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Advanced Elements 10'5
Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Inflatable Kayak $649.00 USD
Paddle Beyond Limits: Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Kayak Redefine Exploration with Portability and Performance Embark on a journey like never before with the Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Inflatable Kayak. This vessel promises to transform your paddling experience, combining the ease of inflatable kayaks with the advanced performance of hard-shell kayaks. Uncover the secret to effortless waterway adventures with a craft designed for enthusiasts and novices alike. Innovation Meets Versatility Aluminum Rib-Frame Technology: Experience improved control and tracking thanks to the aluminum rib-frame design at the bow and stern. Ease of Access: Large cockpit opening for smooth entry and exit, ensuring convenience with every use. Superior Construction for Unmatched Durability Triple-Layer Material: Constructed with three layers of rugged material for superior puncture resistance. Effortless Assembly: Unfold, inflate, and connect the seat to transition from bag to water in no time. Compact and Travel-Friendly Convenient Portability: Pack it up in your car trunk or check it on a plane; no roof rack needed. Storage Simplified: Ample on-deck storage space for all your gear, secured with bungee deck lacing. Technical Specifications Model: AE1017-O Optimal Paddler Height: Up to 6'2" for a comfortable fit. Maximum Capacity: Safe and stable navigation with up to 250 lbs. load. Folded Dimensions: Easily stowable at 30" x 17" x 8". Paddling Excellence with Every Stroke Hard-Edge Design: Enhances performance and agility on the water. High-Pressure Floor: With an integrated pressure relief valve for stability and rigidity. On-Board Comfort and Accessibility Customizable Support: An adjustable back support crafted for extended outings. Ease of Handling: Molded rubber handles and neoprene paddle guard for an enjoyable voyage. Inclusive Features for the Avid Kayaker D-Ring Tie Downs: Secure your essentials while you paddle. Advanced Tracking: A skeg tracking fin to maintain your course in varied conditions. BackBone® and Drop-stitch Floor Compatible While each of our kayaks are designed for the best in performance, we’ve found that there are those who seek even higher performance. For paddlers looking to up the ante in the AdvancedFrame® line, we offer our patented BackBone® accessory or rigid high-pressure floors that utilize Drop-stitch technology. While each accessory offers their own advantages, both work to further enhance the rigidity and tracking performance of each AdvancedFrame® kayak.
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Advanced Elements 10'5
Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Sport 1-Person Inflatable Kayak $549.99 USD
Navigate with Freedom: Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Sport Kayak Experience Uncharted Waters with Ease and Agility Discover the pure joy of kayaking with the Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Sport Inflatable Kayak. Crafted for those who seek adventure without the bulk, this lightweight and streamlined kayak delivers hard-shell performance with inflatable convenience. Set off on your water expeditions with a kayak that defines portability and is designed to elevate your paddling journey. Unleash Performance with Innovative Design Streamlined Hull: Aluminum rib-frame technology at the bow and stern for superior tracking and control. Spacious Cockpit: Enhanced accessibility with a large opening for stress-free entry and exit. Durability Meets Excellence Heavy-Duty Build: Features a robust three-layer construction that resists punctures and wear. Quick and Simple Setup: From bag to water in no steps; unfold, inflate, and connect the seat. Optimal Comfort in Compact Form Travel-Ready Structure: Easily fits in your vehicle or on a plane, alleviating the need for a roof rack. Generous Storage: Keep your essentials secure with the integrated storage compartments and bungee system. Specifications at a Glance Model: AE1017-O Height and Weight Considerations: Ideal for paddlers up to 6'2" and supports up to 250 lbs. Chambers and Dimensions: Four chambers with a hassle-free fold size of 30" x 17" x 8". Tailored for the Modern Paddler Edge Definition: A rigid bow and stern construction maintain kayak shape and direction. Reinforced Durability: Seamlessly welded seams to tackle the toughest water conditions. Comfort and Control on the Go Adjustable Comfort: Ergonomically designed back support to enhance your paddling experience. Paddle Guard: Neoprene protection ensures your paddle movement is smooth and guarded. Detailed Features for the Avid Explorer Stability and Direction: Stay the course with an efficient skeg tracking fin system. Robust Material Choice: Double coated fabric for increased longevity and resistance. Complete Kayaking Solution With the AdvancedFrame® Sport Inflatable Kayak, adventure is not just about the destination but the exhilarating journey. Equip yourself with a kayak that brings together the spirit of exploration and the assurance of technology for unforgettable aquatic adventures. Ready-to-Paddle Accessories All-in-One Pack: Comes with a duffel bag, folding seat, repair kit, owner's manual, and double-action pump for an all-encompassing kayaking experience. BackBone® and Drop-stitch Floor Compatible While each of our kayaks are designed for the best in performance, we’ve found that there are those who seek even higher performance. For paddlers looking to up the ante in the AdvancedFrame® line, we offer our patented BackBone® accessory or rigid high-pressure floors that utilize Drop-stitch technology. While each accessory offers their own advantages, both work to further enhance the rigidity and tracking performance of each AdvancedFrame® kayak.
Advanced Elements 10'5
Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Ultralite Inflatable Kayak $759.99 USD
Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame® Ultralite: The Superlight Paddling Experience Elevate Your Kayak Adventure Embrace the freedom of the water with the Advanced Elements 10'5" AdvancedFrame® Ultralite Inflatable Kayak. This high-performance vessel is a marvel of design and innovation, offering paddlers a near hard-shell experience with the convenience and portability of an inflatable. Its cutting-edge construction provides an unparalleled kayaking adventure for those who demand the best in lightness and agility. Superior Construction for Optimal Paddling AdvancedFrame® Technology: Experience excellent tracking and a sleek silhouette with built-in aluminum ribs. Featherlight Durability: Utilizes a three-layer construction with ultra-light Polyurethane material, striking the perfect balance between weight and resilience. User-Centric Design for Seamless Experience Ultralite Framework: At just 17.5 pounds, transport is effortless, making it perfect for solo expeditions. Spacious and Comfortable: The large cockpit teams with an inflatable foot brace and high-back seat for ultimate comfort. Key Specifications Model: Advanced efficiency in a 10’5" package. Color Palette: An elegant green/grey fusion that compliments nature’s hues. Capacity Info: Accommodates up to 225 lbs, making it a versatile choice for adventurers of all sizes. Engineered for Performance Quick Setup: Transition from land to water in minutes with an easy inflation system. Built to Last: Triple-layer material fortifies the kayak against punctures and wear. Practical Features for the Avid Kayaker Storage Solutions: Ample room with a built-in compartment and deck lacing for gear and necessities. Handling and Control: Rubber handles and a skeg tracking fin enhance maneuverability. The Complete Package Ready to Roll: Includes a duffel bag with shoulder straps, folding seat, optional use inflatable foot brace, repair kit, owner’s manual, and a double-action pump. Dimensions That Deliver: Its compact folded size ensures that it can accompany you on flights or fit into small spaces.
Advanced Elements StraightEdge™ Angler Pro Inflatable Kayak - Good Wave
Advanced Elements 10'6" StraightEdge™ Angler Pro Inflatable Kayak $1,199.99 USD
Introducing the StraightEdge™ Angler Pro: A Fisher's Dream Inflatable Kayak Reel in the Big One with Confidence Set the hook on an unforgettable fishing adventure with the Advanced Elements 10'6" StraightEdge™ Angler Pro Inflatable Kayak. Engineered for stability and performance, the Angler Pro is the pinnacle of inflatable fishing kayaks. With a design that rivals the toughness and handling of traditional boats, it's time to plot your course for the ultimate catch. Built for the Angling Aficionado Innovative Design: Drop-stitch floor technology allows for top-tier performance and the ability to confidently stand and cast. Robust Build: Prepared for whatever comes its way with multi-layer material and multiple air chambers. Key Specifications: Crafted for Convenience and Capability Ready for Action: Features a modular frame for easy attachment of equipment and tech. Room to Maneuver: A generous width and weight capacity support a full range of fishing activities. Model Details: AE1055-P, with a length of 10'6" that accommodates taller paddlers comfortably. Paddle with Precision and Ease Tracking Technology: Integrated aluminum rib-frames in the bow and stern for sharp cuts through water. Stand-up Stability: The broad beam and sturdy construction provide the balance needed for active fishing. Comfort Meets Utility in Design Customizable Accessory Frame: Adapt your kayak with gear specific to your needs. Superior Seating: The AirFrame PRO™ seat with mesh paneling offers elevated seating comfort for lengthy expeditions. Exceptional Features for Enhanced Fishing High Durability Focus: Abrasion pads ensure longevity in the most utilized areas of your kayak. Storage Galore: Front and rear bungee deck lacing for secured storage, along with ample d-rings. Convenient Additions: Paddle holders and a removable deep fin to refine your navigation. The Angler Pro Package: Your Complete Fishing Setup Accessory Frames Included: Customizable to your fishing strategy. Comfort on the Water: Enjoy extended trips with the high-backed, adjustable AirFrame PRO seat. Transport Made Simple: A specially designed duffel bag with shoulder straps for easy carrying. Drop-Stitch Technology Experience the true rigidity with our drop-stitch technology. This feature creates a hull with chine, adding superior tracking ability, stability in rough conditions, and improves your ability to stand up confidently. Your search for the perfect fishing kayak ends here. With the Advanced Elements 10'6" StraightEdge™ Angler Pro Inflatable Kayak, you'll say nothing else but "Fish-On"!
Advanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable SUP - Good Wave
Advanced Elements 11' Hula Inflatable Paddle Board SUP $799.99 USD
Catch the Wave with Advanced Elements Hula 11' Inflatable SUP Your Portable Solution to Paddle Boarding Adventures Hit the water with speed and stability using the Hula 11' Inflatable SUP. It’s not just a board; it’s a versatile platform for a full spectrum of activities, offering the ease of inflatable convenience and the firm performance of a hardboard. Designed for the dynamic paddler, the Hula 11 invites you to explore waterscapes from rivers to oceans. Seamless Inflation, Unmatched Performance Rapid Setup: Go from bag to beach in minutes with an easy inflation process. Tough Durability: Double layer of PVC tarpaulin for a build that’s as sturdy as it is sleek. Adventure-Ready Features: Grip and Stability: Large traction pad for secure footing and maneuverability. Full Versatility: Use it for a tranquil paddle, an intense surf session, or attached to a kayak seat. Master Crafted for the Enthusiast Elegant Design: A board that stands out with its eye-catching white and orange color palette. Dimensions & Capacity: At 11 feet long and 30 inches wide, it's the sweet spot for solid balance and room to move. Optimal Board Construction Unyielding Structure: The high-pressure drop-stitch material gives this board a rigid backbone. Effortless Transport: Its foldable design makes it a breeze to carry, with a compact folded size. Hula 11 Paddle Board Complete Kit Everything Included: Arrives with all necessary accessories to get you paddling immediately. Personalization Ready: Seven D-rings to secure your gear, personalize your float plan, or transform your SUP into a kayak. Technical Specs for Uncompromised Adventures Board Specifications: Emphasizing user-friendly features and a resilient build for longevity and ease. Travel-Friendly Packing: Your paddling getaway gear fits snugly into the provided quality duffel bag. Stand-Up and Paddle with Confidence Enhanced Control: Three detachable fins allow for tailored navigation and stability. Convenience at Its Core: A double-action pump for swift inflation and a coiled leash for safety.
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Advanced Elements 11'2
Advanced Elements 11'2" Island Voyage 2-Tandem Inflatable Kayak $549.99 USD
Navigate the Tides Together: Advanced Elements 11'2" Island Voyage 2 Double the Paddles, Double the Fun Introducing the Island Voyage 2: the versatile, inflatable kayak designed for duos who dare to explore. This robust tandem kayak is engineered to transition seamlessly from solo to tandem excursions, ensuring you're prepared for any adventure. Key Features for Companionship on the Water Dual Comfort: Two high-back seats with adjustability for day-long paddling comfort. Simple Setup: Inflation is a breeze with a clear and easy process - get on the water in no time. Transport Made Easy: Grab handles and a lightweight structure for effortless carry and launch. Designed for Stability and Speed Smooth Sailing: A pointed bow with rocker for better performance and swift paddling. Keep Course: A removable deep tracking fin to navigate easily through varying water conditions. Your Portable Paddling Partner Ultra-Durable: Made with heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin for resistance to punctures and the wear of watersports. All About Convenience: Forget the roof rack; this kayak packs down to fit in its carrying duffel bag. Specifications for Seafaring Expeditions Adventure-Ready Build: The Island Voyage 2’s construction speaks of longevity and high-performance with multi-layer material. Colorful & Compact: A bright yellow/gray profile stands out in the water and makes storage conspicuous. Performance Focused, Adventure Oriented Flexible Seating: Adaptable for one or two paddlers with ample legroom for comfort and efficiency. Buoyancy and Balance: Designed with high-volume side tubes for a stable and buoyant ride. Feature-Rich for the Enthusiast and Novice Alike Smart Storage: Ample on-deck space for gear, secured with bungee lacing and D-rings. Practical Perks: Seats with pocket and bottle holders to keep essentials at hand. What’s Included in Your Expedition Kit Comprehensive Accessories: A repair kit, owner’s manual, and a high-efficiency double action pump complete your preparedness kit. Clean and Go: A rear drain plug for hassle-free maintenance post-adventure.
Advanced Elements 13' AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak - Good Wave
Advanced Elements 13' AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak $1,029.99 USD
Discover Uncharted Waters with the AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite Transformative Paddling, Elite Exploration Embark on a journey with the AdvancedFrame® Expedition Elite, the epitome of inflatable kayak innovation. Combining the efficiency of a folding frame kayak with the convenience of an inflatable, this model stands as a testament to advanced design and superior performance. High-Performance Design for Adventurers Hybrid Frame Technology: Experience the glide of a hard-shell with the flexibility of an inflatable. Superior Rigidity: Drop-stitch technology in the floor for unmatched firmness and speed on water. Cutting-Edge Durability: A craft designed to conquer both tranquil and turbulent waters with ease. Key Specifications for the Avid Explorer Model: AE1009-XE-P Vibrant Visibility: Styled in blue/orange for a striking presence on any waterbody. Dimensions for Depth: At a length of 13', it's crafted for spacious comfort and storage. Precision Performance Features Streamlined Stability: Low profile for easy maneuvering and stable handling. Advanced Inflation: Equipped with Twistlok™ and high flow Spring™ valves for swift setup. Expedition-Ready Comfort: Adjustable lumbar support for prolonged ventures and exploration. Rudder Ready: Comes with a mount for the AdvancedTrak™ Kayak Rudder Kit AE4005 to steer through diverse conditions. A Fusion of Functionality and Comfort Adaptive Seating: A high-back seat with inflatable lumbar support adjusts to your needs. Spray-Skirt Compatible: Inflatable coaming for attachment ensures you stay dry. Built to Endure: With welded seams and reinforced parts, the kayak promises longevity. Seamless Storage & Transport Effortless Portability: Packs neatly into a duffel bag for travel by foot, car, or air. Extensive Storage Space: Ample compartments secured with bungee deck lacing for all gear types. Detailed Durability for Dependable Exploration Armor-Strong Build: Hard-edged bow and stern with a neoprene knuckle guard to protect against impacts. Optimized Tracking: A skeg/tracking fin to maintain the course on lengthy sojourns. Accessories Included for Every Expedition Robust Flooring: A Drop-stitch floor that rivals the strength of solid boards. Adapt & Enhance: Add a rudder using the included mount for improved navigation. Travel Ready Kit: Everything you need, from a repair kit to a double action pump, is included. Drop-Stitch Technology As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. The drop-stitch floor in this kayak creates a hull with chine, which enhances the tracking and hull speed, and adds unparalleled rigidity in an inflatable kayak.
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Advanced Elements 15' AdvancedFrame® Tandem Convertible Inflatable Kayak - Good Wave
Advanced Elements 15' AdvancedFrame® Tandem Convertible Inflatable Kayak $979.99 USD
Paddle Together or Solo: The AdvancedFrame® Tandem Convertible Inflatable Kayak Where Flexibility Meets Durability Take your paddling experiences to new heights with the AdvancedFrame® Tandem Convertible Inflatable Kayak – a versatile kayak that offers the ultimate balance of strength and adaptability. Whether you're cutting through waves solo or enjoying a tandem trek, this kayak will be your trusted companion on any aquatic adventure. Built for the Unpredictable Adventure Convertible Design: Transition from a single to a tandem kayak with ease, offering flexibility in every stroke. Rigidity Meets Inflatable: Aluminum rib-frame technology ensures improved tracking, similar to a hard-shell kayak. Crafted for Excellence - Specifications Model: AE1007-R Color Schemes: The bold red color provides excellent visibility on the water. Spacious Dimensions: A roomy 15' length accommodates either a solitary journey or a duo expedition. Unmatched On-Water Performance Revolutionary Hull: Aluminum ribs shape the bow and stern for superior performance and directional steadiness. Triple-Layer Resistance: Three layers of heavy-duty material offer extreme puncture resistance. The Comfort of a Personalized Paddling Experience Factory Preassembled: Open, inflate, and you’re set to go – spend more time on the water and less on preparation. Adjustable Comfort: Padded seats that adjust to your comfort level make for enjoyable, extended trips. Adaptable Seating: Three seating positions provide versatility for solo or tandem paddling adventures. Features Designed for Conquerors Specialized Valves: Including the Advanced Elements Spring Valve for quick inflation and a pressure relief valve in the floor. Secure & Organized Gear Storage: Equipped with D-ring tie-downs and deck lacing for essential gear. Built-In Paddle Holders: Keep your paddles secure when not in motion, adding convenience to your trip. Transport and Storage - Simplified Portable Package: Effortlessly store and transport your kayak in the included duffel bag. Easy Maintenance: Reinforced bow and stern with rip-stop fabric ensures easy repair and longevity. Embark with Confidence - Accessories Include Comfort on the Go: Two folding seats that provide back support and comfort, wherever your adventure takes you. Prepared for the Unseen: A repair kit to handle any mid-journey mishaps, plus an owner’s manual for reference. Efficient Inflation: A double action pump for quick and energy-saving inflation. BackBone® and Drop-stitch Floor Compatible While each of our kayaks are designed for the best in performance, we’ve found that there are those who seek even higher performance. For paddlers looking to up the ante in the AdvancedFrame® line, we offer our patented BackBone® accessory or rigid high-pressure floors that utilize Drop-stitch technology. While each accessory offers their own advantages, both work to further enhance the rigidity and tracking performance of each AdvancedFrame® kayak.
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Advanced Elements 8'4
Advanced Elements 8'4" Lagoon 1-Person Inflatable Kayak $359.99 USD
Discover the Agile Lagoon 1: A Solo Paddler's Inflatable Kayak Embrace the Freedom of the Water The Lagoon 1 Inflatable Kayak: a compact, nimble, and durable watercraft that promises convenience and fun on the water. Designed for the explorer in you, this kayak cuts through the water with grace and keeps you paddling with ease and comfort. High-Performance Design Rigid Structure: With built-in rigid panels on the bow and stern, stay on course with smooth tracking. Compact Build: At 8'4", navigate through waters effortlessly, making it ideal for solo expeditions. Lightweight and Mighty: Experience the ease of portability without compromising on robustness. Specification Snapshot Model: AE1031-O Color Story: Vibrant orange and slate gray, for high visibility and style. Weight Savvy: Only 23 lbs for easy carrying and maneuvering. Optimized On-Water Dynamics Enhanced Durability: The outer cover is not just durable; it's lightweight, making it a breeze to manage. Quick Set-Up: With advanced Twistlok™ and Spring™ valves, inflate and set off in no time. Comfort Crafted Paddling Relax as You Row: An inflatable seat with high support lets you enjoy the waters for longer. Built-In Storage: A mesh pocket and bungee lacing keep your essentials secure and within reach. Feature-Rich Kayaking Experience Secure Your Gear: Paddle holders and deck lacing offer convenience for your essentials. Stay Dry: Inflatable coaming allows for easy spray skirt attachment. Maintenance Made Simple: Electronically welded seams minimize wear and tear. Effortless Transport and Care Go Anywhere Portability: A carrying duffel bag is included for when you're on the move. Sit Back and Relax: The folding seat offers added back support for a comfortable journey. Included Accessories for Immediate Adventure Ready Out of the Box: Comes complete with a repair kit, owner’s manual, and a double-action pump. Streamlined Stability: A tracking fin and rigid construction offer stability and direction in various water conditions.
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Advanced Elements StraightEdge™ Inflatable Kayak - Good Wave
Advanced Elements 9'8" StraightEdge™ Angler Inflatable Kayak $759.99 USD
Hook, Line, and Paddle: The StraightEdge™ Angler Kayak Craft Your Adventure on the Water Gear up for your greatest fishing story yet with the StraightEdge™ Angler Inflatable Kayak. Engineered for the kayak angler, this vessel combines stability and rugged readiness for any aquatic hunt. Cast with Confidence Wide Beam: Designed for steadfast stability to handle your active angling and hefty catches. Accessory-Friendly: Customize your experience with easy-to-add mounts for all your fishing gear. Durable by Design: Armed with multi-layer material and extra abrasion pads for rough waters. Kayak Specifications at a Glance Model: AE1006-ANG Visual Appeal: Bold yellow and gray palette for visibility and style. Sized for Action: At 9'8" in length and a generous 35" width for superior fishability. Performance That Matches Ambition Aluminum Rib-Frame: Superior tracking and stability with aluminum rib-frame technology. Adaptable to Waters: Set as self-bailing in choppy conditions, with ports for calmer ventures. Angler's Comfort Zone High-Backed Throne: Equipped with a seat that’s got your back – and your catches – with built-in rod holders. Long-Haul Luxury: An inflatable lumbar seat ensures comfort throughout your aquatic escapades. Feature Rich for the Fishing Enthusiast Tailored for Tackle: Ample storage with stainless steel d-rings and bungee lacing for your gear. Paddle Peace: Keep paddles secure and at the ready with convenient paddle holders. Unmatched Toughness: Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin bottom stands up to the demanding sea or riverbed. Set for Mobility, Designed for Ease Pack and Go: A carrying duffel for when the water calls at a distance. Effortless Setup: Unfold, inflate, and attach the seat – you’re ready to go in moments. Accessories Included for Full Fishing Finesse Ready to Row: Repair kit, lumbar seat, and a double action pump. Customization Ready: The included accessory mounting rail gears you up for a tailored experience.  
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Advanced Elements 9'9
Advanced Elements 9'9" Attack Pro Whitewater Inflatable Kayak $869.99 USD
Unleash the Rapids: Attack Pro Whitewater Kayak Dare to Conquer the Current Take the helm of the Advanced Elements Attack Pro Whitewater Inflatable Kayak, a vessel engineered for the adrenaline junkie in you. The Attack Pro is your ally against the fiercest of torrents, offering the perfect blend of durability, stability, and precision control. The Pinnacle of Whitewater Mastery State-of-the-Art Construction: Outfitted with drop-stitch technology for unrivaled performance. Responsive Design: 12-inch rocker for sharp, responsive turns in the most turbulent waters. Expedition-Ready Specs Model: AE1051-Y Dominating Presence: A bold yellow and gray color scheme stands out in the frothy waters. Compact Power: At just 9'9" in length and 35" in width, primed for maneuverability and action. Built Tough for the Untamed Survives the Sternest Tests: Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin makes it near impervious to harm. A Fortress of a Float: With a 35-inch width, it boasts a stable platform for when the waters wage war. Endurance and Comfort in the Clutch of Chaos Ride the Wave in Comfort: High-back seat supports you when the going gets rough. Command with Ease: Adjustable foot pegs and thigh straps for a customized, secure fit as you navigate. Feature-Rich for the Fearless Keep Gear Guarded: Stern deck cargo space for secure storage of essentials. Swift Set-Up: 2-way military valves enable quick inflation, making more time for your adventure. Adventure Kit Included Travel-Savvy Storage: A duffel bag with shoulder straps designed for the nomadic paddler. Comfort Meets Function: Adjustable high-back seat and foot pegs match your comfort needs. Ready for Rugged: Thigh straps, repair kit, and manual ensure you’re equipped to tackle any challenge. Drop-stitch Technology As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. Incorporating drop-stitch into the design of the Attack™ PRO results in enhanced rigidity and performance of the kayak.
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Advanced Elements Atomic ™ Adjustable SUP Paddle - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Atomic ™ Adjustable SUP Paddle $52.99 USD
Advanced Elements Atomic™: The Precision Paddle for SUP Enthusiasts Elevate Your Paddleboard Experience Enhance your stand-up paddleboarding with the Atomic™ Adjustable SUP Paddle by Advanced Elements, designed for optimal performance and ease of travel. Experience the power of precision paddling. Streamlined for Superior Strokes Fluid Dynamics: A paddle shaped for high cadence, smooth strokes, and reduced fatigue. Custom Comfort: Adjustable length caters to paddlers of various heights and stroke styles. Journey-Friendly Design Break It Down: Two-part paddle with a detachable aluminum shaft for uncomplicated transport. Lock-In Length: Swift and secure pin-lock adjustment from 171 to 208 cm—tailored to your reach. Technical Triumphs Built for the Bold: Sturdy construction matched with a sleek, hydrodynamic blade. Balance in Motion: Evenly weighted for a blend of power and grace in every stroke. Adventurer's Essentials Easy Handling: Heavy-duty grip designed for endurance and control. Compact Capability: Disassembles to a mere 95 cm to fit into travel cases and car trunks.
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Advanced Elements BackBone® and RigidForm™ Drop-Stitch Floors - Good Wave
Advanced Elements BackBone® $249.99 USD
Harness the Power of Rigidity: Advanced Elements BackBone® Kayak Performance Maximizer Unlock the potential of your kayak with the Advanced Elements BackBone® - a pioneering accessory designed to enhance the rigidity and performance of your AdvancedFrame® and Lagoon 2™ kayaks. Transform Your Kayak's Capabilities Engineered for Excellence: A patented design that acts like a spine to increase stiffness. Optimized Performance: Amplifies speed and improves tracking for a smoother ride. Innovate Your Inflation Installation Simplicity: Easily inserted and fits snugly into the kayak's interior. Compatible Craftsmanship: Tailored to complement various Advanced Elements models. The Backbone of Your Adventure Structural Integrity: Crafted for those seeking advanced performance in water dynamics. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials ensuring long-term use and reliability. The BackBone® How It Works: The BackBone® is a multi-sectional keel beam that you assemble and install under the inflatable floor inside of your kayak each time that you set it up. Once you sit inside of the kayak, your body weight presses the BackBone® downward, creating a V-shaped hull which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed of the kayak. Why Choose It: The BackBone® provides the best in tracking enhancement and the price conscious will notice that the BackBone® is considerably less expensive vs. the Drop-stitch floor. Click here to view installation video
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Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump Large - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump Large $23.99 USD
Speedy Inflation at Your Feet: Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump Large The Giant Leap in Inflatable Technology Introducing the Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump Large - the optimal solution for effortless and rapid inflation of kayaks and other low-pressure inflatables. Inflate with Ease Powerful Bellows System: Delivers large volumes of air at low pressure to expedite the inflation process. Adaptable Connection: Comes equipped with multiple adapters for a wide range of valves. Designed for the Outdoors Robust Build: Constructed to withstand the rugged environment of outdoor use. Lightweight for Transport: Crafted for portability, it's an indispensable companion on your adventures. User-Friendly Operation Foot-Operated Mechanism: Leaves your hands free and maximizes your leverage for effortless pumping. Advanced Elements Compatibility: Includes a Spring Valve Adaptor for seamless use with Advanced Elements Spring Valve on kayaks. Key Features at Your Toes From the compact build to its powerful performance, the Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump Large is the gear you need to get your kayak water-ready in no time. Universal Use: Versatile enough for all your low-pressure inflatable needs. Space-Saving Design: Collapses to fit into kayak bags, trunks, or under seats. Precision Inflation: Ensures you hit the right pressure with less effort and more accuracy.
Advanced Elements Double Action Pump W/ Gauge - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Double Action Pump w/ Gauge $41.99 USD
Maximize Your Inflation: Advanced Elements Double Action Pump with Gauge Inflate in Half the Time Get your inflatable kayaks and accessories pumped up quickly and efficiently with the Advanced Elements Double Action Pump with Gauge—a robust pump designed to make inflation a breeze. Power through Pumping Double Action Performance: Push and pull capability to inflate with each motion, reducing the time and effort needed to get your gear ready. Built-in Pressure Gauge: Ensures you inflate to the exact required level without the guesswork. Robust and Reliable High-Flow Design: Moves more air with each stroke, so you can get on the water faster. Versatile Attachments: Includes multiple adaptors to fit a variety of valves, enhancing its utility. Convenience at Your Fingertips Ergonomic Handles: Designed for comfort, providing a better grip for efficient pumping action. Stable Base: Offers a firm footing, preventing slips for a smooth pumping experience. Standout Features The Advanced Elements Double Action Pump with Gauge stands out with its practicality and precision. Seamless Compatibility: Comes with an Advanced Elements’ Spring Valve Adaptor for perfect fit with Advanced Elements kayaks. Durable Construction: Made with tough materials to last longer, no matter where you take it. Gauge for Accuracy: The integrated gauge keeps your inflatables at their best performance with the right pressure.
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Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor (Fits AdvanceFrame & Sport Kayaks) - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor (Fits AdvanceFrame & Sport Kayaks) $179.99 USD
Elevate Your Kayak Experience: Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor The Ultimate Upgrade for Kayak Performance Transform your kayak's stability, speed, and tracking with the Advanced Elements Drop Stitch Floor, designed to provide a premium paddling experience for both AdvancedFrame and Sport kayaks. High-Pressure Innovation Advanced Drop Stitch Technology: The same material innovation used in SUPs brings unbeatable firmness to your kayak. Create a Hull with Chine: Once installed, it shapes a defined hull with enhanced hydrodynamics. Enhanced Kayaking Dynamics Improved Tracking: Experience straighter navigation and better control. Increased Speed: The rigidity translates to more efficient strokes and glides. Uncompromising Durability Robust Material: Constructed to withstand the elements and resist impact. Long-Lasting Performance: Engineered for repetitive use without losing shape or pressure. Superior Construction, Effortless Installation Tailored Fit: Specifically designed to snugly fit AdvancedFrame & Sport Kayaks. Easy to Set Up: Slides into place and inflates to create a rigid floor within minutes. How It Works As shown in our inflatable standup paddle boards, drop-stitch technology allows us to create high pressure forms that are extremely rigid. Once a drop-stitch floor is placed within the kayak, it creates a hull with chine, which is what enhances the tracking and hull speed. Why Choose It The Drop-stitch floor provides the best in rigidity and stability and, once you install it, it stays put. There is no need to remove or re-install it with each setup and breakdown of the kayak. Additionally, if you are paddling a lot of shallow waters with hidden “surprises" beneath the water’s surface or, if you’ll be landing in heavy surf, the Drop-stitch floor is the way to go.
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Advanced Elements Funk Bag - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Funk Bag $59.99 USD
Say Goodbye to Gear "Funk": Advanced Elements Funk Bag Stay Organized and Odor-Free Keep your adventurous spirit alive without the mess. The Advanced Elements Funk Bag is your go-to solution for containing and transporting wet or soiled gear with ease and efficiency. Smart Features for the Smart Paddler Ventilated Design: The mesh top and sidewalls ensure your gear dries out, reducing odor build-up. Robust Material: Made with a PVC Tarpaulin bottom, it stands up to wet, rugged conditions. Secure Storage: A water-resistant side pocket keeps your essentials like keys and phone dry and safe. Convenience Meets Capacity Generous Size: With a 45-liter capacity, it’s ready to hold all your gear. Portable Comfort: A removable shoulder strap for ease of transport. Visibility on the Go: Features a reflective panel to keep you visible in low light conditions. Crafted for the Outdoor Enthusiast No Leak Construction: Welded seams ensure the contents stay inside, not seeping into your vehicle or home. Ease of Access: Large dimensions (L 24” x W 16” x H 10”) allow for easy packing and retrieval of items.
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Advanced Elements Kayak Adjustable Foot Pegs - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Kayak Adjustable Foot Pegs $83.99 USD $89.00 USD
Precision Paddling with Advanced Elements Adjustable Foot Pegs Elevate Your Kayak Experience Unlock greater control and enhance your comfort on the water with Advanced Elements Kayak Adjustable Foot Pegs. Designed to deliver the support you need for efficient strokes and stability. Customized Fit for Superior Control Adjust on the Fly: Tailor your footrest position even while on the move for optimal comfort and power transfer. Universal Compatibility: These pegs are engineered to sync with the AdvancedFrame series and Lagoon 2 Kayaks. Optimized for Performance Better Leverage: Gain more power from your paddle strokes with stable foot placement. Enhanced Stability: Maintain balance in varied water conditions, improving kayak responsiveness. Key Details for a Tailored Paddling Setup Adaptable Design: These foot pegs offer quick attachment with adjustable webbing, making it suitable for kayakers of various heights. Paddler Height Guide: A comprehensive fitment guide ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your kayak model and size. Intuitive Installation and Use Straightforward Setup: Easily attach the foot pegs without any tools, thanks to the simple strap-on design. Durable Build: Crafted to endure the challenges of water sports without compromising on longevity or performance. Fitment Specifications Understand your kayak’s compatibility and paddler height suitability to maximize your paddling performance. See our detailed guide for specific model fitments and restrictions to ensure a perfect match.
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Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly $79.99 USD
Streamline Your Shoreline Journey with Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly Effortless Transport for Your Kayak Adventures Ease your kayak transportation with the Advanced Elements Kayak Dolly. Engineered for simplicity and convenience, this dolly takes the strain off moving your kayak from your vehicle to the water's edge. Hassle-Free Kayak Movement Adaptable Strapping: Quick-release straps adjust to secure your kayak, no matter the size. Rugged Wheels: Pneumatic rubber wheels to roll smoothly over any terrain, ensuring a stable and safe journey for your vessel. Convenient Storage: Ingenious design allows for the dolly to fold flat, with detachable wheels for stowing on or off your craft. Designed for the Dedicated Paddler Lightweight Durability: Constructed with a strong aluminum frame that's both sturdy and light. Innovative Stability: Features a flip-out kickstand for easy loading and unloading. Protective Padding: Rubberized pads cradle your kayak, preventing abrasion and slips. A Reliable Partner for Kayak Transits Ease of Use: Effortlessly attach your kayak and move out with a reliable, user-friendly interface. Built for the Long Haul: With a 200-pound load capacity, transport your kayak plus all your gear without second-guessing. Practical Portability: At a feather-light 7 pounds, the dolly won’t add to your load.
Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack - Good Wave
Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack $112.99 USD
Journey Unbound with the Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack Where Adventure Meets Convenience Embark on your next expedition with the Advanced Elements KayakPack Backpack, crafted for the avid kayaker seeking ease and portability in transporting their craft. With its robust construction and thoughtful design, this backpack allows you to take your kayak to unexplored waters and distant shores with unparalleled ease. Crafted for the Kayaker on the Go Sturdy and Spacious: Its expansive interior is tailored to house most Advanced Elements kayaks, so you can transport your boat in confidence. Comfortable Carry: Engineered with adjustable, quick-release backpack straps for a comfortable trek, whether you're crossing the city or venturing into the wild. Concealed Strap Compartment: Avoid the snags and catches of transit with a unique zip-away compartment, ensuring straps stay clean and tangle-free. Optimized for Durability and Ease Rugged Material: Made with heavy-duty 600 Denier Polyester to withstand the rigors of travel. Reinforced for Roughness: A PVC Tarpaulin reinforced bottom panel adds an extra layer of protection against abrasive surfaces. Intuitive Design: The pack features a simple load-and-go style, complimented by its easy-to-store functionality when not in use. Built for Paddling Expeditions Dimensional Versatility: Ample size to fit your folded kayak and additional gear without compromise. Travel-Friendly Specs: Measures a commanding 38.50”L x 18”H x 12”W, with a lightweight profile at just over 3.5 pounds. Adaptable to Various Models: This pack fits a wide array of Advanced Elements kayaks, with noted exceptions to ensure a perfect match for your model.
Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle (4-Part) - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle (4-Part) $104.99 USD
Navigate the Waters with Precision: The Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle The Ultimate Fusion of Form and Function in Paddling Unlock the full potential of your kayaking adventure with the Advanced Elements Orbit Kayak Paddle, a masterpiece designed for paddlers who demand the best in both performance and portability. With a design that emphasizes adaptability and comfort, this paddle is an ideal companion for your water excursions. Precision Paddling with Every Stroke Adjustability: Tailor the paddle length from 225-235 cm for optimal control and efficiency. Featherable Functionality: Achieve perfect blade alignment with the fully featherable angle adjustment, enhancing stroke power and reducing wind resistance. Designed for Durability and Comfort Sturdy Build: Constructed with rigid fiberglass shafts for a strong, yet lightweight reach. Powerful Blade Composition: Glass-filled Nylon blades designed with an asymmetrical-dihedral shape for effortless water slicing and reduced paddling fatigue. Travel-Ready Features Compact and Portable: Breaks down into four parts with a minimal packable length of 29 inches, making it easy to transport and store. Engineered for Endurance: A paddle that withstands the elements and the test of time, weighing in at a mere 37.6 ounces. Specification Spotlight Ergonomic Advantage: The Orbit Kayak Paddle's ergonomic design ensures less strain and more power on longer journeys. Blade Dimensions: Crafted for maximum impact with each paddle at 18" x 6.25" (45.7 x 15.9 cm), propelling you further with less effort.
Advanced Elements Packlite Bellows Foot Pump - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Packlite Bellows Foot Pump $17.99 USD
Maximize Your Inflation Efficiency: Advanced Elements PackLite Bellows Foot Pump Compact Powerhouse for Inflatable Needs Experience the ultimate blend of efficiency and portability with the Advanced Elements PackLite Bellows Foot Pump. Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts who value streamlined gear, this pump combines ease-of-use with a featherlight presence, making it a prime choice for all your low-pressure inflation. Portable Inflation Simplified Ultra-Light Design: Weighing just 15.2 ounces, this pump is an unnoticeable addition to your gear but a significant contributor to your comfort on the water. Convenient Size: Measures only 9" x 6.25" x 3" when packed, slipping effortlessly into any storage space. Universal Fit: Comes equipped with Advanced Elements’ Spring Valve Adapter and a variety of other connectors, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of inflatables. Inflate on the Go Travel-Friendly: Ideal for kayakers, campers, and beach-goers who require a reliable, space-saving inflation tool. Quick Setup: Get from flat-packed to fully-inflated in no time with a simple setup that gets you back to adventure without delay. Designed for the Outdoors Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring longevity and reliability wherever you go. Effortless Operation: Foot-powered inflation allows you to reserve your hands for other tasks, providing a hassle-free pumping experience. Product Performance Highlights Versatile Use: Suitable for all Advanced Elements kayaks and other low-pressure inflatables. Dynamic Adaptability: With multiple valve adaptors, shift from kayaks to beach toys to air mattresses without skipping a beat.
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Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak Paddle - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak Paddle $94.99 USD
The Ultimate Companion for Paddlers: Advanced Elements PackLite Kayak Paddle Embrace the Journey with Lightweight Precision Gear up for your next paddling adventure with the Advanced Elements PackLite Kayak Paddle. Designed to offer a seamless balance between portability and performance, this paddle is a game-changer for kayakers who are serious about their on-water adventures. Take Paddling to the Next Level Lightweight Design: Crafted for efficiency and ease, the paddle weighs in at just 48 ounces, making it a light but sturdy option for extended tours. Compact and Portable: Breaks down into four parts with a packable length of just 25.5 inches, allowing it to fit into kayak hatches or backpacks effortlessly. Strength Meets Durability: High-quality aluminum alloy shaft and glass-filled nylon blades withstand the test of time and challenging conditions. Efficient Paddling with Every Stroke Engineered for Performance: The asymmetrical dihedral blade shape enhances stroke efficiency, ensuring less fatigue and more power. Adjustable Configurations: Offers a 60-degree feathering angle on both right-hand control (RHC) and left-hand control (LHC) as well as an unfeathered option to suit any paddling style. A Deep Dive into Advanced Design Optimal Dimensions: Blades measure 18 inches by 7 inches, providing a substantial surface area for a solid catch in the water. Versatile Usage: Ideal for a wide range of paddling environments, from calm lakes to flowing rivers.
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Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag $62.99 USD
Secure and Streamline Your Paddle with the Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag Gear Up for the Waters: The Seamless Storage Solution Capture the ease of kayaking with the Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag. Meticulously designed for the water warrior, this deck bag keeps your essential gear within arm's reach without compromising on your kayak's aerodynamics. Maximizing Capacity, Minimizing Hassle Watertight Construction: Built with durable PVC Tarpaulin, the bag promises extreme resistance to water ingress and physical wear. Accessible Contents: The semi-rigid, contoured design offers clear visibility and easy access to the bag’s contents without the need to rummage. Built for the Waves All-Weather Zipper: Equipped with a water-resistant zipper to protect your valuables against moisture and spray. Flexible Storage Options: Comes with a removable interior liner that uses a roll-top closure for extra safeguarding of critical items. Paddle with Convenience at Your Fingertips Adaptable Mounting: Integrates adjustable straps and convenient d-rings for attachment to various kayak decks, ensuring your bag stays secure in choppy waters. Practical Features for Practical Use: Enhanced with a bungee lacing system for quick-stow items, making it an indispensable accessory for the paddler’s toolkit. Specifications at a Glance Robust Material Use: Crafted from heavy-duty 500D PVC Tarpaulin with an inner 75D Rip-Stop liner for lightweight yet resilient performance. Designed for Demanding Use: Its structural design withstands the demands of open water adventures, from calm to turbulent conditions.
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Advanced Elements StashPak™ Roll Top Dry Bag 20L, 40L - Good Wave
Advanced Elements StashPak™ Roll Top Dry Bag from $51.99 USD
Advanced Elements StashPak Roll Top Dry Bags: The Ultimate Shield for Your Gear Unwavering Protection for Boundless Adventures Embark on any voyage with the confidence that your essentials are safeguarded with the Advanced Elements StashPak Roll Top Dry Bags. These dry bags are engineered to withstand rugged environments, ensuring that your belongings stay dry and secure, no matter the journey's twists and turns. Reliable and Rugged by Design Durable Construction: Made with tough 500D PVC Tarpaulin, these bags are constructed to endure. Water-Resistant Assurance: The roll-top closure guarantees a watertight seal, offering peace of mind through splashes and storms. Transport Made Easy Carry with Comfort: Equipped with detachable shoulder straps to ease your load, transforming any trek from tedious to comfortable. Secure Anywhere Flexibility: With four d-rings on each bag, you have the convenience to anchor your gear wherever you need. Dual-Size Versatility for Every Need 20 Liter Compactness: Ideal for day trips or as a supplement to your main packing. 40 Liter Capacity: A spacious solution for longer expeditions or additional equipment. Convenience Meets Innovation Detachable Pouch Feature: A nifty detachable pouch for your small, quick-access items adds to the practicality of the bags. Easy Storage: The roll-top bag tucks neatly into the small items pouch, minimizing storage space when not in use.
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 2.5 Gallon - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 2.5 Gallon $23.99 USD
Refresh Anywhere with the Advanced Elements Summer Shower 2.5 Gallon Experience the Ease of Outdoor Showers Savor the comfort and convenience of a warm shower, even when you're miles from home. The Advanced Elements Summer Shower is designed for the outdoor enthusiast who appreciates a touch of comfort in the wilderness. Compact, Portable, and Efficient Easy to Fill: Large valve for quick fill-up, getting you ready for a rinse in no time. Solar Heating Capability: Harness the power of the sun to heat water effortlessly throughout your day outdoors. Temperature Gauge: Built-in, easy-to-read temperature gauge allows for a perfect shower experience at your preferred warmth. Thoughtfully Designed for the Adventurous Spirit Durable Material: Made with strong 4-ply construction, this shower is built to last through countless adventures. On-the-Go Comfort: With a capacity of 2.5 gallons, it’s lightweight and scaled for mobility. Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient: No need for external heating sources, making your footprint lighter on nature. Convenience at Your Fingertips Integrated Shower Head: Enjoy a steady, gentle flow with an easy-to-use ON/OFF shower head that conserves water. Secure Handling: Features a sturdy handle for hanging and carrying, making it a breeze to manage. Smart Features for Smart Travelers Side Pocket for Essentials: Keep soap and shampoo accessible with a mesh pocket designed for convenience. Reflective Mirror: Incorporated into the design, the mirror comes in handy for grooming tasks.  
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 3 Gallon - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 3 Gallon $29.99 USD
Bask in Comfort with Advanced Elements Summer Shower 3 Gallon Elevate Your Outdoor Hygiene Embrace the fusion of convenience and functionality with the Advanced Elements Summer Shower 3 Gallon. Designed for the avid camper, hiker, or beachgoer, this portable shower balances ample water supply with straightforward usability. Ultimate Convenience for Outdoor Enthusiasts Generous Capacity: Offers 3 gallons of water, ideal for a thorough and refreshing wash. Solar Technology: Innovative material absorbs sunlight to warm the water inside, providing an eco-friendly hot shower. Water Temperature Indicator: A clear temperature gauge ensures your shower water is just right. Robust Construction Meets Smart Design Heavy-Duty Build: Constructed with durable materials for long-term use in varied conditions. Travel-Friendly Features: Lightweight design with a user-friendly carrying handle for easy transportation. User-Centric Amenities Convenient Shower Head: Features a high-efficiency shower head with an ON/OFF switch to conserve water while delivering a comfortable flow. Practical Storage Pocket: Equipped with a front pocket for soap, shampoo, and other shower essentials. Innovative Accessories for a Better Shower Experience Reflective Mirror Panel: Comes with a reflective mirror, perfect for grooming in the great outdoors. Safe and Secure: A solid handle and a hanging cord with a hook make it safe and secure to place overhead.
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Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gal Pvc Free - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gal Pvc Free $49.99 USD
Refresh Outdoors with Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gallon - PVC Free Unwind Under the Open Sky Discover the ultimate in eco-conscious outdoor bathing with the Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gallon. This capacious shower bag is designed to provide a liberating shower experience while safeguarding the environment, free from PVC constituents. Designed for the Environmentally Savvy Traveler Spacious Water Reservoir: Carries 5 gallons of water, enough for multiple showers. Eco-Friendly Material: Constructed without PVC to protect natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar-Heated: Harnesses the power of the sun to warm your water, cutting down on fuel usage. Durability Meets Sustainability Tough Build: Made from resilient, eco-friendly fabrics to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. PVC-Free Peace of Mind: Enjoy a guilt-free showering experience knowing you're using a product that's safe for you and the planet. Features Tailored for Ease and Efficiency Efficient Shower Head: Conserves water without sacrificing pressure, complete with a flow control switch. Extra Features for Convenience: Includes a side pocket for toiletries and a separate compartment for valuables. Practical Additions for Enhanced Comfort Visible Water Gauge: A side water level indicator ensures you always know how much water you have left. Easy-to-Use Design: Equipped with a large filling valve and a twist-off cap for a hassle-free fill-up and emptying process.
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Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gallon - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gallon $34.99 USD
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gallon: Nature's Spa on-the-go! Elevate your outdoor experiences with the Summer Shower 5 Gallon, designed for nature lovers who seek luxury in the wilderness. Simply fill it up, let the sun work its magic, and enjoy a warm, refreshing shower wherever your adventures take you. Whether you're at a sun-kissed beach, atop a serene mountain, or on a peaceful sailing journey, this portable shower ensures you're never far from comfort. Distinctive Features: Solar Heating: Utilize the sun's natural warmth! An in-built solar panel heats water to your desired temperature. Supreme Standards: Crafted with premium quality materials ensuring durability and longevity. Comfortable Carry: A wide handle grip promises effortless and comfortable transportation across terrains. Quick Fill: An extra-large filling valve and an easy twist-off cap make refills swift and spill-proof. Water-Saving Shower Head: The intuitive ON/OFF shower head design conserves water, ensuring you have enough for a thorough rinse. Neat & Tidy: Velcro straps provide a neat solution for holding a washcloth, soap, and other essentials. Compact Storage: After a rejuvenating shower, simply roll up the unit for space-saving storage. Sturdy Structure: A robust 4-layer construction guarantees durability and resistance against wear and tear. Temperature Check: An integrated water temperature gauge (available on 3 & 5-gallon models) ensures you always know the warmth level. Stay Fresh: A handy pocket keeps your soap and shampoo within arm's reach, complemented by a reflective mirror to keep you looking your best. Note: If you're looking for extended convenience, the 10-gallon model comes with two additional long shower hoses. With the Advanced Elements Summer Shower 5 Gallon, blend wilderness with luxury and make every trip a five-star retreat!  
Advanced Elements Thunder25 Rolltop Duffel Bag - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Thunder25 Rolltop Duffel Bag $93.99 USD
Navigate the Elements with Advanced Elements Thunder25 Rolltop Duffel Bag Embark on Any Adventure Gear up with the Thunder25 Rolltop Duffel Bag from Advanced Elements, a synthesis of ruggedness and flexibility designed to safeguard your essentials from outdoor elements. Whether braving river rapids or commuting in urban drizzles, this duffel is built to endure and perform. Maximum Protection in a Sleek Design Large-Mouth Rolltop Closure: Allows for easy packing while providing an impermeable seal against water ingress. Reliable Construction: Engineered with welded seams, this duffel combats the rigors of any journey. Convenience and Comfort in Every Detail Adjustable Support: Comes with a detachable shoulder strap for comfort in transit. Secure Outside, Organized Inside: External d-rings support tie-downs, and a water-resistant outer pocket keeps small items accessible yet dry. Specifications for the Smart Packer Innovative Opening: The rolltop mechanism is not just watertight; it's a portal to efficient packing and unpacking. Travel-Friendly Attributes: Equipped with straps and pockets designed to make travel smoother and more enjoyable. Build and Composition 25 Liter Volume: Ample space for all travel necessities. Lightweight Build: At just 18.4 ounces, it's a lightweight addition to your travel gear. Durability Material: Crafted from sturdy 210 Denier TPU for a long-lasting life.
Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle - Good Wave
Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle $52.99 USD
Elevate Your Paddle Experience with the Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle Go Light, Paddle Right Introducing the Advanced Elements Ultralite Pack Kayak Paddle - the paddler's dream for effortless transport and an unmatched experience on the water. With its ultra-lightweight design and compact form, this paddle sets the standard for adventure-ready kayaking equipment. The Essence of Portability Feather-Light Construction: Weighs a mere 23.6 ounces, crafted for both the journey to the water and the joy on it. Ultra-Compact Design: Breaks down to 60 cm in length, fitting into kayak hatches or backpacks with ease. Adaptive Paddling Versatile Configuration: Offers a standard or minimalist setup to suit your paddling style and loadout. Reduced Weight Option: Utilize one middle section for a lighter paddle on shorter trips. Paddle Specs at a Glance Durability Meets Design: The polypropylene blades and aluminum alloy shaft balance resilience with agility. Optimized Dimensions: Engineered for smooth strokes with a blade measurement that promotes a strong catch. The Details that Define Quality Complete Paddle Weight and Length: Just 24 ounces in weight and 224 cm in reach, providing a full setup for extended excursions. Pack and Paddle: Minimalist setup reduces the paddle weight further, proving that less can be more in terms of performance. Technical Construction Blade Material: High-strength polypropylene ensures effective strokes and long-term durability. Shaft Composition: The aluminum alloy offers a lightweight yet robust backbone for the paddle.
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