Vanhunks 9'6'' Afro Inflatable Paddleboard SUP

$809.00 USD


Vanhunks 9'6'' Afro Inflatable Paddleboard SUP

$809.00 USD




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Vanhunks 9'6'' Afro Inflatable Paddleboard SUP: For Unparalleled Stability, Glide, and Fun!

Presenting the Vanhunks Afro Inflatable SUP - an innovative paddleboard boasting a broad outline and a pointy nose shape for exceptional stability and glide.

This board is your all-in-one solution for both flat water and small to medium-sized wave riding adventures!

Key Features:

  • Vanhunks iSUP Carry Bag: Equipped with convenient backpack straps for easy transportation.
  • Center Fin: Ensures smooth sailing and superior control.
  • Double Action Pump: For quick and effortless inflation.
  • Repair Kit: Handy for any unforeseen damages.


  • 9'6 Model: 9'6'' x 31" x 6"
  • 10' Model: 10' x 32" x 6"
  • 10'6 Model: 10'6 x 32'' x 6''

    Paddle (optional)

    1. Adjustable fiberglass
    2. Adjustable carbon
    3. Full carbon

    Whether you're a novice or an experienced paddler, the Afro iSUP makes for an ideal travel buddy. Its hybrid design ensures seamless cruising without the added effort, making it an ultimate partner for exploring every canal, river, or wherever your paddling adventures might take you.

    Our iSUPs are produced using only top-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. This includes high-grade Drop-stitch materials and German glue technology. Our temperature-controlled manufacturing process ensures outstanding heat resistance and superior adhesive welding for a durable and long-lasting product.

    Built to Last:

    • Inner Core 6” Drop-stitch: Features precision drop-stitching for strength and stability, with 6.8 filaments/SQ inch for unmatched stiffness.
    • Full Double Layered PVC: Military-grade PVC wrap fortifies your board, making it virtually indestructible.
    • 3mm EVA Foam Grip: Linear Line Cut with croc skin texture for a comfortable and firm grip.
    • Heat Resistant Glue: High-quality German glue technology that offers high heat resistance and superior adhesive welding properties.
    • Double Rail Band: Additional PVC Bands on the rails for maximum protection.

    For the optimum performance, the Afro iSUP operates at an inflation pressure of 15 – 18 PSI.

    Fin System:

    After extensive testing, we've equipped the Afro iSUP with a US Finbox system, highly regarded for its performance and versatility in fin sizes. The thruster fin setup includes two fixed side fins and a US center fin box, enhancing stability, drive, and maneuverability.

    Savor your love for paddleboarding with the Vanhunks 9'6'' Afro Inflatable Paddleboard SUP, your ultimate companion for a versatile, fun, and adventurous paddling experience!

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