Aqua Marina 12’0” Monster 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

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Aqua Marina 12’0” Monster 2021 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

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Get ready to take your paddle boarding experience to the next level with the Aqua Marina 12’ Monster Inflatable SUP.

This board is perfect for riders of all skill levels and offers excellent stability while cruising through flat water, as well as powerful waves when conditions are right.

The tough, long lasting drop stitch material used to construct this board is reinforced in high traffic areas such as rails, nose and tail for optimal strength and performance. And because it's inflatable it is lightweight and easily transportable. Plus, it comes with an adjustable aluminum alloy paddle that's just the right size for your needs.

This SUP also boasts great customer reviews saying things like “it feels so stable” and “I love how fast it glides through the water”. So if you want an inflatable stand-up paddle board that can keep up with any condition then get the Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP today! Enjoy the ultimate paddling experience with this amazing board!


  • Dimensions: 12' x 33" x 6" / 336 cm x 84 cm x 15 cm
  • Volume: 380 liters
  • Maximum payload: 374 lbs / 170 kg
  • Weight: 22.3 lbs / 10.1 kg
  • Max air pressure: 15 psi

What's in the box

  • SUP: Aqua Marina 12'0" Monster Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Paddle: Adjustable 3-piece high quality paddle, easily compacts for carrying/storage
  • Pump: Dual-action pump for quick inflation (see photo)
  • Carrying backpack: "Magic backpack" carrying storage bag that fits your deflated SUP and entire package
  • Leash: Leash with paddle ankle strap and double swivel (to minimize tangling)
  • Traction pad: Traction pad for ultimate grip and comfort on bare feet or water shoes (see photo)
  • Center handle: Durable rubber center handle (see photo)
  • Fin: Removable slide-in center fin (see photo)
  • Luggage: Integrated cargo D-ring with a bungee cord to attach luggage
Aqua Marina Monster 7
The optimized thickness provides outstanding rigidity without additional air pressure, and the extra volume caters to those looking for an even easier ride.

The new Monster ISUP is the ideal all-around to get into standup paddling and offers great balance with good glide and maneuverability using lightweight drop stitch technology.

Drop Stitch Light Technology

Aqua Marina Monster
  1.     Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2.     Light and printed tarpaulin layer
  3.     First PVC rail layer
  4.     Second PVC rail layer
  5.     EVA footpad


Aqua Marina All-Round Paddle Boards

Our Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP "all-around" model paddle boards offer optimal balance and buoyancy, with great glide and maneuverability making it an excellent all-around choice for beginners through advanced riders.

Upgraded with better balanced sizes and shapes, the models are the ideal all-around SUP boards offering incredible stability and good gliding experience, competent in any conditions from flat water to small waves.

All-Round SUPs include:

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