Propel Your Paddle Board To New Speeds

Attach the BlueDrive x Pro to your traditional paddle board and take on bigger adventures with your new supercharged SUP. Explore further while carrying more weight on your board.



Sit back and relax while the powerful propulsion does all the hard work when you get tired.


Reach speeds up to 7km/h and tackle both calm and choppy waters.


Discover uncharted territories and enjoy more water time with effortless navigation and extended battery life.

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The most advanced underwater propulsion system

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE PROPELLER: Innovative motor design for maximum 7kgf of forward propulsion. 3-speed adjustments from 3km/h to 7km/h


  • SMART CONTROL SYSTEM: With the Wristwatch Remote Control or the Handheld Wireless Control you can easily adjust speed stage, direction, and see the battery status of both jet engines. You can even use voice commands for hands-free operation.


  • HIGH EFFICIENCY BATTERY: Advanced high density battery for more capacity and extending runtime up to 100 minutes. (rechargeable with magnetic fast charging system)


Aqua Marina BlueDrive X PRO Water Propulsion Device Double Battery

What Thrill Seeker Are Saying

Mark H

“Stoked with this! Fits easily into our kayak and the family have loved using it as a hand held device when snorkeling and general playing around. Great price when compared to other similar models out there”

Amazon Review

“This kit propelled my 300lb barge effortlessly through wind and waves. ”


“Nice and light to use and fairly quick. I don’t think it needs to be any faster and it’s quiet for those SUP fishermen out there. It’s really quick to install.”



High-peformance propeller-innovative motor design for maximum 7kgf of forward propulsion


3-speed Adjustment -3 speed range from 3km/h to max. 7km/h for ease of handling and safety


Tube: 516 x 104 x 116mm

Handheld: 516 x 367 x 170mm


Tube: 3.4 kg (with battery)

Handheld: 3.8 kg (with battery)

Battery Runtime

Up to 100 minutes

Illuminating System

Nose illuminating system lighting distance of 3 meters

Overheating Protection

Automatically prevents the device from getting too hot

Waterproof Depth

Depth rating 10 meters

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