Hurley 10' Advantage Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Terrazzo

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Hurley 10' Advantage Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Terrazzo

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Hurley Advantage 10' Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Terrazzo: Your Aquatic Adventure Awaits 

Introducing the Hurley Advantage 10' ISUP - Terrazzo, your ultimate companion for exploring the world's bodies of water, from tranquil lakes and rivers to the vast and thrilling ocean.

Main Features:

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for all types of water bodies including lakes, rivers, canals, and of course, the ocean.
  • Complete Package: Equipped with a Hurley-branded leash, pump, and fins, we've got you covered for a memorable time on the water.
  • High Capacity: Inflates to 15-17 PSI, offering a sturdy board for all levels of paddle boarders and supporting weights up to 243 lbs.
  • Portable: Packs neatly into the provided 120L waterproof backpack, ensuring a hassle-free transportation and storage.

Built to Impress:

  • Pro-Laminate Fusion Construction: This advanced technology offers unrivaled rigidity and extra weight capacity for a smooth and steady ride.
  • Textured Grip EVA Deck: The deck is designed to offer exceptional grip and comfort for your feet.
  • Fins for Stability: The board includes two fixed fins and one removable US standard fin with a transparent fin box for enhanced stability and maneuverability. You can easily customize your fin configuration to suit your needs.
  • Vivid Color & Design: Features a double-sided drop-stitch, digitally printed in 3D vivid colors for an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Extra Storage: Comes with a six-ring bungee net to conveniently store your essentials.


  • Board: 10' x 30" x 5"
  • Weight: Just 12kg
  • Inflation Time: 10-15 minutes

What's in the box:

  1. Hurley Inflatable Paddleboard: An inflatable 10’ stand-up paddleboard that's easy to transport.
  2. Hurley ISUP Adjustable Paddle: This adjustable paddle can be customized to the perfect size for any user.
  3. Hurley ISUP US Standard Fin: The removable fin allows for easy storage and transportation.
  4. Hurley Ankle Strap: Never lose your board with the included coiled leash.
  5. Hurley ISUP Repair Kit: Easily fix any dings and keep your board in top shape.
  6. Hurley ISUP Backpack: With extra padding around the back and straps, this backpack ensures a comfortable fit.
  7. Hurley Dual Action Pump: Inflate your board on the go with the easy-to-carry pump.

Embark on a day filled with fun and exploration on the water with the Hurley Advantage 10' ISUP - Terrazzo!

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