POP Board Co 12V Electric Pump (20psi)

$149.00 USD

POP Board Co 12V Electric Pump (20psi)

$149.00 USD



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POP Board Co 12V Electric Pump (20psi): Effortless and Convenient Inflation

Introducing the POP Board Co 12V Electric Pump β€” a must-have tool for outdoor enthusiasts that brings convenience and efficiency to your paddleboarding sessions.

This pump takes the strain out of inflating your SUP, letting you save your energy for the water.


  • Efficient Inflation: With a capacity of up to 20PSI, this pump will inflate your paddleboard in just 8-10 minutes. You can sit back, relax, and prepare for your paddling adventure while the pump does all the hard work.

  • Adjustable PSI Setting: The pump features a push-button digital screen where you can set the desired PSI from 0.5 to 20. It's intelligent enough to detect when the desired PSI has been reached and will automatically shut off to prevent over-inflation.

  • Plug n Play Operation: The POP ISUP pump includes a 110W 12V cigarette lighter adapter with 10' of cord. Simply plug it in, insert the inflation nozzle, and your ISUP, kayak, tent, or canoe will start inflating or deflating in under 4 minutes.

  • Multi-Purpose Use: The pump comes with six nozzle adjusters, making it ideal for a wide range of inflatables, including ISUPs, kayaks, pool toys, tents, and canoes.

  • Great for Groups: This pump can inflate 2-4 boards easily before needing a rest. Designed to run for 20 minutes continuously, it can accommodate 2-4 boards depending on the size. If you have more boards, give it a 20-minute cool-down before starting it up again.

The POP Board Co 12V Electric Pump is not just a tool β€” it's your ticket to hassle-free outdoor adventures.

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