Badfish 12'6” iShape Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
Badfish 12'6” iShape Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
$1,399.00 USD
Embrace the Power of Precision with the Badfish 12'6" iShape Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Venture out on the water with the confidence and control of the Badfish 12'6" iShape Inflatable Paddle Board SUP. This premium inflatable paddle board combines dynamic design and superior construction for a paddle experience like no other. Whether you're navigating through calm lakes or paddling on active rivers, the iShape SUP effortlessly glides through water for a smooth and stable ride. The board’s length and thoughtful design provide excellent speed and precision, while the convenient inflatable design means you can take it anywhere and store it easily. Key Features Dimensions: The board’s dimensions of 12'6" x 30" x 6" offer a fantastic blend of stability, speed, and maneuverability. Sleek Design: The sleek and modern design ensures you'll stand out on any body of water. Performance Focused: Long and narrow shape for better glide and increased speed. Compact When Deflated: Easy to store and transport, making it perfect for travel. Three-Year Warranty: Enjoy a worry-free paddling experience with a comprehensive three-year warranty. Weight and Capacity: The board weighs just 23lbs, making it easy to carry, yet can hold riders up to 275lbs. The iShape SUP comes adventure-ready with: Dual-Action Pump: Inflate your board with ease before you hit the water, and deflate just as quickly when you're done. Roller Backpack: For convenient transport and storage of your SUP. Step up your paddleboarding game with the Badfish 12'6" iShape Inflatable Paddle Board SUP. Designed for those seeking a perfect blend of speed and stability, it's your ideal companion for unforgettable water adventures. Badfish Inflatable Board User Manual
Badfish 9'6” Rivershred Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
Badfish 9'6” Rivershred Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
$1,099.00 USD
Unleash Your Spirit of Adventure with the Badfish 9'6" Rivershred Inflatable Paddle Board SUP If you're in search of an exhilarating ride, look no further than the Badfish 9'6" Rivershred Inflatable Paddle Board SUP. This high-performance, inflatable paddle board is built for those who aren't afraid to charge hard through rivers and dance along whitewater currents. Designed with superior nose and tail rocker, the Rivershred smoothly punches through whitewater and effortlessly surfs river waves. Its width extends from the middle to the tail of the board, offering unmatched stability even when riding the roughest waters. With removable tri-fin design, you can customize your ride to suit any conditions, giving you full control over your water adventure. Key Features Dimensions: At 9'6" x 36" x 6", this board offers an optimal balance of length and width for stability and maneuverability. Six-Point Tie Down: Secure your gear conveniently with the reliable 6-point tie down system. Removable Tri-Fin: Tailor your board to different water conditions with the easily removable tri-fin. Comfortable Carrying: The extra-wide, padded carry handle ensures comfortable and easy transportation. Integrated GoPro™ Mount: Capture every thrilling moment with the GoPro™ mount integrated into the bow handle. Three-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive three-year warranty. Weight and Capacity: The board weighs 32lbs and can accommodate riders between 110lbs and 300lbs. Adventure-Ready Kit: The Rivershred SUP comes ready for your next adventure, equipped with: Dual-Action Pump: For fast and efficient inflation and deflation. Backpack Board Bag (XL): Making storage and transport a breeze. Prepare to conquer the rivers like never before with the Badfish 9'6" Rivershred Inflatable Paddle Board SUP. It's not just a paddle board, it's your ticket to a thrilling journey on the water! Badfish Inflatable Board User Manual
Badfish Wavo Inflatable SUP 6'2 - Good Wave
Badfish 6'2" Wavo Inflatable Surfboard
$799.00 USD
Transform Your River Surfing Experience with the Power-Packed Badfish 6'2" Wavo! Embrace the exhilaration of river surfing with the 2022 Badfish Wavo— a versatile marvel featuring our patented Wiki Rail Tail for a clean release and improved rail bite, enhancing your surfing performance. Inspired by the time-tested egg shape surfboard, the Wavo is a harmonious blend of longboard's wave-catching ease and the riding performance of a shortboard. Ideal for river surfing, the Wavo is a fine-tuned balance between our IRS and iSK8 boards. Designed to be ridden as a shortboard, its added volume thrives in smaller or flatter waves, enabling a broader range of riders to harness the full potential of their local wave. For larger riders seeking more volume than the iSK8 offers, the Wavo emerges as their go-to river shortboard. Optimal Performance & Durable Build Patented Wiki Rail Tail: Ensures a clean release, boosting rail bite and surfing performance. Perfectly Sized: At 6’ 2” x 26” x 3 3/4", the Wavo offers an ideal balance of stability and responsiveness. Unrivaled Features for Avid Surfers Removable Tri-Fin: For adjustable navigation control to suit your surfing style. Slim Offset Carrying Handle: Ensures secure and comfortable transportation. Board Weight: A manageable 17lbs for easy carrying. Rider Capacity: Suitable for riders weighing between 80lbs and 240lbs. Adventure-Ready Package Includes: Dual-Action Pump: Enables quick and hassle-free inflation. Backpack Board Bag (Surf): Conveniently store and transport your board. Fins: Additional attachments for enhanced performance. Backed by a 3-year warranty, surf with confidence knowing your investment is safeguarded. Upgrade your river surfing adventures with the Badfish 6'2" Wavo Inflatable Surfboard— the wave-catching powerhouse you've been waiting for! Badfish SUP User Manual
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Badfish Badfisher Inflatable Fishing SUP - Good Wave
Badfish 11′6″ Badfisher Inflatable Fishing SUP $1,099.00 USD $1,299.00 USD
Go Beyond Expectations: Discover SUP Fishing with the Badfish 11′6″ Badfisher! Redefining SUP fishing since 2013, the Badfisher is back and better than ever. This is not your ordinary stand-up paddle board, but a game-changing adventure platform that's been enhanced with new features and an improved shape, giving you the perfect balance between stability and glide for efficient, comfortable fishing trips. Embrace full customization with Scotty™ plates, allowing you to attach rod holders and other accessories for any fishing endeavor. This latest iteration of the Badfisher maintains the careful balance between stability—essential for confident casting and fish fighting—and glide, ensuring you cover water effortlessly. Moreover, strategically placed tie-down anchors offer plenty of room for coolers and dry bags for long days on the water without hindering your paddling performance. For a kayak-style fishing experience, pair with the Perch Fishing Chair and a kayak paddle. Key Features: Generous Dimensions: At 11’ 6” x 36” x 6”, the Badfisher provides a stable platform for confident casting and efficient travel. Convenient Cargo Storage: Features multi-point tie-down anchors for carrying your fishing and personal gear. Unyielding Control: Comes with an unbreakable tri-fin for precise navigation. Stay Hydrated: Features an integrated water bottle holder to keep you hydrated throughout your fishing trip. Easy Transport: Includes an extra-wide, padded carry handle for convenient transportation. Customize Your Experience: Scotty™ accessory compatible for a tailor-made fishing experience. Superior Load Capacity: Can support riders and gear ranging from 100lbs-330lbs. Durable: Weighing 33lbs, the Badfisher is robust and built to last. Adventure-Ready Accessories: Efficient Inflation: Comes with a dual-action pump for fast and easy setup. Travel-friendly: Includes a breakdown travel paddle for easy transport. Secure and Convenient Storage: Features an XL backpack board bag for protecting and carrying your SUP. Safety Ensured: Equipped with an 11’ coil ankle leash for secure paddling. The Badfish 11′6″ Badfisher Inflatable Fishing SUP is more than a fishing platform. It's your passport to memorable adventures, where fishing meets comfort, efficiency, and customization. Cast off and make every fishing trip a story worth telling with the Badfisher!
-17% sale
Hurley PhantomTour 10'6
Hurley 10'6" PhantomTour Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Wave $749.00 USD $899.00 USD
Hurley PhantomTour 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Wave: Unleash the Surfer in You  Hurley PhantomTour 10'6" ISUP - Wave offers a perfect blend of performance, style, and convenience for all paddleboarding enthusiasts. With its comprehensive package, you can easily take your adventures on any water surface - lakes, rivers, canals, or the ocean. Key Features: Versatile Use: Suitable for all water types, offering a broad range of paddleboarding experiences. Stability Assured: Inflates to 15-17 PSI, providing a sturdy board that supports beginners, intermediates, and heavier paddle boarders up to 290 lbs. All-in-One Package: Comes with all necessary accessories for a hassle-free paddleboarding experience. Compact & Portable: Packs down into a stylish 120L waterproof backpack for effortless transportation and storage. Top-notch Construction: Pro-Laminate Fusion Technology: Guarantees unrivaled rigidity and increased weight capacity. Customizable Fins: Includes two fixed and one removable US standard fin with a transparent fin box for optimal stability and maneuverability. Advanced Design: Features a textured grip EVA deck and kick pad for quick step turns and enhanced control. Eye-catching Aesthetics: 3D vivid color digitally printed double-sided drop-stitch for a sleek look. Added Storage: Comes with a six-ring bungee net for extra storage. Specs: Dimensions: 10'6" x 30" x 6" Weight: Light and easy to handle at just 29 lbs Inflation Time: Quick inflation in just 10-15 minutes What's in the box: Hurley Inflatable Paddleboard: A 10’6" inflatable stand-up paddleboard designed for durability. Hurley ISUP Adjustable Paddle: Guarantees the perfect size for any user. Hurley ISUP US Standard Fin: A removable fin for easy storage and transport. Hurley Ankle Strap: Coiled leash ensures you'll never lose your board. Hurley ISUP Repair Kit: For quick fixes and maintenance. Hurley ISUP Backpack: Extra padding ensures comfortable carrying. Hurley Dual Action Pump: Easy-to-transport pump for on-the-go inflation. Experience the thrill of paddleboarding with the Hurley PhantomTour 10'6" ISUP - Wave. Start riding the waves today! User Guide
Avalanche 2-Person Voyager Inflatable Kayak Set - Good Wave
Avalanche 11' Voyager 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set $799.99 USD
The Avalanche 2-Person Voyager Inflatable Kayak is perfect for anyone looking to get out on the water. This kayak is easy to transport and has a lightweight setup, making it perfect for taking on any condition. With everything you need to get started today, the Avalanche 2-Person Voyager Inflatable Kayak is ready to take your kayaking to the next level. Made with durable materials, this kayak is built to last and provide years of fun on the water. So whether you're an experienced kayaker or just getting started, the Avalanche 2 Person Voyager Inflatable Kayak is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the waters.   SET INCLUDES:  Avalanche inflatable 2-Person Voyager Kayak (An inflatable 2-person Kayak).  Avalanche Dual Action Pump (Simple to inflate on the go).  Avalanche Kayak Fin (Storage and transportation made easy).  Avalanche Kayak Carry Bag (Ensures safe and secure storage).  Avalanche Kayak Repair Kit (Fix dings with ease).  Avalanche Inflatable Kayak Seat (Compact size, lightweight, and portable to carry).  Avalanche Kayak Paddle (A collapsible paddle for easy storing). PERFECT FOR ANY LEVEL RIDER! Dimensions Length: 11' Width: 3'3" Height: 1'2" Max. Payload: 330 lbs / 150KG Weight: 27lbs   Specifications Max. Passenger: 1 3-PLY PVC Abrasion Resistant
Avalanche Inflatable 1-Person Voyager Kayak - Good Wave
Avalanche 9'9" Voyager 1-Person Inflatable Kayak $699.00 USD
The Avalanche 1-Person Voyager Kayak is perfect for anyone ready to take their kayaking to the next level. It's easy to transport and set up, and it's equipped with everything you need to get started today. With a durable design, this kayak is perfect for hitting the waters in any condition. The inflatable design makes it easy to store and transport, and the lightweight setup makes it easy to maneuver on the water. With the included paddle, you'll be ready to hit the waves in no time. So don't wait any longer, order your Avalanche 1-Person Voyager Kayak today! SET INCLUDES: Avalanche inflatable 1-Person Voyager Kayak (An inflatable 1-person Kayak). Avalanche Dual Action Pump (Simple to inflate on the go). Avalanche Kayak Fin (Storage and transportation made easy) Avalanche Kayak Carry Bag (Ensures safe and secure storage) Avalanche Kayak Repair Kit (Fix dings with ease) Avalanche Inflatable Kayak Seat (Compact size, lightweight and portable to carry) Avalanche Kayak Paddle (A collapsible paddle for easy storing) PERFECT FOR ANY LEVEL RIDER! Dimensions Length: 9'9" Width: 3'3" Height: 1'3" Max. Payload: 220 lbs / 100KG Weight: 28lbs Specifications Max. Passenger: 1 3-PLY PVC Abrasion Resistant
-15% sale
Badfish Flyweight Inflatable SUP - Good Wave
Badfish 10'6" Flyweight Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
$1,199.00 USD $1,399.00 USD
Conquer the Waters with the Badfish 10'6" Flyweight Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Introducing the Flyweight, a remarkable innovation in the Badfish inflatable paddle board lineup. This pioneering board is designed to be your perfect water companion, weighing just 18 pounds and packing compactly. Take it with you on any adventure and experience the thrill of paddleboarding whenever you desire. The Flyweight harnesses Badfish’s advanced AirLite drop stitch technology, making it a marvel of flexibility and durability. It's soft and easily packable when deflated, and impressively rigid and robust when inflated. Light on weight but heavy on features, the Flyweight doesn't compromise on any aspect that makes a Badfish paddle board exceptional. Standout Features: Compact Dimensions: 10'6” x 30" x 5" for optimal balance Secure Cargo: 6-point tie down for all your essentials Improved Control: Removable tri-fin for stability and maneuverability Convenient Hydration: Integrated water bottle holder Easy Carry: Extra-wide, padded carry handle for comfortable transportation Capture Memories: GoPro™ mount integrated into bow handle Reliable: 3-year warranty for peace of mind Lightweight: Weighs only 18 lbs Versatile: Suitable for riders weighing between 100lbs-230lbs Adventure Ready Kit: Efficient Inflation: Double-Action Pump & Hose for easy setup Travel-Friendly: Breakdown Travel Paddle designed for portability Secure Storage: Backpack Board Bag (Surf) to carry your gear Safe Adventure: 11’ Coil Ankle Leash for safety The Flyweight isn't just a paddle board, it's an invitation to explore. Embrace the freedom of effortless travel and exhilarating paddleboarding with this innovative, easy-to-pack inflatable SUP. With the Badfish 10'6" Flyweight, the water is always within reach!
-46% sale
Badfish Wayfarer Inflatable SUP Package - Good Wave
Badfish 11'6" Wayfarer Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Package
$599.00 USD $1,099.00 USD
Discover Uncharted Waters with the Badfish 11'6" Wayfarer Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Package Experience the thrill of travel, upgraded with the Wayfarer by Badfish - the paddle board that pairs the efficiency of touring with unparalleled comfort. Resembling the utility and adaptability of an SUV, the Wayfarer is designed for paddlers who prefer style and substance. Resting on a unique 5.6-inch thick drop stitch, the Wayfarer boasts optimal volume, delivering a performance that's as immersive as your journey. Further enhancing its effectiveness, the revolutionary Wiki Rail on the tail offers a smooth release, increased speed, and improved stability for a superior paddling experience. To customize your adventure, a Scotty™ mount is ready to accommodate a GPS, cell phone, fishing rod, or other accessories. Welcome to your new favorite ride, where exploration meets luxury. Key Features: Generous Dimensions: 11'6” x 31" x 5.6" to ensure excellent balance and performance Secure Cargo Space: 6-point tie down for your gear Supreme Control: Removable tri-fin for precise maneuvering Hydration at Hand: Integrated water bottle holder Comfortable Transport: Extra-wide, padded carry handle Personalized Accessory Integration: Scotty™ accessory compatible Innovative Design: Wiki Rail Tail patent US8333630 for improved performance Capture Your Adventure: GoPro™ integrated into bow handle Dependable: 3-year warranty Robust: Board Weight: 27lbs Inclusive: Suitable for riders weighing between 100lbs-270lbs Adventure-Ready Accessories: Rapid Setup: Dual-Action Pump for effortless inflation Compact Convenience: Breakdown Travel Paddle for easy portability Protection and Portability: Backpack Board Bag for safe and convenient transport Safety First: 11’ Coil Ankle Leash for secure paddling The Badfish 11'6" Wayfarer is more than just a paddle board; it's a premium, customizable platform for exploration and adventure. Uncover the allure of the waters with a paddle board that's designed to offer you the utmost comfort, performance, and versatility. Set your course with the Wayfarer and redefine what it means to travel in style! Badfish SUP User Manual
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