Social Media Specialist

This role is remote as a 1099 contractor.

  • Part-time: Up to 5 hours/week as needed
  • Paid: starts at $15/hour
  • Entry-level: 1+ year of related experience
  • Fully remote with CA or close state preferred for meetups

About Good Wave

Good Wave started as an online surf store for kids and families, retailing foam surfboards and other children’s watersports products. Since then we’ve expanded to 4 regions (US, Canada, Australia and Europe), launched kayaking, SUP paddle boards, boating, and other outdoors categories, certified with 1% for the Planet and currently developing our own range of kids surfboards.


Entrepreneurial & problem solver: You will collaborate with and lead an early stage startup with often open requirements and green fields in options. For this reason I’m looking for an entrepreneurial problem solver by nature!

Inclusive: Our mission is to make the water—oceans, lakes, rivers and everything in between—more accessible for beginners, families, all genders and ethnicities. We welcome ALL backgrounds to apply.

Passionate: It doesn’t matter if you’re a kayaker, surfer, SUPer, etc. Please bring your passion and love for the outdoors to work!

Willing to fail: You have full freedom to think outside the box, take chances and make mistakes. What matters is how we adapt, learn from our failure and overcome as an early stage team.

The Role

We are hiring a social media specialist and graphic designer to help us manage and create content for social media, which is Instagram and Facebook currently but may grow to other channels.

This teammate will develop our brand voice of celebrating outdoorsy families, ultimately driving our mission of getting kids, families and beginners outdoors.

Our first task is to design a campaign on social and our website to announce our 1% for the Planet commitment in Q4! The ideal candidate has a passion for social impact and can grow on the team as we grow in our business and impact, ideally (but not required) leading this charge one day.

Another opportunity in the future is affiliate marketing. This candidate should be interested in launching and growing a community of badass outdoorsy families (surf, SUP, kayak, anything water!) who are stoked about our mission and products, with a respect for inclusivity and our brand voice in their work.

This role is part-time with potential to grow to full-time and will report directly to Brad, Good Wave's founder.

Other Ideal Qualities

The ideal candidate is..

  • A story teller, able to break down long and complex information into bite sized posts and calls to action.
  • A graphic designer of any level. While you don’t need to be an award winning artist by any means, you should know your way around Canva or other tools and reliably product quality visual content.
  • A community builder, ready to develop our customers into advocates.
  • Reliable as a remote teammate in both communication and respect to deadlines. This isn’t a 9-5 business, but we still should be able to reach each other throughout the week and reliable times.
  • Always learning about the newest social media trends, stoked to be our resident expert on all things social media analytics, data and changes to the algorithms.
  • A self-starter. We can’t stress this enough!
  • Most importantly.. humble. Ask for help when needed.

Required Skills

  • Entry Level: 1 year or more of paid social media and website design work.
  • High attention to detail and design-savvy.
  • Understand KPIs that drive social media decisions.
  • Excited to work with teams.

About the founder

I figured I'd add a little section about me, Brad, since we'll be working closely!

I’m an avid backpacker, surfer, snowboarder, yogi and newly SUPer. The outdoors is deeply engrained into my mental and physical health. I’m actually from Chicago which surprises a lot of people! I used to work in the tech industry, predominantly at startups, in roles from sales to marketing and engineering, and quit 3 years ago while launching Good Wave as I traveled the world. It’s been a super humbling experience so far and cannot wait to see where we take this. Currently I live between San Diego and north Lake Tahoe. I strive to always be learning and maintain balance in life while creating something meaningful that will live for a long time.

Any questions and/or submissions, please email me at brad [at] with your resume and a few sentences about yourself! Nothing formal, just want to prepare before we chat.