POP Board Co 6’0" Battle Fish Surfboard

$499.00 USD

POP Board Co 6’0" Battle Fish Surfboard

$499.00 USD



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Say hello to the POP Board Co 6'0" Battle Fish Surfboard, your secret weapon for those thrilling moments spent in the green room.

This is no ordinary shortboard. With its distinct swallow tail and quad fin setup, the Battle Fish empowers you to slice through barrels and carve out swift, razor-sharp cutbacks like a pro.

The Battle Fish stands apart with its smart design. Its ample volume and rounded nose serve to minimize chatter, providing you with greater control when the waves get tough. This surfboard is a marvel of balance, performance, and most importantly, an extraordinary ride, no matter what the surf conditions are.

In the casual, friendly style that we at POP are known for, we present the 6'0" Battle Fish Surfboard. It's more than just a surfboard; it's an invitation to a thrilling adventure on the waves. The Battle Fish is here to help you conquer every wave with confidence and style. Dive in and experience the difference for yourself!


    • Length: 6’0"
    • Width: 20.5″
    • Thickness: 2.9″
    • Volume: 43 liters
    • Rider Weight: 75-195 lbs
    • Net Weight: 9.25 lbs

    Tech Specs Overview

    Versatile Shape

    Here's your daily ride, replete with a multifaceted design. Its ample volume elevates your wave-catching game, making it seemingly effortless. Thanks to the swallow tail, you'll enjoy a spry sensation as you navigate the wave's face. Enjoy the ocean like never before, effortlessly catching waves and carving your path with ease and finesse.

    POP Board Co 5’10 Battle Fish Surfboard tech specs nose

    Epoxy Construction

    Constructed for longevity, this board offers enhanced buoyancy, reducing the likelihood of chips over several seasons. It also boasts heightened UV resistance, ensuring its vibrancy remains undiminished even after countless sun-soaked sessions. Truly a board built to stand the test of time, both in performance and aesthetic appeal.

    POP Board Co 5’10" Battle Fish Surfboard tech specs stripe

    Versatile Fin System

    The Quads (4+1) setup provides the flexibility to tweak your fins, fine-tuning speed, thrust, and maneuverability as per your needs. This detachable system, favored by global champions, allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

    Pop Board Co 5’10 Battle Fish fins tech specs

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