We recommend the Vanhunks fin drive for the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi kayak because it has more adjustments depending on your height. You can adjust the pedals as well as the seat. Whereas with the propeller drive, you can only adjust the seat and not the drive pedals.

The Vanhunks prop drive does paddle in reverse whereas the fin drive doesnโ€™t. In shallow water, the fin drive is suited because you donโ€™t need to take the whole drive out of the water - you only have to push one foot forward. On the prop drive, the drive is on a hinge and you will have to lift the drive up and out of the water.

Having inflatable wheels gives you much more surface area on the beach which makes the wheel go over the sand and not sink into the sand. Rubber wheels tend to sink into the sand. This would be like trying to cycle a racing bicycle in the beach sand :)

The Vanhunks 11' Mahi Mahi kayak can accommodate our trolling motor mounts.

You can opt for the nylon plastic paddle or the aluminum one.

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