Moved By Bikes Dog Runner

$85.00 USD

Moved By Bikes Dog Runner

$85.00 USD

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Product description

The Moved By Bikes Dog Runner allows you to cruise town safely with your favorite doggo!

The MBB dog runner quick release bar mounts to the head tube of virtually any bike. The attachment point is low, and the J shape of the bar provides a block so your dog can't run into your front wheel. Your dog will be happier being up front, and you'll both be safer when you have both hands firmly on your handlebar.

Dogs Love It!

Every dog owner knows a tired dog is a good dog, and riding a bike with your dog is a fantastic way to get exercise for both of you! We’ve used the runner with dogs from 10 lbs to over 100 lbs with great results, but use good judgement and plan to ease into things to give your dog some time to get used to riding with the runner. If you have a larger dog who likes to pull, you may need to install the runner without the rubber covers and using the set screw to ensure a really positive clamp to the frame.

Head Tube Mounting

The strongest place on any frame is the front head tube, and that’s what we mount to. The unique clamp assembly is highly adaptable to a wide range of bicycle types and sizes. The quick release bars allow the runner tube to be instantly removed when you are done riding with your pup and just need to run to the store for some milk. Just push a button and pull the bar out, it couldn’t be simpler. The Dog Runner is basically the front half of our Longboard Rack, refer to the Longboard Rack installation guidelines and limitations.

MBB Dog Runner Installation

Installation is quick and easy, follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to safe and fun riding with your lucky pup! In addition to the Installation Video below, you can also check out the printed instructions that come with each of the racks: MBB Dog Runner Instructions.

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