Hurley 10' Advantage Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Black Tiger

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Hurley 10' Advantage Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Black Tiger

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Hurley Advantage 10' Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Black Tiger: Unleash Your Inner Sea Explorer 

Get ready for some water-borne fun with the Hurley Advantage 10' ISUP - Black Tiger.

This inflatable stand-up paddleboard combines easy setup and packing with a robust construction to set the stage for your aquatic adventures.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for lakes, rivers, canals, and of course, the vast ocean.
  • All-in-One Package: Comes complete with everything you need to start your water escapade.
  • Optimal Rigidity: Inflates to 15-17 PSI, offering a sturdy board suitable for all paddle boarders and supports weight up to 243 lbs.
  • Portability: Neatly packs into a stylish 120L waterproof backpack for easy transport and storage.

Crafted to Impress:

  • Pro-Laminate Fusion Construction: Offering unmatched rigidity and extra weight capacity for a seamless ride.
  • Textured Grip EVA Deck: Ensures superior grip and comfort for your feet.
  • Flexible Fins: Includes two fixed fins and one removable US standard fin with a transparent fin box for enhanced stability and maneuverability. Swap your fin to fit your needs.
  • Bold Design: Features a 3D vivid color digitally printed double-sided dropstitch for a fierce and captivating look.
  • Extra Storage: Six ring bungee net lets you carry essentials conveniently.


  • Dimensions: 10' x 30" x 5"
  • Weight: A mere 12kg
  • Inflation Time: 10-15 minutes

What's in the box:

  1. Hurley Inflatable Paddleboard: A 10’ stand-up paddleboard that's as easy to carry as it is to inflate.
  2. Hurley ISUP Adjustable Paddle: Customize the paddle length for a comfortable ride.
  3. Hurley ISUP US Standard Fin: A removable fin ensures easy storage and transport.
  4. Hurley Ankle Strap: The included coiled leash ensures your board is always nearby.
  5. Hurley ISUP Repair Kit: Quickly fix any damages to keep your board in perfect shape.
  6. Hurley ISUP Backpack: Padded back and straps for a comfortable fit while carrying your gear.
  7. Hurley Dual Action Pump: Inflate your board wherever you are with the easy-to-carry pump.

Dive into your aquatic adventure with the Hurley Advantage 10' ISUP - Black Tiger today!

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