Aqua Marina 10’6″ Blade Windsurf 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP + 3m² Sail Rig Package

$524.98 USD

Aqua Marina 10’6″ Blade Windsurf 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP + 3m² Sail Rig Package

$524.98 USD




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Aqua Marina 10’6″ Blade Windsurf 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP + 3m² Sail Rig Package

Discover a Sea of Possibilities!

The Aqua Marina 10’6 Blade Windsurf 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP now comes bundled with the nimble 3m² Sail Rig Package, uniting the best of paddleboarding and windsurfing in one phenomenal package.

Experience a dynamic blend of balance, wind power, and thrilling rides.

SUP Innovation

  • Crafted for Stability: Revolutionary air cushion technology offers unparalleled buoyancy.
  • Swift & Agile: The lightweight architecture promises responsive maneuvers.
  • Instant Setup: The easy go pump control system ensures you’re ready to glide in moments.
  • Foot Command: Adjustable straps offer a secure, controlled ride.

The 'clip and go' system provides effortless transitions, ensuring you’re geared up for any aquatic scenario.

Windsurf 2021 SUP Signature Features

  • Efficient Design: Double Layer Technology offering 25% less weight.
  • Versatile Sailing: Universal joint base tailored for varied sail rigs.
  • Easy Transport: 3 resilient neoprene handles.
  • Secure Grip: Deep diamond-cut EVA foot-pad.
  • Swift Inflation: Aqua Marina's signature double action pump.
  • Enhanced Durability: 1000 Denier extra rail-band reinforcement.

Blade Windsurf 2021 Specs

  • Length: 10‘6″ / 320cm
  • Width: 33″ / 84cm
  • Thickness: 4.7″ / 12cm
  • Volume: 280 L
  • Net weight: 23.8lbs / 10.8kg
  • Max. payload: 260 lbs / 120kg
  • Max. air pressure: 18 psi  

3m² Sail Rig Features

  • Sail Mastery: A 3.0m² Dacron sail equipped with a UV-resistant PET window combines lightness with resilience.
  • Perfected Proportions: A 9’10” Luff and a 4’4” Boom fitted with an outhaul rope to customize sail tension.
  • Steadfast Mast: The 2-piece composite RDM mast stands at 9’10”, optimized for the 3m² sail.
  • All-Inclusive Rig: Comes with an up-haul, mast extension, and universal joint. Everything fits into a sleek zippered storage bag for effortless transportation and storage.

3m² Sail Rig Specs

  • Sail: 3.0m² Dacron sail with PET window is light, strong and UV resistant
  • Luff: 9’10” (300cm)
  • Boom: 4’4” (132cm). Boom with outhaul rope
  • Mast: 9’10” (300cm). 2-piece mast composite RDM
  • Other rig components: Up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, neat zippered storage bag holds mast / boom / base / sail in one compact, easy-to-transport design

What's in the box

Aqua Marina 10’6″ Blade Windsurf 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP + 3m² Sail Rig Package

Aqua Marina 10’6″ Blade Windsurf 2021 SUP

  • SUP: Aqua Marina BLADE 10'6'' Blade Windsurf 2021 board
  • Pump: Dual-action pump for quick inflation (see photo)
  • Carrying backpack: carrying storage bag that fits your deflated SUP and entire package
  • Leash: SUP leash with paddle ankle strap and double swivel (to minimize tangling)
  • Racing fin: Removable slide-in center fin (see photo)

Windsurf 2021 3M² Sail Rig

  1. Sail: A 3.0m Dacron Sail, fortified with a PET window for optimal strength, lightness, and UV defense.
  2. Luff: Measuring a compact 9'10".
  3. Boom: Sized at 4'4", it comes with an outhaul rope for customization.
  4. Mast: A sturdy 2-piece 9'10" composite RDM mast designed for reliability.
  5. Additional Elements: The package boasts an up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, and a neatly designed zippered storage bag to house the mast, boom, base, and sail seamlessly.

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