CBC 9' Slasher Foam Surfboard Soft Top

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CBC 9' Slasher Foam Surfboard Soft Top

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CBC 9' Slasher Foam Surfboard Soft Top - Your Gateway to Wave-Riding Excellence

Embrace the thrilling world of surfing with the CBC 9' Slasher Foam Surfboard.

Designed for beginners and intermediate wave riders, this surfboard effortlessly blends style, function, and ease-of-use.

Boasting a lightweight foam core and a sleek shape, this surfboard is your ideal partner in riding waves and expertly maneuvering through even the toughest water conditions. With its foam construction, this surfboard ensures ample volume and balance, keeping you safe while you focus on your surfing skills.

For the Uninitiated and the Experienced Alike

Are you new to surfing? The CBC 9' Slasher foam surfboard is perfect for those just starting in this exhilarating sport. Even with its foam construction, its aesthetic doesn't fall short. The surfboard carries a shaper's signature on the bottom, and top and bottom graphics that look just like a fiberglass surfboard. This way, you're not only safe and stable but also stylish!


  • Dimensions: 9' x 24" x 4"
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 240 lbs
  • Volume: 91.75L


  • Core: 100% waterproof EPS foam for buoyancy and durability
  • Stringers: Three molded-in laminated wood stringers that provide structure and flexibility
  • Bottom: High-density PE slick bottom for effortless gliding over water
  • Deck Skin: IXPE/XPE deck skin aids with grip even before wax application
  • Design: Full top and bottom graphic deck with a foam deck designed to mirror a fiberglass surfboard's look
  • Tail and Fin System: Fish-shaped tail with a tri-fin system for controlled maneuvers

Bonus Gear Included

  • 3 surf fins for enhanced stability and control
  • White leash tab (leash not included)


The CBC 9' Slasher Foam Surfboard sports a wide base for enhanced stability, a foam deck to cushion your fall, and a slick hard bottom that ensures you're up and surfing in no time! As a longboard, it offers unique advantages: it's perfect for practicing paddling, easier to catch waves, and guarantees a smoother ride than shortboards. It's your companion for those small wave days and an exceptional platform to build and polish your surfing skills. So, why wait? Dive into the thrilling world of surfing with the CBC 9' Slasher Foam Surfboard!

Note: our 9' Slasher soft top surfboard is the same board as our 9' Scott Burke Baja Surfboard but at a better value, without the leash + traction kit and yellow color.

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