Solstice Voyager 6-Person Inflatable Boat

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Solstice Voyager 6-Person Inflatable Boat

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Set Sail with the Mighty Solstice Voyager 6-Person Inflatable Boat

Introducing the Solstice Voyager Inflatable 6 Person Boat Set, an exceptional blend of space, durability, and convenience.

This beast of the waters is more than just an inflatable raft - it's a floating paradise that accommodates you and five of your companions with room to spare!

Built for both adventure and leisure, this 6-person watercraft takes inflatable boat experiences to a new level. Whether you're planning a family fishing trip, a relaxed float on the lake, or a thrilling river adventure, this boat delivers!

Key Features of the Solstice Voyager Inflatable Boat:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from robust PVC material, the Voyager is built to last. The 4-chamber, double-hull design ensures sturdiness for many adventures to come.

  • 6-Person Capacity: With a generous space that fits up to six people, this boat is perfect for family outings or gatherings with friends.

  • Inflatable Comfort: This inflatable boat boasts comfortable seating that contributes to a relaxed and enjoyable voyage.

  • Swivel Oar Locks: The swiveling oar locks are designed to facilitate paddling, making your nautical excursions smoother and more effortless.

  • Fishing Rod Holder: A built-in fishing rod holder makes this boat perfect for fishing trips, providing a convenient spot to rest your rod while you wait for the catch of the day.

  • Boston Valve: The heavy-duty Boston valve makes inflation and deflation a breeze, helping you to get onto the water more quickly.

The Solstice Voyager Inflatable 6 Person Boat Set measures a spacious 140L x 60W inches. Instructions for use are included, and oars and an air pump can be purchased separately.

Experience the tranquility of the lake or the thrill of the river with the Solstice Voyager. It's not just a boat, it's a vessel for creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones on the water. Embrace the journey, the Voyager awaits!

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