Vanhunks 6' Rolls SUP Pro Rail Tape

$30.00 USD

Vanhunks 6' Rolls SUP Pro Rail Tape

$30.00 USD



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Vanhunks 6' Rolls SUP Pro Rail Tape: The Perfect Shield for Your Board

Paddle with confidence knowing your board is protected with our top-notch Vanhunks SUP Rail Tape.

Designed to safeguard your board rail against scratches and chips, it allows you to focus on enjoying your ride, while it takes care of your board's durability.

Why Vanhunks SUP Rail Tape?

  • Preserves Your Board: Protects your stand up paddle board (SUP) rails from damage and wear, maintaining your board's aesthetic appeal and integrity.

  • Zero Drag: Despite being a protective layer, it won't interfere with your performance. Our SUP Rail Tape is designed to ensure zero drag while paddling.

  • Built to Last: Crafted from robust materials, it's tough and durable, ensuring your board's rails stay unscathed for longer.

  • Lightweight Design: Adding virtually no weight to your board, our Rail Tape helps maintain the natural feel of your SUP experience.

  • Convenient Size: Two rolls of 1.8 meters/5.90 feet long and 9cm/3.54inches wide tape are perfect for board rails from 8cm/3.14inches to about 10cm/4inches thick.

  • Unbranded: No logos or designs that could interfere with your board graphics. Our tape offers protection without compromising the look of your board.


  • Protects SUP Rails: Keep your board's edges smooth and unscathed.
  • Zero Drag: Ensure a seamless paddle boarding experience.
  • Tough and Durable: Resilient material for maximum protection.
  • Light Weight: Ensures your board maintains its natural balance and feel.
  • Suitable Size: Perfectly fits board rails from 8cm/3.14inches to about 10cm/4inches thick.
  • Unbranded: Protection that doesn't interfere with your board's aesthetic.

Don't let scratches and chips dampen your SUP adventures! Secure your board with Vanhunks 6' Rolls SUP Pro Rail Tape and paddle on with peace of mind.

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