Advanced Elements 13' AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak

$1,029.99 USD

Advanced Elements 13' AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak

$1,029.99 USD



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Discover Uncharted Waters with the AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite

Transformative Paddling, Elite Exploration

Embark on a journey with the AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite, the epitome of inflatable kayak innovation. Combining the efficiency of a folding frame kayak with the convenience of an inflatable, this model stands as a testament to advanced design and superior performance.

High-Performance Design for Adventurers

  • Hybrid Frame Technology: Experience the glide of a hard-shell with the flexibility of an inflatable.
  • Superior Rigidity: Drop-stitch technology in the floor for unmatched firmness and speed on water.
  • Cutting-Edge Durability: A craft designed to conquer both tranquil and turbulent waters with ease.

Key Specifications for the Avid Explorer

  • Model: AE1009-XE-P
  • Vibrant Visibility: Styled in blue/orange for a striking presence on any waterbody.
  • Dimensions for Depth: At a length of 13', it's crafted for spacious comfort and storage.

Precision Performance Features

  • Streamlined Stability: Low profile for easy maneuvering and stable handling.
  • Advanced Inflation: Equipped with Twistlok™ and high flow Spring™ valves for swift setup.
  • Expedition-Ready Comfort: Adjustable lumbar support for prolonged ventures and exploration.
  • Rudder Ready: Comes with a mount for the AdvancedTrak™ Kayak Rudder Kit AE4005 to steer through diverse conditions.

A Fusion of Functionality and Comfort

  • Adaptive Seating: A high-back seat with inflatable lumbar support adjusts to your needs.
  • Spray-Skirt Compatible: Inflatable coaming for attachment ensures you stay dry.
  • Built to Endure: With welded seams and reinforced parts, the kayak promises longevity.

Seamless Storage & Transport

  • Effortless Portability: Packs neatly into a duffel bag for travel by foot, car, or air.
  • Extensive Storage Space: Ample compartments secured with bungee deck lacing for all gear types.

Detailed Durability for Dependable Exploration

  • Armor-Strong Build: Hard-edged bow and stern with a neoprene knuckle guard to protect against impacts.
  • Optimized Tracking: A skeg/tracking fin to maintain the course on lengthy sojourns.

Accessories Included for Every Expedition

  • Robust Flooring: A Drop-stitch floor that rivals the strength of solid boards.
  • Adapt & Enhance: Add a rudder using the included mount for improved navigation.
  • Travel Ready Kit: Everything you need, from a repair kit to a double action pump, is included.

      Drop-Stitch Technology

      As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. The drop-stitch floor in this kayak creates a hull with chine, which enhances the tracking and hull speed, and adds unparalleled rigidity in an inflatable kayak.

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