POP Board Co 6’0" Abracadabra Surfboard

$499.00 USD

POP Board Co 6’0" Abracadabra Surfboard

$499.00 USD



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Introducing the POP Board Co 6'0" Abracadabra Surfboard - your magic carpet ride over the waves!

Whether you're a seasoned surfer wanting to broaden your board collection, or an intermediate rider in search of the perfect tool to level up, the Abracadabra Surfboard has got you covered. Engineered to master medium to large surf, this board is a top pick for anyone eager to step up their game.

The magic of the Abracadabra lies in its unique design. Boasting a pointed nose and well-distributed volume, this board promises exceptional maneuverability. Imagine quickly sliding down a wave, then effortlessly transitioning into a flawless back-side snap - that's the Abracadabra experience.

Delivered in a casual, friendly style (because we're all about good vibes here at POP), the 6'0" Abracadabra Surfboard is the wizard of the waves you've been waiting for. Get ready to wow the crowd and conquer the surf with this magic-maker - it's time to bring on the Abracadabra!


    • Length: 6’0"
    • Width: 20.5″
    • Thickness: 2.75″
    • Volume: 39 liters
    • Rider Weight: 75-195 lbs
    • Net Weight: 9 lbs

    Tech Specs Overview

    Balanced Volume & Shape

    POP Board Abracadabra Surfboard


    This board is designed with a pointed nose, amplified nose and tail rocker, and abundant volume for effortless wave-catching and a lively, responsive ride.

    POP Board Co 6’0" Abracadabra Surfboard nose tech specs


    Fiberglass Epoxy

    The robust build withstands wear and tear over numerous seasons, and enhanced UV resistance ensures sustained color vibrancy.

    POP Board Co 6’0" Abracadabra Surfboard tripe tech specs

    Versatile Fin System

    Few things can ruin a peaceful camping night like the incessant buzzing of a mosquito or fly. We all crave undisturbed sleep in the great outdoors, free from these pesky interruptions. So, how can we effectively address this issue?

    POP Board Co 6’0" Abracadabra Surfboard fins tech spec

    Our success is defined by more families spending time outdoors, surrounded by the healing powers of the water.

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