The program

EQ commits to improving the wellbeing of all those involved by writing down this long-term guarantee. In order to provide complete satisfaction to all of its users, the first thing to do is to focus on the quality of the products. EQ has therefore put the EQ LIFE GUARANTEE program into place, built around two promises: a lifetime warranty covering the loss of an ear plug, and the 24-month warranty granting the exchange of defective products.

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The warranties


Valid for life*

Bad positioning of the ear plug in the ear, theft, leaving the ear plug on the car roof, anything can happen. That’s why EQ is offering you a second chance thanks to lifetime warranty against the loss of one of your EQ ear plugs.

*from the date of purchase
Frequence : To be used once only


Valid for 24 months*

Developed by medical professionals and engineers, the highest attention has been devoted to the quality of the ear plugs. If, despite all our efforts, a proven defect were to be discovered, EQ will offer you a standard exchange of your defective ear plug.

*from the date of purchase
Frequence : unlimited


In order for the EQ LIFE WARRANTY program to be activated, it is essential that you register your details on the website within 15 days of purchase.
After the 7 regulatory days, no EQ product will be able to benefit from the EQ LIFE WARRANTY program.

The steps

The EQ LIFE GUARANTEE program must be activated in the 15 days following purchase in order to gain access to the warranties against defects and loss.

  • Step 1: In the 15 days following your purchase, go to the EQ website to activate your warranty.
  • Step 2: You’ll get your own EQ Life warranty code to activate your rights, keep it safe
  • Step 3: Use your warranty with the help of your personal code.
Use the warranty

Frequently asked questions

How do I register to the EQ Earplugs warranty program?

In the 15 days following your purchase:

  • Head online to the EQ LIFE GUARANTEE section at the following address:
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Attach your proof of purchase: till receipt or invoice [in .pdf or .jpg format]. Please be aware that this proof of purchase is obligatory and that without it the EQ LIFE GUARANTEE program cannot be activated. The proof of purchase must clearly show the following information: the date of purchase, the place of purchase and the product name
  • Finish and validate the registration
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your personal EQ Earplugs warranty code

Keep this code safe for any future claims on the warranty for “product loss” or “manufacturing defect”

Register for the Warranty

Manufacturing defects warranty: How do I declare a manufacturing defect?

Our Policy

Our guarantee against defecting products is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase and covers any manufacturing defects. Damage to the product caused by unauthorised or reckless use will not be covered by the guarantee.

What counts as a product default?

EQ defines a product default as a fault linked to the product's manufacture or the deterioration of the product's materials as follows: a breakage in the material, damage to the base of the ear plug, deformation of the natural silicon material.

Making a claim under your guarantee

  • Head online to the EQ Earplugs warranty section at the following address:
  • Enter the email address used to register your purchase and personal code on the EQ Earplugs warranty site
  • Choose the product defects type of guarantee
  • Return the product, specifying your EQ LIFE GUARANTEE code, to the following address:

EQ France
9 rue de la négresse

We recommend using a tracked postage service EQ accepts no responsibility for any returns that are lost in transit. All products returned without the EQ Earplugs warranty code will not be accepted.

EQ aims to process your request within 1 day to 1 week: If the fault claim is accepted by EQ, a replacement set of ear plugs will be sent to you via tracked courier service within 14 days from the date we began processing your request. Should this not be the case, we will notify you by email that we have not been able to process your claim.

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Loss guarantee: How to I inform you that I have lost my earplug?

Our Policy

Our lifetime guarantee is valid as soon as your purchase a pair of EQ ear plugs This guarantee covers the loss of one of the two ear plugs, whatever the circumstances. The lifetime guarantee applies to the loss of an ear plug as long as its use conforms to EQ's usage guidelines. This lifetime guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper use, normal wear and tear and certain materials such as plastic.

The lifetime guarantee against loss is personal to you and is non-transferable, and only applies to products purchased as new from an EQ approved retailer.

EQ entend par défaut de fabrication une défaillance liée à la construction du bouchon d’oreille ou à la dégradation anormale de celui-ci: rupture de la membrane, rupture à la base du bouchon, malformation du silicone naturel.

Making a claim under the loss guarantee:

  • Head online to the EQ Earplugs warranty section at the following address:
  • Enter the email address used when registering your purchase and personal EQ Earplugs warranty code
  • Choose the "product loss" warranty type
  • Complete the form

EQ aims to process your request within 72 hours. If your request is refused, you will be informed via email.

WARNING: The "product loss" warranty associated with your code will be deactivated upon its first, unique use.

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I've lost my personal code, what should I do?

Can't find your personal code? Don't panic:

  • Go to our webpage
  • Click on "Forgotten password"
  • Fill in the required information: the email address used when signing-up, your surname and name
  • Then submit your details
Claim Your Personal Code

I've made a claim and haven't had any updates, what should I do?

Your request will be dealt with as quickly as possible. If, however, you haven't received any emails from us within 15 days of submitting your request, please contact us.


I've lost my ear plugs' pair, is the loss warranty valid for the two ear plugs?

EQ is offering you a second chance thanks to lifetime warranty against the loss of one of your EQ ear plugs. If you have lost your tw0 ear plugs, the loss warranty ensure you the replacement of only one of your ear plugs.


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