Badfish 5’4” Wave Farmer Surfboard

$699.00 USD

Badfish 5’4” Wave Farmer Surfboard

$699.00 USD



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Conquer the Waves with Badfish 5'4" Wave Farmer Surfboard 

Born out of a road trip across the serene wheat fields of eastern Washington, the Wave Farmer series by Badfish was inspired after a thrilling ride on the country's largest standing wave at Lakeside Surf in Lake Chelan, Washington.

Designed by the expert hands of Badfish shaper Zack Hughes, this surfboard is all about upgrading your river surfing game.

So what's unique about the 5'4" Wave Farmer Surfboard? Let's dive in:

Rockin' Rocker Design: Armed with a generous amount of rocker in the nose and tail, the Wave Farmer is all set to deliver smooth rail-to-rail carves, clear the tail on spins, and provide a launching pad for impressive airs.

Performance-Oriented: This high-performance board unlocks the next level of your river surfing, especially at the best waves. This isn't your run-of-the-mill surfboard. It's a piece of sporting innovation meant for those who are serious about their surfing.

Born from the Spirit of Farming: Much like how a farmer cultivates barren land to yield bountiful food, the Wave Farmer series embodies the spirit of creating a thriving surf culture where none existed before. This surfboard series is the fruit of our dedicated labor, crafted to perfection.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 5'4" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2"

  • Volume: 29 Liters

  • Gore-Tex® Vent: A modern ventilation system ensures optimal board health.

  • EPS/Fiberglass Construction: A durable and lightweight board that is both strong and responsive.

  • FCS Tri-Fin: Professional-grade fin setup for superior control and maneuverability.

Additional Size Options:

With the Badfish 5'4" Wave Farmer Surfboard, each wave is an adventure waiting to be discovered. Unleash your potential and surf like never before.

Our success is defined by more families spending time outdoors, surrounded by the healing powers of the water.

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