Kayak Accessories
Vanhunks Kayak scupper beach dolly with inflatable wheels
Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Dolly Inflatable Wheels
$120.00 USD
Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Dolly with Inflatable Wheels: Your Outdoor Companion Looking to make your outdoor adventures a tad easier? Presenting the Vanhunks Adjustable Kayak Scupper Dolly with Inflatable Wheels, your reliable aide for effortless kayak or canoe transportation over any terrain. Key Features: Scupper Poles: Quick and easy loading of your kayak or canoe on the sturdy H-frame device is now possible with the scupper poles. Even on uneven terrains, our dolly wheels ensure a smooth journey. Durable & Balanced: Lightweight yet robust, our kayak scupper dolly features a sturdy 22 x 2.0mm aluminum frame. This adjustable, well-balanced, and durable design promises long-lasting performance. Simple Assembly: No-fuss assembly guarantees your swift transition to the water. Pump up the 12″ PU Pneumatic inflatable balloon-type wheels, attach them to the latch rings with a lynchpin, and secure the vertical poles in the joining brackets. Voila, you're ready to roll! Adjustable Width: With adjustable scupper poles width, you can customize the fit to match your kayak's dimensions. Rest assured, your kayak will stay steady on the way to the water, thanks to the rubber scupper support stoppers on each vertical shaft. Easy Storage: Once your adventure concludes, simply disassemble the dolly for easy, space-saving storage. What's in the box: 2x 12” PU Pneumatic inflatable balloon-type wheels 1x Kayak Dolly Specs: Maximum wheel payload: 75kg / 165 lbs Frame Color: Silver Transform your kayaking experience with the Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Dolly. It's not just a transportation tool; it's an enhancement to your outdoor adventure. Get ready to roll down to the lake, river, ocean, inlet, or lagoon with the utmost ease and style.
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Vanhunks Beach Cart with Inflatable 12'' Wheels
Vanhunks 12″ Beach Cart Inflatable Wheels $189.00 USD
Vanhunks 12″ Beach Cart With Inflatable Wheels: Transform Your Beach Day Experience! Experience the effortless convenience of the Vanhunks Beach Cart, specifically designed with inflatable wheels to make your outdoor adventures a breeze! From hauling your cooler to lugging all your beach day essentials, this cart will transform your sandy sojourns into a picnic paradise. Features Inflatable 12" PU Pneumatic Wheels: Engineered for optimum performance on sand, these balloon-type wheels roll effortlessly, making your trip across the beach an absolute breeze. Aluminium Frame: Lightweight yet durable, the aluminium frame ensures the cart remains well-balanced, even when fully loaded. Enjoy the perfect blend of strength and easy portability. Adjustable and Easy Assembly: Assembling this beach cart is as straightforward as can be. Attach the inflatable wheels at the latch rings using the provided lynchpin and adjust the poles to your desired height. You're ready to load up and roll out! Convenient Storage: Once your beach day is done, disassembling the cart is quick and easy, making for convenient storage. High Payload Capacity: Don't compromise on your beach essentials. With a maximum wheel payload of 75kg/165lbs, the Vanhunks Beach Cart can carry all your beach day necessities without any fuss. What's in the box 2x 12″ PU Pneumatic Inflatable Balloon-Type Wheels 1x Vanhunks Beach Cart Upgrade your beach outings with the Vanhunks 12" Beach Cart. Combining high functionality, robust build, and easy maneuverability, this beach cart is designed to make your beach days more enjoyable. Load it up, roll it out, and let the beach fun begin!
Aqua Marina Slide-in Kayak Fin for all Kayaks AM logo
Aqua Marina Slide-in Kayak Fin $36.00 USD
Introducing the Aqua Marina Slide-in Kayak Fin - the ultimate accessory for any kayaking enthusiast. Made from high-quality materials and designed for optimal performance, this fin will take your kayaking experience to the next level. Its unique slide-in design makes installation a breeze, while its superior stability and control will help you glide through the water with ease. This kayak fin is a must-have for anyone who wants to maximize their kayaking potential. Its sleek and streamlined design ensures minimal drag and maximum speed, making it perfect for both beginner and advanced kayakers. Whether you're exploring new waters or just enjoying a day out on the lake, the Aqua Marina Slide-in Kayak Fin will provide the stability and control you need to make the most of your kayaking experience. So why wait? Upgrade your kayak today and experience the thrill of kayaking like never before with the Aqua Marina Slide-in Kayak Fin. Specifications Size: 33.5x15cm Premium nylon material Slide in installation Specially for kayaks
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Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Plugs (4-Pack)
Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Plugs (4-Pack) $10.00 USD
Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Plugs (4-Pack): Elevate Your Kayaking Experience Discover how effortless kayaking can be with the Vanhunks Scupper Plugs. Sold in a pack of 4, these plugs are the perfect companion to your kayaking adventures, making them a smooth and enjoyable experience. Key Features: Versatility: Our scupper plugs fit most kayak brands, making them a versatile accessory for all your kayaking needs. Lightweight & User-friendly: Designed to be lightweight and easy to install, our scupper plugs make your journey hassle-free and enjoyable. High Quality: Made with durability in mind, our scupper plugs are robust and built to last, providing you with peace of mind on every trip. Specs: Height: 2.5cm / 1 inch Diameter: 3.5cm / 1.38 inches Package Inclusions: 4x Scupper Plugs Keep your kayak in optimal condition with the Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Plugs. Not just an accessory, but an enhancement to your kayaking experience. Say goodbye to inconveniences and hello to effortless, enjoyable adventures. SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us!
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Vanhunks Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat - Good Wave
Vanhunks Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat $79.00 USD
Vanhunks Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat: Elevate Your Kayaking Comfort Welcome to a new level of comfort with the Vanhunks Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat. Specifically designed for Vanhunks kayaks, this seat seamlessly fits the Voyager, Orca, Manatee, Mahi Mahi, Black Bass, and Tarpon Deluxe fishing kayak models. Not only will it enhance your paddling experience, but it also doubles as a cozy beach or picnic chair! Discover the Vanhunks Advantage Versatility at Its Best: Remove the seat from your kayak and use it as a comfortable beach or picnic chair. Perfect for those relaxing moments at your favorite beach spot. Breathable Mesh Design: Enjoy all-day comfort thanks to the breathable mesh, allowing for airflow and preventing overheating during those hot summer outings. Adjustable for Your Comfort: Choose your desired recline! Whether you're casting your rod in a relaxed position or pushing your way across bays, this seat adjusts to meet your needs. Raised Design for Dry Seating: With its smart raised design, you'll avoid sitting in any water that might collect in the kayak, ensuring a drier and more enjoyable journey. What's Included in the Box? 1x Vanhunks Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat Please note: While versatile and comfortable, these seats do not float. To secure the seat to your Vanhunks Kayak, please use the bungee cord supplied. Enjoy superior comfort and versatility with the Vanhunks Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat. Its practical design and high-quality construction promise to enhance your kayaking experience, making every journey a pleasure. Trust Vanhunks to make your outdoor adventures unforgettable. We ship within 3-4 business days of receiving your order.Shipping can take between 10-14 working days.
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Vanhunks Kayak Stabilizers Inflatable Pontoons
Vanhunks Kayak Stabilizers Inflatable Pontoons Stabilizers $119.00 USD
The Vanhunks Inflatable Outrigger Stabilizers are the perfect accessory to take along for your kayak. These Vanhunks Kayak Outrigger Stabilizers are inflatable, so that means they easy for storage. The Vanhunks Inflatable Outrigger Stabilizers are also easy to inflate and deflate.  When you are ready to use your Vanhunks the Vanhunks Inflatable Outrigger Stabilizers, all you have to do is inflate the stabilizers, connect to two rods together, slide on the outriggers, pop the pins in and secure the stabilizers to your kayaks with the brackets and screws provided.  These outrigger stabilizers are perfect for kayaks, beginners, and fishing. Specs Included: 2 Inflatable Outriggers Stabilizers Stabilizer Material: PVC Connectors: Aluminum  Length: 90 cm / 35.4 inches Width: 28 cm / 11 inches Weight: 1.6kg / 3.5lbs Shipping We ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. Shipping can take between 4-8 working days. Package Includes 2 Vanhunks Inflatable Stabilizers Connectors Hardware Care and Maintenance Keep your Vanhunks Inflatable Outrigger Stabilizers in good condition by rinsing it with freshwater and keeping it out of the sun. Now and then, give the metal parts a good spray with a silicone-based lubricant to maintain long-lasting and to prevent wear and tear. Sarasota, FL customers: If you'd like to arrange local pickup at the warehouse in Sarasota to save on shipping cost please select local pickup during checkout. We will send you a purchase confirmation immediately and notify you when your order is ready for pickup. Any questions just reach out! SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF USA LOWER 48: please contact us.
Aqua Marina Kayak High-back Seat (for all kayaks except BETTA)
Aqua Marina Kayak High-back Seat for Kayak $73.00 USD
Enjoy superior comfort and support on your next kayaking adventure with the Aqua Marina Kayak High-back Seat. This adjustable seat allows you to find the perfect seating position for both short trips and long days out on the water. The high-back seat features two supportive foam pads that provide a comfortable back rest throughout your journey. Additionally, its quick-release straps make it easy to adjust between low and high sitting positions depending on your needs. The ergonomic design offers optimal lumbar support and seated position control even in rough waters. This kayak seat also has multiple adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit of the seat while keeping your body secure no matter how much you move around in the boat. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport anywhere you need to go - just pop it into your car or store it away when not in use! Take comfort and convenience to a new level with the Aqua Marina Kayak High-back Seat - experience first-hand what true comfort feels like! Specifications Removable seat with velcro Polyester material with spongy cushion Compatible with all Aqua Marina kayaks except Betta series
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Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag $62.99 USD
Secure and Streamline Your Paddle with the Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag Gear Up for the Waters: The Seamless Storage Solution Capture the ease of kayaking with the Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag. Meticulously designed for the water warrior, this deck bag keeps your essential gear within arm's reach without compromising on your kayak's aerodynamics. Maximizing Capacity, Minimizing Hassle Watertight Construction: Built with durable PVC Tarpaulin, the bag promises extreme resistance to water ingress and physical wear. Accessible Contents: The semi-rigid, contoured design offers clear visibility and easy access to the bag’s contents without the need to rummage. Built for the Waves All-Weather Zipper: Equipped with a water-resistant zipper to protect your valuables against moisture and spray. Flexible Storage Options: Comes with a removable interior liner that uses a roll-top closure for extra safeguarding of critical items. Paddle with Convenience at Your Fingertips Adaptable Mounting: Integrates adjustable straps and convenient d-rings for attachment to various kayak decks, ensuring your bag stays secure in choppy waters. Practical Features for Practical Use: Enhanced with a bungee lacing system for quick-stow items, making it an indispensable accessory for the paddler’s toolkit. Specifications at a Glance Robust Material Use: Crafted from heavy-duty 500D PVC Tarpaulin with an inner 75D Rip-Stop liner for lightweight yet resilient performance. Designed for Demanding Use: Its structural design withstands the demands of open water adventures, from calm to turbulent conditions.
Vanhunks Kayak Dolly - Good Wave
Vanhunks Kayak Dolly $69.00 USD
Make your outdoor day a little easier with a Vanhunks Kayak Dolly. Strap in your kayak, canoe, or SUP on the V-shaped cradle at your vehicle and pull it over grass, gravel, and tar with ease. We can’t think of any terrain, even uneven, our dolly wheels won’t be able to handle with a breeze. Key Features Lightweight, easy to carry, and strong with an aluminum frame, and 10 inch solid PU wheels our kayak dolly is well-balanced, adjustable, and durable.  Assembly is quick and easy, and all you need to do is attach the wheels at the stainless steel latch rings with a lynchpin before you’re ready for a smooth roll down to the lake, river, ocean, inlet, or lagoon. Package Includes 1x Kayak Dolly 1x Ties Down Straps 2x Round, pump-free hard plastic wheels Specs Shipping weight is 3.8 kg / 8.3 lbs Max capacity: 75 kg / 165 lbs Overview Included are tie-down strap to secure your vessel, and EVA foam bumpers to boot for added protection to your kayak, canoe, or SUP’s hull. The aluminum frame is kept in shape with a nylon strap to ensure it doesn’t open too wide, and the double kickstand gives the dolly a sturdy balance while not in use. It is recommended to do research which strap down technique is needed for your specific vessel shape as different hulls will require different strapping to keep secure. Simply lift the rear or front of your kayak, canoe, or SUP and place the dolly under the vessel, around 750cm from the bow or stern, and secure with the tie-down strap. Once you’re done, disassemble the dolly for easy, convenient storage.
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Vanhunks Kayak foldable beach cart with inflatable wheels
Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Dolly Inflatable Wheels $120.00 USD
Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Dolly with Inflatable Wheels: Effortless Portability for Your Kayaking Adventure Enjoy an effortless start to your beach day with the Vanhunks Kayak Beach Dolly! Designed to carry your kayak or canoe from your vehicle to the waterside, this dolly makes the transition smooth and easy, whether you're traversing soft beach sand or a harder surface. What Makes Vanhunks Kayak Dolly Stand Out? Effortless Transportation: Featuring a V-shaped cradle, this dolly comfortably accommodates your kayak or canoe for easy transportation. Robust Construction: Lightweight yet strong, our dolly boasts a 22x2.0mm aluminum frame for enhanced durability. Easy Assembly & Use: Quickly and easily assemble the dolly, inflate the 12" PU Pneumatic balloon-type wheels, and you're all set for a smooth journey to the beach. Secure & Safe: Use Vanhunks' heavy-duty tie-down straps (not included) and soft foam bumpers for added protection and secure transportation of your kayak or canoe. Stability & Balance: The double kickstand provides a stable balance when the dolly/cart is not in use, while the nylon strap ensures the aluminum frame doesn't open too wide. What's in the box: 1x Vanhunks Kayak Dolly 2x 12" PU Pneumatic Inflatable Balloon Type Wheels Specs: Max Wheel Payload: 55 kg /121 lbs Frame: Robust Aluminum Strapping Techniques: We recommend researching the ideal strap-down technique for your specific vessel shape as different hulls will require different strapping methods to secure properly. Storage: After your beach day, disassembling the dolly is simple and convenient for easy storage. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and ease with the Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Dolly. Save your energy for the waves and let our dolly do the heavy lifting for you!
Products Aqua Marina High-back Seat with Spongy Cushion for Kayak new
Aqua Marina High-back Seat with Spongy Cushion for Kayak $55.00 USD
The Aqua Marina High-back Seat with Spongy Cushion for Kayak is your perfect companion on the water. This seat offers superior comfort and support, allowing you to sit in your kayak for hours without discomfort. The high backrest provides extra cushioning and helps keep your spine in an ergonomic position, helping to prevent back pain during long trips. Plus, the spongy cushion on the seat adds more comfort, making any voyage even more enjoyable. This seat features adjustable straps that allow you to fit it securely onto your kayak's existing backrest. It's also lightweight and easy to install - just attach it to the necessary area of your kayak and you're ready to go! The high-quality plastic construction ensures that it will last through years of use in both fresh and salt waters. Hit the waves with confidence with the Aqua Marina High-back Seat. This high-back kayak seat offers unbeatable comfort and support so you can enjoy longer paddling adventures without feeling sore or exhausted afterwards. Get ready to take on any challenge with this reliable kayak seat! Specifications Removable seat with velcro. Polyester material with EVA spongy cushion. Compatible with virtually all kayaks and all Aqua Marina kayaks except Betta series.
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Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor (Fits AdvanceFrame & Sport Kayaks) - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor (Fits AdvanceFrame & Sport Kayaks) $179.99 USD
Elevate Your Kayak Experience: Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor The Ultimate Upgrade for Kayak Performance Transform your kayak's stability, speed, and tracking with the Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor, designed to provide a premium paddling experience for both AdvancedFrame and Sport kayaks. High-Pressure Innovation Advanced Drop Stitch Technology: The same material innovation used in SUPs brings unbeatable firmness to your kayak. Create a Hull with Chine: Once installed, it shapes a defined hull with enhanced hydrodynamics. Enhanced Kayaking Dynamics Improved Tracking: Experience straighter navigation and better control. Increased Speed: The rigidity translates to more efficient strokes and glides. Uncompromising Durability Robust Material: Constructed to withstand the elements and resist impact. Long-Lasting Performance: Engineered for repetitive use without losing shape or pressure. Superior Construction, Effortless Installation Tailored Fit: Specifically designed to snugly fit AdvancedFrame & Sport Kayaks. Easy to Set Up: Slides into place and inflates to create a rigid floor within minutes. How It Works As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. Once a drop-stitch floor is placed within the kayak, it creates a hull with chine, which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed. Why Choose It The Drop-stitch floor provides the best in rigidity and stability and, once you install it, it stays put. There is no need to remove or re-install it with each setup and breakdown of the kayak. Additionally, if you are paddling a lot of shallow waters with hidden “surprises" beneath the water’s surface or, if you’ll be landing in heavy surf, the Drop-stitch floor is the way to go.
Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers
Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers $79.00 USD
Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers: Transport Your Kayak with Confidence and Convenience Elevate your kayaking adventure with our user-friendly and versatile Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers! Designed for seamless compatibility with almost all types of factory or aftermarket flat, oval, and square crossbars, these racks ensure secure transportation of your kayak or canoe. Why Choose Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers? Universal Fit: Designed to mount on almost all types of factory or aftermarket flat, oval, and square crossbars for utmost versatility. Quality Construction: Made from high-quality aluminum, these kayak racks provide long-lasting durability and reliable performance. Maximum Protection: Our model features a rubberized base and foam cushion on the arms, ensuring utmost protection of your kayak or canoe during transportation. Heavy-duty Hauler: With a load capacity of up to 100kgs/220lbs, our roof rack carrier can comfortably accommodate and secure your kayak or canoe. What's in the box: 1x Pair of Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers Mounting Hardware 1x Pair Tie-down Straps Instruction Manual Specs: Carrier Material: Robust Aluminium Care and Maintenance Tips: Maintain your Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carrier in pristine condition by rinsing it with fresh water after every use. To ensure longevity and prevent wear and tear, periodically spray the metal parts with a silicone-based lubricant. Unlock convenience, security, and peace of mind during your kayaking adventures with the Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Roof Rack Carriers!
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Vanhunks Kayak Anchor Set
Vanhunks Kayak Anchor Set $26.00 USD
Vanhunks Kayak Anchor Set: Ensure Stability & Enjoy Your Water Adventures Unveil the ultimate solution for drift control with our Vanhunks Kayak Anchor Set. Perfect for your Kayak, Canoe, or SUP, our anchor set is designed to keep your vessel steady while you're casting a line or soaking up the serenity of your surroundings. Key Features of the Vanhunks Kayak Anchor Set: Universal Application: It's an excellent anchoring solution for your Kayak, Canoe, or SUP, ensuring they remain in place regardless of water conditions. Superior Holding Power: The anchor is designed to grip tightly to various types of bottoms, including sand, stone, rocks, or grass, guaranteeing stable positioning of your watercraft. Intuitive Design: The sliding collar locks the flutes open when the anchor is released, offering dependable and secure anchoring. Compact and Easy Storage: The compact design of the anchor ensures it won't take up much space in your gear, making storage a breeze. What's Included in the Set: Anchor: A high-strength 1.6kg / 3.5lbs anchor that provides superior holding power. Rope: A 70ft sturdy rope that offers ample length for different anchoring situations. Carabiner Clip: A reliable carabiner clip to secure the anchor to your vessel. Buoy Ball: A buoy ball to mark the location of your anchor for easy retrieval. The Vanhunks Kayak Anchor Set is your go-to accessory for enjoying uninterrupted water adventures. Experience the freedom of water activities, without worrying about drifting off course. Secure your vessel with ease and convenience! SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us!
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Vanhunks Kayak Fin Drive Propulsion Device - Good Wave
Vanhunks Kayak Fin Drive Propulsion Device $599.00 USD
VANHUNKS KAYAK FIN DRIVE PROPULSION DEVICE: SILENT SPEED AT YOUR FEET Enhance your kayaking with Vanhunks' easy-to-install Fin Drive System. Designed for effortless use, it quickly propels your kayak to top speeds, maintaining momentum and leaving your hands free for trawling. Navigate silently through the waters – the fish won't hear you approach. Here's How It Works: The user-friendly Vanhunks Fin Drive System employs a push action, a natural movement for most people. This fin drive pushes the kayak forward with quiet propulsion, harnessing the power of the largest human muscle group. Kayaking thus becomes more relaxed, more efficient, and undeniably more fun. Our fin drive pedals are adjustable for different leg lengths, ensuring a comfortable kayaking experience for both taller and shorter individuals. The Vanhunks Fin Drive is compatible with the following Vanhunks Kayaks; Sauger, Shad, Pike, and Mahi Mahi. Features: Drop-in and lock system Powerful forward torque Lightweight and easy storage in the Kayak Quiet propulsion All water conditions Corrosion-resistant components Self-centering pedals Specs: Installation: Drop-in and lock system Peddle Action: Push forward action Weight: 7.5lbs, lightweight Sound: Quiet propulsion Power: Powerful forward torque Storage: Lightweight and easy storage in the Kayak Terrain: All water conditions, in shallows tug fins, flush with the hull Durability: Corrosion-resistant components, durable and maintenance-free (self-cleaning) (rinse with fresh water after ocean use). Pedals: neoprene footpads and self-centering pedals Reverse: No Please note that the Vanhunks Kayak Fin Drive Propulsion Device does not support reverse function. Enjoy a hands-free kayaking adventure and explore the waters like never before with the Vanhunks Kayak Fin Drive Propulsion Device. Enhance your kayaking experience today!
Aqua Marina Kayak Anchor Kit
Aqua Marina Kayak Anchor Kit $33.00 USD
Secure your kayak in the most rugged conditions with the Aqua Marina Kayak Anchor Kit. Featuring a robust 8-pound galvanized steel anchor and 30 feet of marine-grade rope, this kit will keep your kayak focused on one spot even in large areas of open water - perfect for fishing or just relaxing. Its creative design is made to be easy to use, so you can spend less time struggling and more time enjoying your adventures out on the lake or sea! And because it's made from durable materials, you can be sure that it won't let you down when you need it most. Upgrade your aquatic explorations now with the kayak anchor kit - secure your kayak and go further than ever before! Specs Carbon steel material 6mm white rope in length of 8m included Compatible for ALL Aqua Marina kayaks!
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POP Board Co Padded Kayak Seat
POP Board Co Padded Kayak Seat $59.00 USD
POP Board Co Padded Kayak Seat: Comfort Meets Functionality Transform your paddleboard into a comfortable and convenient kayak with the POP Board Co Padded Kayak Seat. Specifically designed for optimum comfort and support, this seat is an essential accessory for all paddlers looking for a more relaxed ride. Features: Premium Padding: The seat features premium padding that provides enhanced cushioning, making it ideal for longer paddle sessions. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to an enjoyable paddling experience. High Back Design: The high back design of this seat offers superior support, helping to maintain proper posture during paddling. This is crucial for preventing back fatigue and promoting better performance on the water. Easy Installation: With easy-to-use straps and clips, the seat can be quickly attached and detached from your paddleboard. This means you can conveniently switch between standing and sitting whenever you want. Versatile Application: While designed to perfectly fit all POP Board Co paddleboards, the adjustable straps make this seat compatible with most paddleboards and kayaks. Durable Construction: The seat is crafted with high-quality materials to withstand harsh marine conditions. This durability ensures that your seat will serve you for countless adventures to come. The POP Board Co Padded Kayak Seat offers the perfect blend of comfort, support, and functionality. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned paddler, this seat will take your paddling experience to a whole new level. Order your Padded Kayak Seat today and get ready for the most comfortable ride of your life!
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Aqua Marina Inflatable Launching Wheel for Deluxe Boat
Aqua Marina Inflatable Launching Wheel for Deluxe Boat $325.00 USD
Introducing the Aqua Marina Inflatable Launching Wheel for Deluxe Boat! This heavy-duty marine grade stainless steel launching wheel is designed to enable one man launching of inflatable boats, dinghies, and tenders. It features anodized aluminum construction for long life and comes with heavy-duty wheels for easy maneuvering. With its lightweight design and easy assembly, you can quickly get your boat in the water without any hassle. The Aqua Marina Inflatable Launching Wheel is perfect for those who want a reliable launching solution that won't break the bank. It's also great for those who are looking to upgrade their existing boat launch system or just need an extra set of wheels to make loading and unloading easier. The wheels are also adjustable so you can customize them to fit your boat's size and shape. Whether you're a recreational boater or a professional fisherman, the Aqua Marina Inflatable Launching Wheel will help make your time on the water more enjoyable. With its durable construction and easy setup, you'll be able to get out on the water faster than ever before! Features Designed to enable one man launching of the Deluxe inflatable boa Constructed of heavy-duty marine grade stainless steel Comes with heavy-duty wheels, 10" in diameter Max. load 350 lbs (159 kg)
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Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly $79.99 USD
Streamline Your Shoreline Journey with Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly Effortless Transport for Your Kayak Adventures Ease your kayak transportation with the Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly. Engineered for simplicity and convenience, this dolly takes the strain off moving your kayak from your vehicle to the water's edge. Hassle-Free Kayak Movement Adaptable Strapping: Quick-release straps adjust to secure your kayak, no matter the size. Rugged Wheels: Pneumatic rubber wheels to roll smoothly over any terrain, ensuring a stable and safe journey for your vessel. Convenient Storage: Ingenious design allows for the dolly to fold flat, with detachable wheels for stowing on or off your craft. Designed for the Dedicated Paddler Lightweight Durability: Constructed with a strong aluminum frame that's both sturdy and light. Innovative Stability: Features a flip-out kickstand for easy loading and unloading. Protective Padding: Rubberized pads cradle your kayak, preventing abrasion and slips. A Reliable Partner for Kayak Transits Ease of Use: Effortlessly attach your kayak and move out with a reliable, user-friendly interface. Built for the Long Haul: With a 200-pound load capacity, transport your kayak plus all your gear without second-guessing. Practical Portability: At a feather-light 7 pounds, the dolly won’t add to your load.
Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack - Good Wave
Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack $112.99 USD
Journey Unbound with the Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack Where Adventure Meets Convenience Embark on your next expedition with the Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack, crafted for the avid kayaker seeking ease and portability in transporting their craft. With its robust construction and thoughtful design, this backpack allows you to take your kayak to unexplored waters and distant shores with unparalleled ease. Crafted for the Kayaker on the Go Sturdy and Spacious: Its expansive interior is tailored to house most Advanced Elements kayaks, so you can transport your boat in confidence. Comfortable Carry: Engineered with adjustable, quick-release backpack straps for a comfortable trek, whether you're crossing the city or venturing into the wild. Concealed Strap Compartment: Avoid the snags and catches of transit with a unique zip-away compartment, ensuring straps stay clean and tangle-free. Optimized for Durability and Ease Rugged Material: Made with heavy-duty 600 Denier Polyester to withstand the rigors of travel. Reinforced for Roughness: A PVC Tarpaulin reinforced bottom panel adds an extra layer of protection against abrasive surfaces. Intuitive Design: The pack features a simple load-and-go style, complimented by its easy-to-store functionality when not in use. Built for Paddling Expeditions Dimensional Versatility: Ample size to fit your folded kayak and additional gear without compromise. Travel-Friendly Specs: Measures a commanding 38.50”L x 18”H x 12”W, with a lightweight profile at just over 3.5 pounds. Adaptable to Various Models: This pack fits a wide array of Advanced Elements kayaks, with noted exceptions to ensure a perfect match for your model.
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Advanced Elements BackBone® and RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floors - Good Wave
Advanced Elements BackBone® $249.99 USD
Harness the Power of Rigidity: Advanced Elements BackBone® Kayak Performance Maximizer Unlock the potential of your kayak with the Advanced Elements BackBone® - a pioneering accessory designed to enhance the rigidity and performance of your AdvancedFrame® and Lagoon 2™ kayaks. Transform Your Kayak's Capabilities Engineered for Excellence: A patented design that acts like a spine to increase stiffness. Optimized Performance: Amplifies speed and improves tracking for a smoother ride. Innovate Your Inflation Installation Simplicity: Easily inserted and fits snugly into the kayak's interior. Compatible Craftsmanship: Tailored to complement various Advanced Elements models. The Backbone of Your Adventure Structural Integrity: Crafted for those seeking advanced performance in water dynamics. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials ensuring long-term use and reliability. The BackBone® How It Works: The BackBone® is a multi-sectional keel beam that you assemble and install under the inflatable floor inside of your kayak each time that you set it up. Once you sit inside of the kayak, your body weight presses the BackBone® downward, creating a V-shaped hull which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed of the kayak. Why Choose It: The BackBone® provides the best in tracking enhancement and the price conscious will notice that the BackBone® is considerably less expensive vs. the Drop-stitch floor. Click here to view installation video
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Advanced Elements Kayak Adjustable Foot Pegs - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Kayak Adjustable Foot Pegs $83.99 USD $89.00 USD
Precision Paddling with Advanced Elements Adjustable Foot Pegs Elevate Your Kayak Experience Unlock greater control and enhance your comfort on the water with Advanced Elements Kayak Adjustable Foot Pegs. Designed to deliver the support you need for efficient strokes and stability. Customized Fit for Superior Control Adjust on the Fly: Tailor your footrest position even while on the move for optimal comfort and power transfer. Universal Compatibility: These pegs are engineered to sync with the AdvancedFrame series and Lagoon 2 Kayaks. Optimized for Performance Better Leverage: Gain more power from your paddle strokes with stable foot placement. Enhanced Stability: Maintain balance in varied water conditions, improving kayak responsiveness. Key Details for a Tailored Paddling Setup Adaptable Design: These foot pegs offer quick attachment with adjustable webbing, making it suitable for kayakers of various heights. Paddler Height Guide: A comprehensive fitment guide ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your kayak model and size. Intuitive Installation and Use Straightforward Setup: Easily attach the foot pegs without any tools, thanks to the simple strap-on design. Durable Build: Crafted to endure the challenges of water sports without compromising on longevity or performance. Fitment Specifications Understand your kayak’s compatibility and paddler height suitability to maximize your paddling performance. See our detailed guide for specific model fitments and restrictions to ensure a perfect match.
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Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat - Good Wave
Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat $55.00 USD
Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat: Comfort Beyond Expectations Take your kayaking experience to new heights with Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat. With its superb compatibility, you can use this seat with most kayak brands, enjoying a comfortable, adjustable seating solution during your water adventures. Why Choose Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat? Universal Fit: Designed to accommodate most kayak brands, this seat assures versatility without compromising comfort. Comfort and Convenience: Made from durable nylon with EVA padding, our seat offers enhanced comfort, and it's easy to dry when wet. Simple Installation: Connect the seat effortlessly to your kayak with the sturdy metal spring hook. Tailored to You: With adjustable features, this seat can be modified to perfectly suit your comfort needs. Specs: Back Rest Size: 50cm x 45cm Seat Size: 38cm x 30cm What's in the Box? 1 x Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat Care and Maintenance Preserve the condition and performance of your Vanhunks Kayak seat by following these simple tips: Rinse with Fresh Water: Regularly rinse your seat with fresh water to remove any salt or dirt build-up. Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure: Store your seat away from direct sunlight to prevent material degradation. Regular Lubrication: Keep the metal spring hooks functioning optimally by spraying them with a silicone-based lubricant occasionally. With the Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat, you're not only purchasing a product, but you're also investing in comfort and quality for all your future kayaking journeys. Enhance your water adventures with Vanhunks – the name you can trust for top-tier outdoor equipment. We ship within 3-4 business days of receiving your order.Shipping can take between 10-14 working days.
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Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive - Good Wave
Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive Propulsion Device $685.00 USD
Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive Propulsion Device: Revolutionize Your Kayaking Experience Introducing the Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive Propulsion Device, a game-changer for hands-free kayak fishing! It offers both forward-motion and reverse, opening a world of possibility for effortless maneuverability and speed. Understanding the Functionality: The Vanhunks propeller drive operates on a rotational pedal system. With the ability to rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise, it facilitates forward and reverse movements. Its crank design is optimized for speed and precise maneuverability, ensuring you glide smoothly through the waters. Crafted from cast aluminum and finished with a powder-coated surface, our drive's body guarantees the longevity of your Vanhunks kayak propeller drive. The Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive is compatible with the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi, Shad, Sauger Tandem and Pike fishing kayak. Features: Installation: Simple drop-in and lock system makes the installation process a breeze. Pedal Action: Rotational Pedal system allows for easy and efficient propulsion. Sound: Our design ensures quiet propulsion, maintaining the peacefulness of your surroundings. Power: Enjoy powerful forward and reverse torque. Storage: Our lightweight design and flip-up system ensure easy storage in the kayak. Terrain: Suitable for all water conditions. In shallow waters, simply flip the prop up into the hull. Durability: Made from corrosion-resistant components for long-lasting use. Maintenance is minimal - just remember to rinse with fresh water after ocean use. Pedals: Non-slip pedals equipped with pedal straps for added security. Reverse Capability: Yes, our propeller drive supports reverse movement. Materials: Constructed from robust Aluminium, carbon steel, and Stainless Steel. Surface Treatment: Powder-coated for enhanced durability. Maintenance Tips: The crank and prop are sealed, so maintenance requirements are minimal. However, we recommend rinsing your propeller drive with fresh water after ocean usage to extend its lifespan. Elevate your kayaking adventure with the Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive Propulsion Device. Experience unrivaled speed, power, and control at your fingertips today!
Aqua Marina Lite Action Camera Mount
Aqua Marina Lite Action Camera Mount $25.00 USD
Capture the adventure with the Aqua Marina Lite Action Camera Mount - your reliable sidekick for every outdoor excursion. This ruggedly designed mount is ideal for mounting an action camera on a variety of surfaces like kayaks, boats, surfboards and more, so you can capture amazing shots from all angles. The mount features easy-to-use finger control levers that allow you to adjust its orientation quickly and securely. It also comes with adjustable straps for added stability and security over rougher terrain or choppy waters. And with its universal design, this mount fits most action cameras out there, giving you more options when choosing the right one for your needs. When it comes to quality, the Aqua Marina Lite doesn’t disappoint. Its stainless steel construction ensures ultimate strength and durability in any environment while its lightweight design makes it convenient to carry along wherever your next adventure takes you. Don’t miss out on capturing every moment over water or land! Get ready to shoot incredible footage with the Aqua Marina Lite Action Camera Mount!   Specifications Bolt material: PC+Stainless Steel
Vanhunks Kayak Scupper Dolly - Good Wave
Vanhunks Sit-On-Top Kayak Scupper Dolly $120.00 USD
Vanhunks Sit-On-Top Kayak Scupper Dolly: Simplifying Your Outdoor Adventures! Get ready to experience a new level of convenience with the Vanhunks Sit-On-Top Adjustable Kayak Scupper Dolly. Designed to turn your outdoor day into an effortless journey, this dolly ensures your kayak or canoe is transported smoothly across any terrain. Effortless Handling: Thanks to our innovative scupper poles, you can quickly load your kayak or canoe on the H-frame device and move it across grass, gravel, or tar with remarkable ease. The dolly wheels are adept at handling all terrains, even the uneven ones! Lightweight & Robust: Despite its lightweight aluminum frame, our kayak scupper dolly doesn't compromise on strength. It's well-balanced, adjustable, and durable to ensure a smooth trip to your water destination. Quick & Easy Assembly: Getting your dolly ready for action is a breeze! Simply attach the wheels at the stainless steel latch rings with a lynchpin and secure the vertical poles in the joining brackets. Your kayak or canoe is ready for a smooth roll down to your chosen body of water. What's in the box: 2x Round, pump-free hard plastic wheels 1x Vanhunks Scupper Kayak Dolly Specs: Shipping weight: 8lbs Max Capacity: 150lbs Smart Design: Adjust the width of the scupper poles to fit your kayak’s width. Rubber scupper support stoppers on each vertical shaft ensure your kayak remains steady during transportation. How to Use: Simply lift the rear or front of your kayak or canoe and place the dolly under the vessel, around 750cm from the bow or stern. When you're done, you can disassemble the dolly for easy storage. Features to Look Forward To: All Terrain: The Vanhunks kayak scupper dolly is prepared for every adventure, be it on even or uneven grass, sand, or tar surfaces. Pump-Free: The hard plastic wheels won’t puncture or deflate, promising a low maintenance and hassle-free experience. Quick and Easy Assembly: Your Vanhunks Adjustable Scupper Kayak Dolly can be ready in no time, thanks to its user-friendly assembly and disassembly design. Comfort: Say goodbye to the struggle of transporting your kayak solo. Our dolly makes the trip from your vehicle to the water a comfortable one. Durability: The aluminum frame and hard plastic wheels of the Vanhunks dolly provide a sturdy, robust structure that can easily handle 150lbs, despite its lightweight structure. The Vanhunks Sit-On-Top Kayak Scupper Dolly is not just a transportation device; it's a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts who value simplicity and ease. Why carry when you can roll with ease?
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Vanhunks Kayak Cover
Vanhunks 9'/12' Kayak Cover from $30.00 USD
Vanhunks 9'/12' Kayak Cover: Optimal Protection for Your Kayak Give your kayak the care it deserves with the Vanhunks Kayak Cover. Expertly designed to keep your kayak in pristine condition, whether on the beach or in storage. Easy to use and long-lasting, this cover is the perfect partner for your kayak. Why Choose the Vanhunks Kayak Cover? Easy to Use: A super easy-to-adjust elastic drawstring ensures the cover fits snugly around your kayak, providing optimal protection in just a few seconds. Long-Lasting Material: Crafted from durable material that provides superior weather protection, this cover ensures your kayak stays in top condition, even in the most challenging conditions. Two Sizes: To offer a perfect fit for all kayaks, our covers are available in two convenient sizes, 9ft and 12ft. Package Includes: 1x Vanhunks Kayak Cover: A secure and reliable solution to keep your kayak safe and secure. Don't compromise on the condition and longevity of your kayak. With the Vanhunks Kayak Cover, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your kayak is protected no matter where your adventures take you. SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us!
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Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Toolbox
Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Storage Toolbox $79.00 USD
Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Storage Toolbox: Your Essential Adventure Companion Discover endless possibilities for your on-water adventures with the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Storage Toolbox. This versatile toolbox enhances your kayaking experience by providing a flexible and convenient storage solution. Key Features: Versatile Placement: Enjoy ultimate flexibility with our toolbox. Whether the fin drive system is in use or not, this storage box fits perfectly. When not in use, secure the box in the fin drive system slot. When in use, place the box in the kayak's molded-in toolbox area. Secure Fastening: Four clips secure the toolbox when placed in the fin drive system slot. If placed at the back of the kayak, additional Bungy cords or Vanhunks heavy-duty tie-downs can be used for secure fastening. Wide Application: Perfect for storing a variety of items, including tools, fish, tackle, and bait, making it an essential companion for your fishing adventures. Please Note: The tool/storage box is not waterproof or water-resistant. Please take appropriate measures to protect items that may be affected by water exposure. Product Highlights: Flexible placement options Secure fastening Broad application Simplify your adventures with the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Storage Toolbox. This functional and convenient toolbox is designed to seamlessly fit into your kayaking routine, making it an indispensable part of your water excursions. SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF LOWER 48, USA: please contact us!
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