How To Choose The Right Surfboard Size

How To Choose The Right Surfboard Size

Many argue that surfing is more an art form, than it is a sport. We couldn't agree more! We’d also add that as artists, surfers need the right tool in their arsenal to create magic with waves. So, whether you are a beginner surfer, a frequent one, or an expert, choosing the right surfboard size is fundamental to enjoying the surfing experience. 

Zeroing in on the ideal surfboard size for yourself depends on a whole range of factors and criteria and in this post, we will deep dive into the different types of surfboard sizes available, how to select the right one, and also share some tips to help beginners get started. 

image of a surfer with a surfboard

What to Consider Before Choosing a Surfboard Size 

There are several factors that come into play when you need to select the right surfboard for yourself to ensure high performance, maximum safety, and the most delightful surfing experience. Here are some of the most critical ones: 

Surfer’s Skills and Fitness Level 

Your skillset as a surfer will primarily determine which size board you must opt for so that it isn’t too hard for you to catch waves. As a novice, go for larger boards that give you the balance and stability you need to easily catch smaller waves. On the other hand, a smaller board is ideal for an advanced surfer as it promises better speed and maneuvers. 

However, if you are unable to handle the high performance of more advanced boards, you might really struggle with it and end up ruining the experience for yourself. Therefore, never overestimate your abilities when it comes to surfing. It’s always advisable to start slow with a board meant for beginners. 

Frequency of Surfing 

How often you plan on surfing will also factor in while deciding the right board for yourself. If you only plan to surf once a week or so, you might want to go for a longer board and if you want to surf every day, a shorter one is the better choice for you as you will be able to learn faster and put your skills into action sooner with a shorter board. 

Surfer’s Weight 

Weight is key in determining the right surfboard for a seamless surfing experience. For a lighter person, a shorter board will be ideal as they will be able to have more control over it. For a heavier person, a thicker and heavier board will float and paddle better and also makes maneuvering easier. 

Type of Waves

The types of waves you plan on catching also have a significant role to play in guiding your surfboard size selection. Before you get down to it, ask yourself - do you want to catch bigger or smaller, faster or more relaxing waves? To catch bigger waves, you need more practice and experience and hence the board you choose should be an advanced one. Medium and small waves are more easily spotted and also easier to catch, and you must go for boards that help you maintain balance while riding these. 

Types of Surfboards and How to Pick One For Yourself 

When it comes to choosing the right surfboard length, there’s a plethora of options to consider. However, there are three common categories that most surfboards fall into. Let’s take a look at each of them: 


Longboards typically range from 8 to 12 feet in length and are characterized by their comparatively longer, thicker, and wider shape. While longboards can and are used by any level of surfers, they are ideal for beginners as longboards are generally made from soft material and are great for catching low waves. 

Image of longboard
A typical longboard

Advantages of Longboards

  • Larger surface area, making it easier for surfers to catch waves
  • Higher surfboard volume and better buoyancy, making them stable and easy to float 
  • Soft and easiest to balance on and paddle 
  • Easy to glide and safe option 


Usually less than 6'11" in length, shortboards are high performance, advanced boards that are perfect for intermediate and expert surfers who are comfortable riding waves and maneuvering boards. These thin boards with a good amount of rocker or curvature can be used in a variety of conditions based on their exact dimensions, materials, and built style. 

Image of shortboard

What a shortboard looks like

Advantages of Shortboards 

  • Offer extensive agility and maneuverability 
  • Works well with medium and high waves
  • Enables surfers to catch fast, sharp, and powerful waves
  • Helps advance your surfing skills 


A sweet spot between longboards and shortboards, funboards allow you to level up from longboards when you think you are ready to tackle bigger waves with a more maneuverable  board. Funboards are typically around 6’ - 8’ long and come in a range of shapes and sizes to offer multiple levels of buoyancy, performance, agility, and speed. If you’re looking to have a fun time surfing and want a board that is neither too heavy and limiting as a longboard, nor too high performance as a shortboard, a fun board should be your go to choice. 

Image of funboard

A classic funboard 

Advantages of Funboards

  • Offers easy paddling and higher maneuverability compared to longboards
  • Allows surfers to explore their abilities and level up 
  • Ideal for learning maneuvers such as bottom turns and cutbacks

How to Choose the Right Surfboard: Tips for Beginners

As a beginner surfer, it can be all the more daunting to pick the right board that makes your surfing experience enjoyable while ensuring maximum safety. To help make the decision easier for you, we’ve put together a handy checklist that you can rely on. 

As a beginner just starting out with surfing, pick a surfboard that: 

  • Is made of foam, so it’s easier to control and paddle 

  • Is large and wide, so you have a stable and solid surface to stand out

  • Has a high surfboard volume, so it’s easier to balance and build momentum

  • Has enough buoyancy, so it can float easily 

  • Is thicker, so it’s easier to paddle faster, catch waves, and ride even softer waves 

Beginner surfer tips

Catch a Wave With the Right Surfboard 

Surfing can be greatly therapeutic and rejuvenating and regardless of your skill level and surfing style, you want to make the most of the enjoyable experience that comes with riding the waves. At, we are driven by encouraging more and more families to spend time outdoors exploring the healing power of oceanic adventure sports. 

No matter which size surfboard you need, Good Wave Co offers a wide range of boards to suit every skill level and surfing requirements. Apart from providing subsidized shipping rates, we also offer a 30-day any reason returns policy. You also get product warranty with each purchase, ranging from 30 days to 1 year - depending on the actual product. 

If you have any questions regarding our surfboards or which one is right for you and your family, please reach out to us and we’d love to help you out and ensure you have a splendid and unforgettable surfing experience.
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