Aqua Marina 9‘6″ RAPID 2022 White Water Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

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Aqua Marina 9‘6″ RAPID 2022 White Water Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

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From gliding through calm waters to tackling the rapids, the Aqua Marina Rapid White Water Inflatable SUP is designed for any type of water adventure.

This board is constructed from strong yet lightweight material that provides exceptional sturdiness and durability, perfect for tackling fast-moving rivers or challenging whitewater conditions.

Its stiff design offers enhanced speed and tracking performance allowing you to glide smoothly across any body of water with ease. The board also features a sandpaper top sheet which allows for maximum grip and control, so even in choppy conditions you can stay steady and safe.

The Inflatable SUP is also outfitted with two fins - one large center fin and two smaller side fins - helping create a stable platform while paddling through narrow passages or tight turns. With its 9'6 length and 32" width, it provides plenty of room for up to 3 people, making it ideal for group adventures.

When it’s time to pack up, the Rapid White conveniently deflates quickly and rolls up into a compact size, making transport and storage a breeze! Get ready for an unforgettable ride with the Aqua Marina Rapid White Water Inflatable SUP - your reliable companion on every water journey!


  • Length: 9‘6″ / 289cm
  • Width: 33″ / 84cm
  • Thickness: 6″ / 15cm
  • Volume: 300l
  • Net Weight: 22.0lbs / 10.0kg
  • Max. Payload: 286 lbs / 130kg
  • Max. Air Pressure: 18psi

Double Layer Technology

Premium construction used in specialized line for 25-30% increase in stiffness.

  1.     Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2.     First tarpaulin layer
  3.     Second light and printed tarpaulin layer
  4.     First PVC rail layer
  5.     Second PVC rail layer
  6.     EVA footpad

Whats in the box

  • SUP: Aqua Marina Rapid Inflatable Paddle Board River SUP 9'6"
  • Pump: Dual-action pump for quick inflation (see photo)
  • Carrying backpack: "Magic backpack" carrying storage bag that fits your deflated SUP and entire package
  • Leash: SUP leash with paddle ankle strap and double swivel (to minimize tangling)
  • Traction pad: Traction pad for ultimate grip and comfort on bare feet or water shoes (see photo)
  • Center handle: Durable rubber center handle (see photo)
  • Slide in river fin: 4+1 fin system
  • Luggage: Integrated cargo D-ring with a bungee cord to attach luggage


Aqua Marina Rapid

Aqua Marina Rapid 1

Aqua Marina Rapid 2

Aqua Marina Rapid 3

Wild Rapids

Ride the flow and conquer the rivers with our RAPID. There’s nothing quite like hurtling down some wild rapids on a paddle board, and here at Aqua Marina, we have a board that is perfect for doing just that. The generous volume, compact outline, and fixed white water mini fins provide ultimate white water performance.

Our success is defined by more families spending time outdoors, surrounded by the healing powers of the water.

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