Moved By Bikes Longboard Surfboard Racks

$149.00 USD

Moved By Bikes Longboard Surfboard Racks

$149.00 USD




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Surfing is so much better when you don’t have to drive to the beach!

The MBB longboard surfboard rack was born out of frustration with current bike racks on the market, each has quick releases on the bars the click of a button when not in use, and quickly reinstall them when it's time to go surfing. They are built EXTRA stable for longboards and logs.

Frame mounting with wide bar spread makes these racks far more stable than other racks on the market. Because of their strength we can recommend them for use with SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) that weigh up to 25 lbs.

Hardware is highly adaptable allowing the racks to work with just about any bike, and just about any board from short to long to SUP. These are the best racks you can buy for getting your longboard to the beach with your bicycle. Hands down.

COMBO DEAL! Need a set of SUP bars to carry your thicker board or perhaps a pair of boards? Add both items to your cart and pay only flat rate for the racks shipping. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

All aluminum and stainless construction for coastal environments.

Quick Release Bars and Stable Mounting

Our racks are based on our patent pending quick release bars. The splined bar design means that a simple push button is all that is needed to secure the bars to the mounts on your frame. Just push a button to remove when you get home from your surf session. When you are ready to go again, just slide them back in till they click into place.

Stable Mounting in 3 configurations

The racks come in 3 versions: Longboard, Shortboard, and Moped. Choose the one that suits your needs.

All racks are manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel to ensure that they won’t rust out on you in coastal environments. Hardware has been designed for maximum versatility to fit just about any bike, and to work with just about any surfboard.

If you have question about how the racks might fit on your bike, send us a quick photo, we’re happy to check it out and advise on the best rack for your ride.


Our longboard rack installation video gives you a full rundown of the rack features and mounting options, give it a quick watch to see how the racks would fit on your bike!

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