Vanhunks 10'4" Shad Fishing Kayak

$1,140.00 USD


Vanhunks 10'4" Shad Fishing Kayak

$1,140.00 USD




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Vanhunks 10'4" Shad Fishing Kayak: A Revolutionary Experience Awaits!

Unleash your passion for adventure with the Vanhunks Shad Fishing Kayak.

A perfect fusion of functionality and comfort, it caters to the enthusiastic fisherman as well as the laid-back paddler seeking serenity on the water.

This isn't just a kayak, it's a vessel of versatility and innovation!


  • Seating: Single Seater
  • Style: Sit on Top
  • Design: 5mm Roto-molded Polyethylene
  • Hardware: Marine Graded Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Inserts: Brass


  • Length: 10'4 ft / 305 cm
  • Width: 35 inches / 89cm
  • Height: 14 inches / 36.5 cm
  • Weight: 71 lbs / 32 kgs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 440 lbs / 200 kgs

The Shad is expertly fitted with a removable Tool Pod, adding a new dimension of customization to your fishing kayak. It's the embodiment of stability - remove the tool pod, fit a fin or propeller drive, and transform your kayak in a snap.

For those who crave extra power, the Shad comes prepared with inserts for an electric motor on the stern.

    Stellar Design:

    The Shad's hull design prioritizes stability, offering you the confidence to sit or stand with ease. Its flat bottom and pontoon hull keep the kayak balanced, while its sleek shape allows for swift maneuverability. With double pontoon hull, water flow is facilitated, enhancing traction and speed.

    Steer with Ease:

    The Shad features an easy-to-operate adjustable foot control or hand-controlled rudder system that's interchangeable. The deep adjustable rudder offers effective direction control and limits drift, maintaining kayak speed. Plus, rudder blades are compatible with the Bixpy motor!

    Spacious Storage:

    Equip your adventure with the Shad’s spacious storage - a large hatch at the bow, a round hatch behind the paddler, and a large tank-well at the stern fitted with bungee cords to secure your gear.

    Comfortable Seating:

    Experience the advantage of raised deluxe aluminum seating. Its elevated design enhances paddling and visibility, and keeps you dry in case of excess water in the kayak. The seat is adjustable, moving forward or backward on a track system.

    Fishing-Friendly Features:

    The Shad is built for fishing. It's equipped with four embedded angled rod holders for storage and rod positioning, and three accessory rails for additional rod holders, accessories, or a fish finder. A Fish Finder can be easily mounted with built-in space in the hull for a transducer and cabling.

    Inclusive Extras:

    • Two-Piece Paddle with Three-Position Adjustment Features
    • Deluxe Aluminum Adjustable Seats
    • Large Bow Hatch & Round Hatch Behind Paddler
    • Side Handles & Carry Handles
    • Drain Plug & Scupper Plugs
    • Integrated Fishing Rod Holders & Swivel Rod Holder
    • Accessory Track Rails & Adjustable Footrests
    • Fish Finder Compartment & Cup Holders
    • Bungee Cords at Back Tank Well Area

    The Shad is a top choice for both flat water, lakes, rivers, and smooth sea conditions. Its meticulously engineered design guarantees an entertaining and fulfilling fishing experience.

    Hop onto the Vanhunks 10'4" Shad Fishing Kayak and cast your lines into a world of unparalleled adventure!

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