Scott Burke 10'6" Crossover SUP/Yak Paddle Board Kayak

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Scott Burke 10'6" Crossover SUP/Yak Paddle Board Kayak

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Scott Burke 10'6" Crossover SUP/Yak Paddle Board Kayak - The Ultimate Dual Experience!

Experience the fusion of paddle boarding and kayaking with our innovative Scott Burke 10'6" Crossover SUP/Yak Paddle Board Kayak.

This versatile board takes the adventure to a whole new level, with its superior stability and exceptional performance in all water conditions.

Experience the flexibility of standing up to paddle, or enjoy the calmness of traditional kayak-style sitting. Its lightweight foam core, sleek design, and comfortable slip-resistant deck offer endless paddling possibilities. And, transforming it into a kayak is as simple as adding the removable seat and footrests.

What Makes this Board a Winner?

  • Dual Functionality: It's not just a paddle board, it's also a kayak. The removable seat and footrests make the transformation seamless. Enjoy two exciting water experiences with one product!
  • Affordability: High quality doesn't always mean high price. This board is accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or budget.
  • Free Shipping: Why pay for shipping when you can get it for free?


  • Size: 10'6" x 31" x 5.25"
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 275 lbs.
  • Volume: 179.71L

Package Contents:

  • Board: 10'6" Scott Burke SUP/YAK Crossover Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Paddle: Aluminum Paddle with Protective Blade Guard
  • Extra Paddle Blade: Converts your SUP paddle into a kayak paddle
  • Fin: Single 9" bottom tracking fin
  • Leash: Surf leash with padded ankle strap

Top Features:

  • EPS Core: Waterproof molded EPS core for durability
  • Wood Stringers: Three laminated wood stringers for added strength
  • Top Deck: IXPE heat laminated full graphic top deck for aesthetic appeal
  • Slick Bottom: HDPE slick bottom for smooth rides
  • Built-in Seat Cavity: For comfortable sit-down paddling
  • Bungee Straps & Camera Mount: Located on the nose of the deck for convenience
  • Dual Footwells: For a comfortable sitting position, regardless of your height
  • Easy Carry Handle: For easy transport
  • Protective Tail Cap: To protect the tail of the board

Whether you're standing up to paddle into the waves or sitting down to navigate windy conditions, the Scott Burke 10'6" Crossover SUP/Yak Paddle Board Kayak has got you covered. The ample sized traction pad allows you to grip the board easily in either mode, and the dual blade kayak paddle ensures that sit-down paddling is a breeze. Plus, both blades of the paddle are equipped with a patented Blade Shield to prevent scrapes and nicks when paddling or converting to a kayak paddle.

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Don't wait to revolutionize your water experience. Order your Scott Burke 10'6" Crossover SUP/Yak Paddle Board Kayak today and discover the best of both worlds!

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