Aqua Marina Swift Attach Large Racing Fin for Touring iSUP Black

$20.14 USD

Aqua Marina Swift Attach Large Racing Fin for Touring iSUP Black

$20.14 USD

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Product description

The Aqua Marina Swift Attach Large Racing Fin for Touring iSUP in Black is the perfect addition to your touring SUP board.

This fin is designed for racing and touring, with a 9.5” x 7.1” (24.5 x 18 cm) size that fits perfectly on any board. It's made from fiberglass reinforced nylon, making it strong and durable, so you can take it out in any conditions without worrying about damage or wear and tear. The slide-in installation makes it easy to attach and remove when needed, so you can quickly switch between racing and touring modes depending on where you're going.

Whether you're an experienced racer or just starting out, this fin will give you the performance edge you need to get ahead of the competition. Its unique design helps reduce drag and increase speed, giving you the power to take on even the toughest courses with ease. And because it's lightweight and easy to install, you won't have to worry about lugging around extra gear during races or long tours.

If you're looking for a reliable fin that will help take your SUP board performance to the next level, then look no further than the Aqua Marina Swift Attach Large Racing Fin in Black. With its superior design and construction, this fin will give you all the speed and power you need to dominate any course or tour with ease!


  • 9.6” x 6.5” (24.5 x 16.5 cm)
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon. 
  • Swift Attach Fin System for easy secure attachment.
  • Specially designed for Touring iSUP.

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