Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 3m² Sail Rig Only

$428.94 USD

Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 3m² Sail Rig Only

$428.94 USD




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Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 3m² Sail Rig

Harness the Wind with Unmatched Precision!

Step up your windsurfing game with the Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 3m² Sail Rig. Tailored for those who crave a fusion of lightweight design and robust performance, this sail rig is your perfect partner on the water.

Highlight Features

  • Superior Sail: The 3.0m² Dacron sail is adorned with a UV-resistant PET window, making it an epitome of strength and lightness. Expect smooth, easy control and durable performance, no matter the conditions.

  • Ideal Dimensions: With a Luff of 9’10” paired with a 4’4” Boom equipped with an outhaul rope, it offers versatile adaptability to changing winds, ensuring that you always sail with precision.

  • Sturdy Mast: The 2-piece composite RDM mast, measuring 9’10”, exudes resilience and flexibility. It's crafted to keep your sail in optimal position, allowing you to carve through winds effortlessly.

  • Complete Rigging Kit: This package is more than just a sail. It also includes essential rig components such as the up-haul, mast extension, and a universal joint. All these are designed to amplify your windsurfing experience.

  • Travel-Friendly Design: The thoughtful inclusion of a zippered storage bag allows you to conveniently pack away the mast, boom, base, and sail. It's not just compact but also ensures easy transport, making your windsurfing adventures boundless.

Why the Aqua Marina 3m² Sail Rig is a Must-Have

This sail rig is a testament to Aqua Marina's dedication to pushing the envelope in windsurfing equipment design. It seamlessly marries advanced technology with user-friendly features, ensuring both novices and seasoned windsurfers can elevate their experience on the waves.

    What's in the box

    Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 3m² Sail Rig Only

    • Sail: 3.0m² Dacron sail with PET window is light, strong and UV resistant
    • Luff: 9’10” (300cm)
    • Boom: 4’4” (132cm). Boom with outhaul rope
    • Mast: 9’10” (300cm). 2-piece mast composite RDM
    • Other rig components: Up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, neat zippered storage bag holds mast / boom / base / sail in one compact, easy-to-transport design

    Dive into the thrill of windsurfing with confidence and style. With the Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 3m² Sail Rig, every gust of wind becomes an invitation to an unforgettable adventure!

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