Solstice Triple Action SUP Pump w/ Gauge

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Solstice Triple Action SUP Pump w/ Gauge

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Maximize Your Water Adventure with Solstice Triple Action SUP Pump w/ Gauge

The Solstice Triple Action SUP Pump is a premium inflatable solution that's perfect for all your Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards and docks.

Designed for maximum efficiency, this pump inflates your SUPs up to 26 PSI swiftly and effortlessly. Featuring three different operating modes, the Solstice Triple Action Pump ensures inflation is a breeze at every stage.

Key Features to Elevate Your SUP Experience:

  • High Capacity: The pump comes with a capacity of 3.5+3.5L and a maximum pressure of 26 PSI, enabling quick and easy inflation.

  • Three Operating Modes: Designed for maximum efficiency, the pump features three modes for different pressure levels:

    • Mode 1: Double action on 2 cylinders for rapid inflation up to 5 psi.
    • Mode 2: Single action on 2 cylinders for moderate speed inflation up to 10 psi.
    • Mode 3: Single action on 1 cylinder for minimal effort inflation up to 26 psi.
  • Switch Function: This handy feature allows for easy switching from triple to double or single action operation.

  • Seals and Anti-Sand Filter: The pump's longevity is guaranteed with these protective features.

  • Extra Long Body & High-Airflow Piston: Designed for more effortless inflation, reducing the physical strain on the user.

  • Shockproof Gauge Meter: Ensures accurate pressure measurement and enhances durability.

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit all standard H3 valves and is compatible with all Solstice inflatable SUPs and docks. It also includes a second hose for low pressure inflatables.

  • Perfect Companion: This triple-action pump is ideally suited for all types of Bay Sports inflatable SUP & kayaks.

Inflation Tips for Optimum Performance:

  1. Stand on a level and solid ground.
  2. Screw the hose onto the pump.
  3. Connect the hose to the SUP (valve raised).
  4. Set to mode 1: double action on 2 chambers for quickly increasing volume to 1-5 psi.
  5. Set to mode 2: single action on 2 chambers to quickly increase pressure to 10 psi.
  6. Set to mode 3: single action on 1 chamber to inflate to high pressure up to 20 psi.
  7. Inflate to the recommended pressure of the SUP (usually 15/16 psi).

Enjoy your SUP activities to the fullest with the Solstice Triple Action SUP Pump. It's more than just a pump, it's your ticket to a fun-filled and hassle-free water adventure!

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