Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2022 3m² Sail Rig Only

$559.00 USD

Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2022 3m² Sail Rig Only

$559.00 USD




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Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2022 3m² Sail Rig

Experience the Thrill of the Wind!

Introducing the Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2022 3m² Sail Rig – a fusion of innovative design, premium materials, and precision engineering.

Whether you're a beginner setting out on your first adventure or a seasoned pro, this sail rig is built to enhance every twist and turn of your windsurfing journey.

Key Features of the 3m² Sail Rig

  • Performance Sail: Navigate the waters with the 3.0m Dacron Sail. Equipped with a PET window, this sail boasts a lightweight structure, robust strength, and top-notch UV resistance, ensuring clarity and durability.
  • Luff Dimension: A well-balanced luff length of 9'10" promises optimum sail aerodynamics and efficient wind harnessing.
  • Flexible Boom: The boom, measuring 4'4", is not just about size. It comes with an outhaul rope, allowing you to adjust sail tension as per the wind's whims.
  • Robust Mast: A 2-piece composite RDM mast, standing at 9'10", ensures the sail maintains its desired shape, optimizing wind capture.
  • All-Inclusive Rig Components: We've thought of everything! Included in the package is an up-haul, a mast extension, and a universal joint. And, for your convenience, a sleek zippered storage bag that snugly fits the mast, boom, base, and sail, making transportation and storage a breeze.

Why Opt for the Aqua Marina 3m² Sail Rig?

  • Advanced Design: Crafted with the latest technology to ensure you catch the wind just right.
  • Superior Build: Every component speaks of quality, ensuring durability and top-tier performance.
  • Efficiency at its Best: Designed keeping the user in mind – easy to set up, adjust, and pack away.

    What's in the box

    • Sail: 3.0m Dacron Sail with PET window is light, strong, and UV resistant
    • Luff: 9'10"
    • Boom: 4'4". Boom with outhaul rope
    • Mast: 9'10". 2-piece mast composite RDM
    • Other Rig Components: Up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, neat zippered storage bag holds mast/boom/base/ sail in one compact, easy-to-transport design

    Ride the Waves with Mastery!

    The Aqua Marina Blade Windsurf 2022 3m² Sail Rig is more than just equipment; it's your partner on the water, ensuring every windsurfing session is nothing short of exhilarating. Embrace the wind, and let this sail rig transform your experience into a symphony of speed and grace. Your windsurfing adventure awaits!

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