Solstice 10' Inflatable Rescue Board - Red

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Solstice 10' Inflatable Rescue Board - Red

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Solstice 10' Inflatable Rescue Board: A Lifesaver Redefined in Red!

Bringing a new level of water safety to beachfront and lakefront organizations, the Solstice Inflatable Rescue Board is a crucial lifeguard's tool designed to handle rescue situations effectively.

Key Features:

  • Wave-Breaking Design: Features a slight rocker that aids paddling against the break, empowering you to reach victims swiftly in urgent situations.
  • Secure Grip Surface: Textured foam surface enhances comfort and provides superior grip, essential for stability during high-stress rescue scenarios.
  • Numerous Safety Handles: Seven strategically placed grab handles on the sides and back provide easy grip points for victims in the water, creating a secure platform to hold onto during rescues.

Standout Inclusions:

  • Skegs for Stability: Comes with two low-profile, permanently affixed skegs that enhance stability during operation.
  • Towing and Tethering System: The bow mount system is designed for low-speed towing and tethering, allowing for efficient victim retrieval.
  • Multiple D-ring Tie Downs: Features five stainless D-ring tie-downs (four in front for gear, one underside), including a bungee cord. The bottom D-ring can integrate with standard shoulder straps and tow lines.
  • Safety Handles: Equipped with seven safety handles that aid both rescue missions and training activities.


  • Dimensions: Compact and efficient design at 10' x 26" x 4"
  • Surface Capacity: Can support 350-450 lbs., accommodating multiple individuals if needed.
  • Inflation: Capable of inflating up to 15 PSI for optimum stiffness and performance.

Your Rescue Kit Includes:

  • High-quality Pump
  • Comprehensive Repair Kit
  • Convenient Carry Bag

The Solstice 10' Inflatable Rescue Board is not just a piece of equipment; it's a life-saving asset. Choose reliability, safety, and effectiveness for your water safety organization. Be the real-life guardian of the beach or lake with Solstice!

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