Kayak Paddle
Aqua Marina Dual-Tech 2-in-1 Adjustable Aluminum SUP & Kayak Paddle (3-4 sections)
Aqua Marina Dual-Tech 2-in-1 Adjustable Aluminum SUP & Kayak Paddle (3-4 sections) $68.00 USD
If you’re looking for the ultimate paddle for your SUP or kayak adventure, look no further than the Aqua Marina Dual-Tech 2-in-1 Adjustable Aluminum SUP & Kayak Paddle (3-4 sections). This light yet durable paddle is designed to provide superior control and power when paddling whatever terrain you choose - whether it be a lake, river, ocean, or beyond. This adjustable paddle comes with three to four sections that can extend from 165cm to 210cm in length - perfect for achieving the best fit possible depending on your height and type of craft. Its aluminum shaft is water resistant and corrosion resistant, making it great for long days out on the water without worry. The robust blades are made from tough ABS plastic with a dihedral profile to reduce fatigue and improve overall efficiency. Plus, this paddle features an ergonomic handle with an adjustable grip and thumb rest so you can comfortably transition from paddling through flat waters to tackling choppy waves - all without switching up your gear! And if you ever need to break down the paddle quickly, its quick release system makes it easy to do so in just a few minutes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Aqua Marina Dual-Tech 2-in-1 Adjustable Aluminum SUP & Kayak Paddle has got you covered - so why not give it a try? Specifications SHAFT: 1.2mm thick aluminum. Diam: 1.14”(29mm). BLADE: Reinforced PP. L x W: 15.7”x 7.9” (40 x 20cm). LENGTH: 3-section SUP paddle: 68.9”-86.6” (175-220cm) 4-section Kayak paddle: 236cm (92.9”) WEIGHT: 1600g (56.4oz)
Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle
Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle $54.00 USD
Get your paddling game to the next level with the Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle. This high-performance paddle is designed for maximum power and control, making it ideal for challenging waters. Its lightweight polycarbonate blade offers superior flex and strength, while its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit in both your hands and arms. The paddle also features a double-sided PVC grip that provides optimum leverage and an extra-long shaft that helps you get better reach while paddling. Plus, the paddle comes with an adjustable ferrule system that allows you to customize the feather angle according to your preference. Be ready for an adventure - get the Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle today! With its superior construction and features, this paddle will make sure you always have complete control on the water.   Specifications SHAFT: 1.2mm thick aluminum. Diam: 1.14” (29mm). BLADE: Reinforced PP. L x W: 16.1” x 8.1“ (41 x 20.5cm). LENGTH: 46.1“ - 55.1” (117 - 140cm), 2-section. WEIGHT: 640g / 22.6oz
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Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak Paddle - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak Paddle $94.99 USD
The Ultimate Companion for Paddlers: Advanced Elements PackLite Kayak Paddle Embrace the Journey with Lightweight Precision Gear up for your next paddling adventure with the Advanced Elements PackLite Kayak Paddle. Designed to offer a seamless balance between portability and performance, this paddle is a game-changer for kayakers who are serious about their on-water adventures. Take Paddling to the Next Level Lightweight Design: Crafted for efficiency and ease, the paddle weighs in at just 48 ounces, making it a light but sturdy option for extended tours. Compact and Portable: Breaks down into four parts with a packable length of just 25.5 inches, allowing it to fit into kayak hatches or backpacks effortlessly. Strength Meets Durability: High-quality aluminum alloy shaft and glass-filled nylon blades withstand the test of time and challenging conditions. Efficient Paddling with Every Stroke Engineered for Performance: The asymmetrical dihedral blade shape enhances stroke efficiency, ensuring less fatigue and more power. Adjustable Configurations: Offers a 60-degree feathering angle on both right-hand control (RHC) and left-hand control (LHC) as well as an unfeathered option to suit any paddling style. A Deep Dive into Advanced Design Optimal Dimensions: Blades measure 18 inches by 7 inches, providing a substantial surface area for a solid catch in the water. Versatile Usage: Ideal for a wide range of paddling environments, from calm lakes to flowing rivers.
Aqua Marina KP-1 Aluminum Kayak Paddle (4 sections)
Aqua Marina KP-1 Aluminum Kayak Paddle (4 sections) $63.00 USD
The Aqua Marina KP-1 Aluminum Kayak Paddle is an essential tool for every kayaker. This paddle is made of lightweight aluminum and features a rugged construction that can withstand years of use on the water. It has an ergonomic design with adjustable length sections, letting you customize the paddle to your own size and preference. The two-piece blades are designed for enhanced power and efficiency, giving you a smooth paddling experience no matter how choppy the waters are. The strong aluminum shaft ensures maximum durability and strength, so you don't have to worry about it wear out after extended use. The foam grips provide superior comfort while allowing you to maintain a secure grip on the paddle. Plus, the included carry bag makes it easy to store and transport your paddle when not in use. Take your kayaking skills to the next level with the Aqua Marina Aluminum Kayak Paddle. With its sturdy construction and adjustable length sections, this paddle will give you reliable performance in all your kayaking adventures! Specifications SHAFT: 1.2mm thickness aluminum material. Diam: 1.14” (29mm) BLADE: Double Blades: 85% PP + 15% fiberglass. LENGTH: 90.6” (230cm), 4-section WEIGHT: 1100g (38.8oz)
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CBC Adjustable Aluminum Fiberglass SUP/YAK Paddle
CBC Adjustable Aluminum Fiberglass SUP/YAK Paddle $119.00 USD
CBC Adjustable Aluminum Fiberglass SUP/YAK Paddle: Experience Versatility Like Never Before Ready for a paddle that can handle the demands of stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking? Look no further than the CBC Adjustable Aluminum Fiberglass SUP/YAK Paddle. Built for versatility, it effortlessly transitions from a SUP to a kayak paddle, adapting to your water adventure needs. Board Features: 3-Piece Paddle: This paddle is designed as a 3-piece unit with an alternate second blade that can be attached for a swift transition from SUP to kayak paddle. This flexibility ensures you're ready for any water sport with just one accessory. Aluminum and Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced nylon, this paddle stands up to rigorous usage. Its sturdy construction offers excellent durability, while still maintaining a lightweight profile for easy handling. Blade Shield Technology: Each paddle blade is equipped with Blade Shield technology, a molded rubber edging designed to protect both the rider and board from scrapes, cuts, and dings. This innovative feature ensures the safety of your equipment and enhances the longevity of the paddle. The CBC Adjustable Aluminum Fiberglass SUP/YAK Paddle isn't just a paddle—it's a solution to your diverse paddle sport needs. With its remarkable adaptability and protective features, it's the perfect companion for your water adventures. Unleash your paddling potential with CBC Adjustable SUP/YAK Paddle today!
Badfisher Kayak Paddle - Good Wave
Badfish Kayak Paddle (3-Piece) $99.00 USD
Discover Versatility with the Badfish Kayak Paddle (3-Piece) Embark on your next paddling adventure with the Badfish Kayak Paddle. Crafted to deliver a combination of durability and adaptability, this paddle is the perfect companion for your recreational or fishing kayaking endeavors. Features: Tailor-Made Adaptability: With its length adjustable from 240cm-260cm, the paddle is designed to cater to your comfort and paddling style. Non-Slip Grip: The laser-etched grip area ensures a secure hold, reducing strain and improving paddle control. Durability Meets Performance: The fiberglass reinforced nylon blade is engineered for toughness and optimal power transfer. Custom Fit for Everyone: The unique design allows for individual customization, making it an excellent choice for everyone, irrespective of size or skill level. Travel-Friendly Design: Breaks down into two pieces, making it convenient for travel and storage. Designed with precision, the Badfish Kayak Paddle offers a blend of practical features that make it a dependable addition to your kayak gear. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddler, experience the difference of personalized comfort and performance with the Badfish Kayak Paddle. Shipping & ReturnsGood Wave Company, LLC is proud to offer a 30-day return policy for any reason, as long as the products are unused and their original packaging. Customer is responsible for paying return shipping. Please contact at support@goodwave.co before returning.Questions?For urgent questions, please use our chat box at the bottom right of the website! If we're unavailable, we're helping another customer so please just leave us a message.All other questions please use our contact form.♥ Good Wave family
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Kokopelli Alpine Lake Paddle 220 4PC - Good Wave
Kokopelli Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece) $124.99 USD
The Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown) is an introductory paddle to get paddlers comfortable on gentle rivers and backcountry lakes. The Lake Paddle is made of an impact-resistant nylon composite blade and a fiberglass shaft and is easy to assemble, pack, and use on the water. The center ferrule (joint) and shaft to paddle ferrule is a traditional stainless steel button system for an easy secure fit. INCLUDED ITEMS 1x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown) SPECS Total Length: 220cm Weight: 2.6lb (1.2kg) Feather: 0 Degree Material: Polypropylene Blade Type: Touring / Lake
Vanhunks Fiberglass Adjustable Paddle with Bamboo Finish
Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle w/ Bamboo Finish $90.00 USD
Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle with Bamboo Finish: Experience Nature, Performance, and Style Begin your SUP adventures with the Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass SUP Paddle. Elegantly finished with bamboo, this paddle is not just a tool but a style statement. With its rugged construction and adaptability to different heights, this paddle is hard-wearing, long-lasting, and ideal for all your paddling needs. Why Choose Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle with Bamboo Finish? Incredible Durability: This paddle's sturdy construction ensures longevity and reliability, promising countless hours of SUP fun. Versatile Length Adjustment: The paddle can be conveniently adapted to suit different heights, making it a versatile option for SUP enthusiasts of all sizes. Perfect Balance: Our paddle is expertly designed to strike an optimal balance between flex and stiffness, responding perfectly to your every move. Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable handle design ensures an easy and fatigue-free paddling experience. Key Features Fiberglass Shaft with Bamboo Finish: Offering the perfect blend of strength, weight, and aesthetics. The bamboo finish adds a touch of nature and elegance. Plastic Handle: Designed for comfort and ease, allowing for prolonged usage. Plastic Blade: The blade is robust yet lightweight, ensuring your energy is effectively transferred to the water. The Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle with Bamboo Finish is more than just a SUP accessory. It's the perfect balance of style, performance, and adaptability, designed to ensure you have the best possible support in every situation. Embrace the bamboo finish for a unique touch, aligning your paddling adventures with the beauty of nature. SUP Paddle shipping outside of the lower 48 United States, please contact us!
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Vanhunks Fiberglass Adjustable Paddle
Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle
$90.00 USD
Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle: Discover Performance, Versatility, and Durability Set sail with the Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass SUP Paddle, your best companion for starting a thrilling SUP adventure. Not only is this paddle enduring and long-lasting, but it is also adaptable to various heights, thanks to its convenient latch system. Why Choose Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle? Robust & Lightweight: The Fiberglass construction makes this paddle incredibly durable without adding any unnecessary weight, promising an effortless paddling experience. Variable Lengths Adjustment: Easily adapt this paddle to suit different heights, making it a versatile choice for SUP enthusiasts of all statures. Ideal Balance: Expertly designed to strike the perfect balance between flex and stiffness, this paddle will respond precisely to your every move. Ergonomic Handle: The comfortable handle design ensures you can paddle for extended periods without fatigue. Key Features Adjustable Fiberglass Shaft: Allows for easy customization of paddle length to suit different user heights and paddling styles. Plastic Handle: Designed for comfort and ease of use. Plastic Blade: Robust yet lightweight, delivering effective force transfer into the water. Embrace your SUP adventures with the Vanhunks Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle. It's the ideal blend of performance, adjustability, and resilience, providing you with an unparalleled paddle boarding experience, regardless of the conditions or your skill level. With its precise blade size and angle, this paddle offers full support, ensuring your force transfers efficiently into the water in every situation.
Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle $52.99 USD
Elevate Your Paddle Experience with the Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle Go Light, Paddle Right Introducing the Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle - the paddler's dream for effortless transport and an unmatched experience on the water. With its ultra-lightweight design and compact form, this paddle sets the standard for adventure-ready kayaking equipment. The Essence of Portability Feather-Light Construction: Weighs a mere 23.6 ounces, crafted for both the journey to the water and the joy on it. Ultra-Compact Design: Breaks down to 60 cm in length, fitting into kayak hatches or backpacks with ease. Adaptive Paddling Versatile Configuration: Offers a standard or minimalist setup to suit your paddling style and loadout. Reduced Weight Option: Utilize one middle section for a lighter paddle on shorter trips. Paddle Specs at a Glance Durability Meets Design: The polypropylene blades and aluminum alloy shaft balance resilience with agility. Optimized Dimensions: Engineered for smooth strokes with a blade measurement that promotes a strong catch. The Details that Define Quality Complete Paddle Weight and Length: Just 24 ounces in weight and 224 cm in reach, providing a full setup for extended excursions. Pack and Paddle: Minimalist setup reduces the paddle weight further, proving that less can be more in terms of performance. Technical Construction Blade Material: High-strength polypropylene ensures effective strokes and long-term durability. Shaft Composition: The aluminum alloy offers a lightweight yet robust backbone for the paddle.
Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle (4-Part) - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle (4-Part) $104.99 USD
Navigate the Waters with Precision: The Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle The Ultimate Fusion of Form and Function in Paddling Unlock the full potential of your kayaking adventure with the Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle, a masterpiece designed for paddlers who demand the best in both performance and portability. With a design that emphasizes adaptability and comfort, this paddle is an ideal companion for your water excursions. Precision Paddling with Every Stroke Adjustability: Tailor the paddle length from 225-235 cm for optimal control and efficiency. Featherable Functionality: Achieve perfect blade alignment with the fully featherable angle adjustment, enhancing stroke power and reducing wind resistance. Designed for Durability and Comfort Sturdy Build: Constructed with rigid fiberglass shafts for a strong, yet lightweight reach. Powerful Blade Composition: Glass-filled Nylon blades designed with an asymmetrical-dihedral shape for effortless water slicing and reduced paddling fatigue. Travel-Ready Features Compact and Portable: Breaks down into four parts with a minimal packable length of 29 inches, making it easy to transport and store. Engineered for Endurance: A paddle that withstands the elements and the test of time, weighing in at a mere 37.6 ounces. Specification Spotlight Ergonomic Advantage: The Orbit Kayak Paddle's ergonomic design ensures less strain and more power on longer journeys. Blade Dimensions: Crafted for maximum impact with each paddle at 18" x 6.25" (45.7 x 15.9 cm), propelling you further with less effort.
Aqua Marina KP-2 Fiberglass Kayak Paddle (4 sections)
Aqua Marina KP-2 Fiberglass Kayak Paddle (4 sections) $96.00 USD
Experience unparalleled performance with the Aqua Marina KP-2 Fiberglass Kayak Paddle (4 sections). This kayak paddle is designed to provide superior power and control in all kinds of paddling conditions. This ultra-light paddle features four, adjustable fiberglass blades that can be quickly snapped into place and adjusted for maximum efficiency as needed. The reinforced resin core keeps the paddle lightweight yet incredibly durable and capable of taking on any kind of wave or surf you encounter. Its adjustable length makes it suitable for both short and long trips, allowing you to find the perfect balance between power and speed without sacrificing comfort or control. And its built-in anti-slip layer ensures your paddle stays firmly in your hands at all times. Elevate your kayaking experience with the Aqua Marina KP-2 Fiberglass Kayak Paddle - superior performance in any type of water! Specifications SHAFT: 1.25mm thickness 100% fiberglass material. Diam: 1.14” (29mm) BLADE: Double Blades: 85% PP + 15% fiberglass. LENGTH: 90.6” (230cm), 4-section WEIGHT: 1100g (38.8oz)
Aqua Marina KP-3 Carbon Kayak Paddle
Aqua Marina KP-3 Carbon Kayak Paddle $304.00 USD
If you’re looking for the ultimate kayak paddle, look no further than the Aqua Marina KP-3 Carbon Kayak Paddle. This lightweight but resilient paddle is designed to take on anything you can throw at it - whether it be a quiet lake or a raging river. The KP-3 Carbon is constructed from ultra-durable carbon fiber shaft and an ABS plastic blade with a dihedral profile that helps reduce fatigue and improves overall paddling efficiency. Its adjustable ferrule system makes it easy to customize the feather angle for maximum control and power, while its ergonomic handle provides superior grip so you can get those strokes just right. Plus, this paddle comes with a foam cushion to ensure your hands stay comfortable throughout your entire journey, no matter how long or intense it may be. It also features drainage holes in its blades so any water won’t fill up and add extra weight to your kayak. When you’re heading out on the water, make sure to bring along the Aqua Marina KP-3 Carbon Kayak Paddle - your trusty sidekick over land or sea! Specifications SHAFT: 1.25mm thickness 30% carbon + 70% fiberglass material. Diam: 1.14” (29mm) BLADE: Double Blades: 100% carbon. LENGTH: 90.6” (230cm), 4-section WEIGHT: 1100g (38.8oz)
Vanhunks Aluminium Paddle
Vanhunks Aluminium Adjustable Kayak Paddle (2-Piece) $60.00 USD
Vanhunks Aluminium Adjustable Kayak Paddle (2-Piece): Crafted for Performance, Built to Last Get ready for a transformative paddling experience with the Vanhunks Aluminium Adjustable Kayak Paddle. Whether you're an experienced paddler or a beginner, our 2-piece adjustable kayak paddle is tailored to meet all paddling styles. Crafted with precision, this paddle features a sturdy aluminum shaft and a polypropylene blade, making it your perfect companion on the water. Why Choose Vanhunks Aluminium Adjustable Kayak Paddle? Universal Design: This paddle is suitable for all paddler levels and styles, offering a versatile solution for your kayaking adventures. 3-Position Adjustment: The paddle's adjustment feature caters to your unique needs, offering optimal comfort and performance on the water. Heavy-Duty Construction: The black EDC coated aluminum shaft guarantees durability and longevity, resisting wear and tear. Comfortable Handgrips: Designed for long paddling sessions, the comfortable handgrips reduce fatigue and enhance your kayaking experience. Polypropylene Blade with Anti-Drip Rings: The strong and sturdy blade ensures efficient strokes, while the anti-drip rings keep you dry during your journey. Included in the Package 1x 2-piece Vanhunks Kayak Paddle Experience the difference with Vanhunks Aluminium Adjustable Kayak Paddle, designed for an unparalleled kayaking experience. This 2-piece paddle combines convenience, performance, and durability, making it the ultimate tool for all your kayaking adventures. Ready for the water? Vanhunks is ready with you! SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us!
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Vanhunks Full Carbon Paddle - Good Wave
Vanhunks Full Carbon Paddle
$249.00 USD
Vanhunks Full Carbon SUP Paddle: Unleash Superior Performance and Endurance Gear up for a thrilling SUP adventure with our high-performance Vanhunks Full Carbon SUP Paddle. Fusing ultimate strength, super-light weight, and superior craftsmanship, this paddle is engineered for seasoned paddlers seeking to elevate their paddleboarding experience. Why Choose Vanhunks Full Carbon SUP Paddle? Uncompromised Quality: Our Carbon SUP paddle, our highest-quality offering, is fully composed of pre-preg carbon throughout, including the blade. Feature-packed Design: The paddle integrates a carbon handle, carbon shaft, and a carbon blade, providing a seamless blend of functionality, strength, and comfort. High Strength & Lightweight: With the compression-molded production process, the result is an incredibly strong paddle that's also super light. Efficient Power Transfer: Its fixed shaft and stiffness result in a direct transfer of power, letting riders take full advantage of the force exerted with each stroke—an attribute expected from a high-performance paddle of this nature. Versatility & Top Performance: Whether you are racing, wave riding, or touring, the Carbon Pro SUP paddle delivers consistent high performance across different disciplines. Extended Longevity: An ABS Rail embedded inside the blade functions as built-in blade edge protection, adding to the longevity of your paddle. Embrace a Paddling Experience like Never Before Experience the perfect blend of quality, performance, and durability with the Vanhunks Full Carbon SUP Paddle, designed with precision to meet the expectations of the most experienced paddlers. Your wave-riding, racing, or touring sessions are about to get a whole lot more exciting! For SUP paddle stand up paddle boarding paddle shipping outside of lower 48 United States, please contact us!
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Vanhunks Carbon Adjustable Paddle
Vanhunks Adjustable Carbon Paddle $219.00 USD
Vanhunks Adjustable Carbon Paddle: Experience Superior Control and Flexibility Introducing the Vanhunks Adjustable Carbon Paddle, crafted entirely from 3k pre-preg carbon for ultimate durability. Our paddle is designed to cater to versatile riders who engage in various Stand Up Paddle Boarding disciplines, all with a single paddle. What Sets Vanhunks Adjustable Carbon Paddle Apart? Full Carbon Construction: Both the blade and shaft are made from 3k pre-preg carbon, ensuring a high-performance paddle that lasts. Adaptability: Our two-piece adjustable paddle can be fully customized to your height and specific discipline, without compromising on performance. Ideal Balance: This paddle offers an optimal blend of strength, weight, and performance, providing the necessary flex for better balance and swift transitions. Latch System & Anti-Twist Track: These features secure the paddle shaft for effortless length adjustment and adaptive flex pattern in the upper shaft. Embedded ABS Rail: Inside the blade is a built-in ABS Rail, acting as blade edge protection to enhance the longevity of your paddle. Features Carbon Handle: Ergonomically designed for comfort and better grip. Adjustable Carbon Shaft: Easily adjustable for different heights and disciplines. Carbon Blade: Provides optimal flex and durability. Elevate your Stand Up Paddle Boarding experience with the Vanhunks Adjustable Carbon Paddle. Its versatile design and sturdy construction make it a reliable companion for all your paddle boarding adventures. Enjoy enhanced control, balance, and longevity with every stroke.
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Aqua Marina - 2 IN 1 ISUP & Kayak Paddle 4
Aqua Marina Hybrid SUP & Kayak Paddle $84.00 USD
The Aqua Marina Hybrid SUP & Kayak Paddle is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy both kayaking and paddle boarding. Its unique hybrid design ensures maximum versatility, allowing you to switch between kayaking and paddle boarding with ease. This paddle is made from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal performance and durability. With an adjustable length of up to 225cm, this paddle is perfect for any water-based activity. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry, while the sturdy design provides maximum stability and control. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Aqua Marina Hybrid SUP & Kayak Paddle is the perfect accessory to maximize your water-based adventures. Don't settle for a basic paddle - upgrade to the Aqua Marina Hybrid SUP & Kayak Paddle and enjoy the perfect combination of versatility and functionality. Specs Weight: 2.8lbs Package Dimensions: 24”x15”x5” Shaft 1 mm thick aluminum Diameter of 1” 3 to 4 section shaft: 3-section of 67” ; 4-section of 75” Two blades included; 90” 70% nylon + 30% fiberglass SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us.
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