga, fitness, and the great outdoors?

If your answer is "Yes!" then we have a good news for you! Now you have the opportunity to combine your passions to create the ultimate mindful and healthy experience on the water.

Our selection of fitness and yoga SUPs will help you stay active outdoors in a new, fun, and exciting way all without breaking your budget. At Good Wave, we've curated our absolte favorite collection of SUPs for yoga built with optimal width for balance.

Stand up Paddle boarding (or SUP) is recognized as being one of the fastestgrowing sports across the world. Not only does it provide an amazing full-body workout, but it immerses you in a relaxing water-based environment.

Paddling on a SUP provides a great cardio and core toning, but adding yoga creates a whole other dimension to the sport. Ditch the familiarity of the at-home workout and embrace the naturals elements of water, sunshine, and fresh air.

Bringing your workout to the water on a yoga stand up paddleboard will not only provide you with a new challenge, but it will also help you improve your core, balance, and focus in a way you didn’t know was possible.

SUP yoga will also help you to reduce your stress. Exercising will never be this fun again!

A yoga paddle board is perfect for those who are shopping for an all-around paddleboard that can provide the features needed for SUP yoga, but it can also function as a recreational paddleboard. You can take it out to a peaceful spot to perform SUP yoga one morning, then enjoy a leisurely paddle around your favorite lake the following day.

Paddle boarding can relieve stress, improve your mood, plus your dog will also live it too! No matter the workout you're doing, this inflatable SUP will be perfect for yoga, pilates or just paddling around.

If you are still confused about our yoga and fitness SUPs you can contact us. We can help you to find the best yoga and fitness SUPs.

Our yoga sups ensure you the maximum safety and you don't have to compromise with beautiful design. Start browsing in our yoga paddleboards section now, and as always, please contact us with any questions! :)

Stay safe!


Is Good Wave based in the United States?

Yes! We are based in sunny San Diego. Currently our team is 100% remote with teammates in California, Florida and throughout the Midwest. Yes, there are bodies of water in the midwest ;)

What is Good Wave’s standard yoga paddle board shipping time?

Nearly all of our products are manufactured directly in the United States. It typically takes 2 business days to process, and 5-7 business days for shipping. Please feel free to reach out to let us know about any urgent date you need your product to arrive, such as for an upcoming surf camp, vacation, etc. Likely, we can arrange with our warehouses to meet your deadline but please reach out so we know.

Does Good Wave accept returns?

Yes, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I contact Good Wave?

Urgent questions: please find us on chat on the bottom right of the website! If we're unavailable, we're helping another customer so please just leave us a message.

All other questions please use our contact form.

I want to order more than one yoga SUP. Can I get a discount?

Yes, please contact us.

Which yoga or fitness SUP is right for me / my child?

Please contact us. It mostly depends on your weight, paddling experience, etc.

Does Good Wave have inventory in a certain product?

If you can purchase it on our website, likely we have it. Sometimes we run out, but we can easily find you a replacement board or refund your order if so.