Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 5m² Sail Rig Only

$299.99 USD

Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 5m² Sail Rig Only

$299.99 USD




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Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 5m² Sail Rig

Master the Winds with Precision!

Elevate your windsurfing experience with the Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 5m² Sail Rig - meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled performance and durability.

This standalone sail rig is designed for adventurers who demand nothing but the best.

Highlighted Features

  • Dynamic Sail: Boasting a 5.0m² Dacron sail with a UV-resistant PET window, you're guaranteed a sail that's not just lightweight but extraordinarily resilient against the harshest elements.

  • Perfect Dimensions: A generous 13’5” Luff complemented by an adjustable 5’7”-6’15” Boom, allows you to harness every gust with precision. The outhaul rope ensures that sail tension can be customized for optimal performance.

  • Robust Mast: The 4-piece composite RDM mast, standing tall at 13’2”, has been fashioned for exceptional strength and flexibility, making sure your sail holds firm in varying wind conditions.

  • Complete Package: Beyond the primary components, you'll also find essential rig accessories like the up-haul, mast extension, and a universal joint. All of these fit snugly into a neat zippered storage bag, ensuring that you're always ready for action.

  • Compact & Travel-Friendly: The signature zippered storage bag not only holds the mast, boom, and base but also comes with an integrated Zip Backpack Double Action Pump. This cohesive design guarantees a compact, easy-to-transport rig set, ensuring that you're prepared for adventures anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose the Aqua Marina 5m² Sail Rig?

This sail rig is the embodiment of Aqua Marina's commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. It’s a masterpiece crafted for enthusiasts who are passionate about windsurfing and refuse to compromise on equipment quality.

    What's in the box

    Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 5m² Sail Rig Only

    • Sail: 5.0m² Dacron sail with PET window is light, strong and UV resistant
    • Luff: 13’5” (410cm)
    • Boom: 5’7”-6’15” (170-220cm). Boom with outhaul rope
    • Mast: 13’2” (400cm). 4-piece mast composite RDM.
    • Other rig components: Up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, neat zippered storage bag holds mast / boom / base / Zip Backpack Double Action Pump sail in one compact, easy-to-transport design

    Whether you're charting unexplored waters or competing in intense windsurfing races, the Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2021 5m² Sail Rig promises to be your trustworthy companion, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the water.

    Our success is defined by more families spending time outdoors, surrounded by the healing powers of the water.

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