Solstice 8' X 5' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock

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Solstice 8' X 5' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock

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Welcome to the Luxury of Solstice 8' x 5' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock

Introducing the Solstice Inflatable Dock, thoughtfully designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 people with minimal movement.

Experience the sophisticated faux-wood traction pad that not only gives a luxurious look but also a delightful feel. Built with an 8" core for additional buoyancy & stability, this dock takes your water-time to a whole new level of comfort and elegance.


  • New Faux-Wood Luxe Traction Dock: Imbibe a sense of luxury with the exquisite faux-wood look and feel.
  • High-Pressure, Marine Quality Construction: A robust and stable floating dock, built to last.
  • Spacious Design: Roomy enough for lounging or use as a work platform.
  • Thick 8'' Core: Provides superior buoyancy and stability, ensuring you stay afloat comfortably.
  • Quick Inflate/Deflate: Comes with a H3 high-pressure valve for swift inflation and deflation.
  • Accessory Essentials: Includes a high-pressure pump, carry bag, and repair kit for a complete package.


  • Size: 120'' X 96'' X 8'', an optimal size for up to 6 people.
  • Packaging: Comes in a printed box for a delightful unboxing experience.
  • Case Quantity: One, because quality trumps quantity.
  • Weight: At 72 lbs, it's easily transportable.
  • Cubic Feet: Occupies just 7.75 cubic feet when packed.

What's in the Box?

  • Pump with Gauge: For effortless and quick inflation.
  • Duffle-style Carry Bag: Makes it a breeze to carry and store your inflatable dock.
  • Repair Kit: Handy tools to take care of minor repairs, ensuring your dock's longevity.

Dive into an elevated water experience with the Solstice 8' X 5' Inflatable Traction Pad Dock. Not just any floating platform, this is a statement of luxury and comfort on the water. Whether you're sunbathing, fishing, or simply enjoying the serenity of the water, this Solstice dock is your ultimate aquatic companion.

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