Solstice 10' X 8' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock

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Solstice 10' X 8' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock

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Welcome to the Solstice 10' X 8' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock – A Floating Paradise of Luxury and Stability

The Solstice Inflatable Dock is here to redefine your water fun.

Built with minimal tossing, turning, or tipping in mind, this 10' x 8' dock effortlessly accommodates up to 8 people. It's not just any dock – it's a statement of luxury and comfort. The faux-wood traction pad gives a premium look and feel, while the 8" core adds extra buoyancy and stability.

Why Should You Choose the Solstice Inflatable Traction Pad Dock?

  • Luxury Design: Featuring a new faux-wood luxe track dock for a high-end look and feel.
  • Stability and Comfort: Whether you're sitting, standing, lounging, or even working, the dock provides a comfortable and stable platform.


  • Superior Construction: Marine-grade, high-pressure inflatable dock designed for stability and resilience.
  • Ample Space: Room to lounge or use as a work platform, offering versatile applications.
  • Secure and Accessible: Fitted with 6 stainless steel D-ring tie downs and 6 super-strong, reinforced grab handles for secure tethering and easy boarding.
  • Thick Core: An 8" core provides more buoyancy and stability, offering a solid feel underfoot.
  • Quick Setup: Features an H3 high-pressure valve for quick inflate and deflate, getting you out on the water faster.


  • Size: 96'' X 60'' X 8''
  • Packaging: Print Box
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Cubic Feet: 5.1

What's Included in the Box:

  • Pump with Gauge: For effortless inflation.
  • Duffle-Style Carry Bag: Makes transportation and storage a breeze.
  • Repair Kit: For any necessary quick fixes, ensuring your fun isn't cut short.

Elevate your water adventures with the Solstice 10' X 8' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock. It's not just about floating; it's about doing it in style, comfort, and with maximum stability. This luxury dock is your private escape on the water – a floating paradise awaiting your arrival!

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