CBC Surf Leash 8' - Good Wave
CBC 8' Surf Surfboard Leash $34.99 USD
CBC 8' Surfboard Leash - Reliable, Durable, and Stylish! Searching for the perfect surfboard leash that not only performs but also turns heads? Your quest ends with the CBC 8ft Surfboard Leash. This leash, known for its reliability and durability, has been designed using high-quality materials to stand up against the most challenging waves. With a blend of superior performance and sleek style, the CBC Surfboard Leash keeps your board securely attached to your ankle, allowing you to focus on catching that perfect wave. A comfortable fit, combined with its striking design, makes this leash an essential accessory for any surfer ready to level up their game. Don't wait any longer. Order yours today and get ready to conquer the waves with confidence! Key Features Durable Cord: Black polyurethane (PU) cord is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. Precision Molded Fittings: Built for long-lasting use, ensuring secure connections and enhanced longevity. Rail Saver: Includes a rail saver to prevent the cord from cutting into the rail and tail of the board, ensuring your board's protection. Double Swivel: The double swivel design drastically reduces tangling in the leash for a hassle-free surfing experience. Comfortable Ankle Strap: The neoprene padded ankle strap with the iconic California Board Company logo ensures a secure yet comfortable fit. The CBC 8ft Surfboard Leash is not just an accessory—it's an assurance for a smoother, safer, and more stylish surfing experience. Gear up, hit the waves, and let your surfing skills shine with CBC!
Scott Burke 10' SUP Leash - Black
Scott Burke 10' SUP Leash $24.99 USD
Scott Burke 10' SUP Leash: Strong, Reliable, and Adjustable! Experience a worry-free stand-up paddling adventure with the Scott Burke 10' SUP Leash. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this leash promises strength, comfort, and superior performance, whether you're riding gentle waves or tackling challenging swells. Features: Robust Polyurethane Cord: This leash is designed with a strong polyurethane cord that promises unparalleled durability, enabling you to handle the toughest water conditions with confidence. Comfortable Neoprene Cuff: The cuff, made from soft neoprene material, ensures maximum comfort. It won't chafe your ankle, providing a snug yet gentle fit for all-day paddling adventures. Ankle Attachment: Designed to attach securely to your ankle, this leash keeps your SUP close to you at all times, preventing it from drifting away if you fall into the water. Adjustable Size with Velcro Fastener: The leash comes with a Velcro fastener, allowing for quick and easy adjustments. Whether you have a small or large ankle, you can customize the size for a secure and comfortable fit. Double Swivel & Rail Saver: The double swivel design reduces tangling, ensuring a hassle-free paddling experience. In addition, the leash features a rail saver, which protects your board from getting damaged by the leash cord. With the Scott Burke 10' SUP Leash, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your board is always within reach. Designed to enhance your stand-up paddling experience, this leash is a must-have for every SUP enthusiast. Start your journey with Scott Burke today and conquer every wave with confidence!
CBC PU Coil Bodyboard Leash - Black
CBC PU Coil Bodyboard Leash $14.99 USD
CBC PU Coil Bodyboard Leash: Security, Comfort, and Style Make the most of your bodyboarding experience with the CBC PU Coil Bodyboard Leash. Featuring a strong and flexible design, this leash offers comfort and security for every wave ride. Features: Coiled Urethane Cord: The coiled design of the leash prevents it from dragging in the water and minimizes the risk of getting tangled. The urethane material is strong and durable, ensuring long-lasting use even in challenging wave conditions. Neoprene Cuff: For maximum comfort during your bodyboarding sessions, the leash features a neoprene cuff. Soft and cushioned, it won't chafe or irritate your skin. Versatile Attachment: The leash can be securely attached at the wrist or bicep, according to your preference. This flexibility lets you customize your bodyboarding experience. Velcro Fastener: The Velcro fastener allows for quick and easy adjustments to ensure the leash fits securely. It's strong and reliable, keeping the leash firmly in place. Double Swivel and Rail Saver: The double swivel design helps prevent the leash from twisting, while the rail saver protects your board from damage. These features ensure a hassle-free and safe bodyboarding experience. Assorted Colors: Available in a variety of vibrant colors, you can choose the one that best matches your style or board. The CBC PU Coil Bodyboard Leash is not just an accessory, it's an assurance of a comfortable and secure bodyboarding experience. Get yours today and take your wave-riding adventure to a new level!
Aqua Marina SUP Leash 8'/5mm
Aqua Marina 8" Safety Leash for Paddle Board Inflatable SUP $32.00 USD
Guarantee safety on your next water sports adventure with the Aqua Marina SUP Leash 8'/5mm. This reliable leash is made from highly durable materials and features 5 mm thick rope for extra strength and flexibility. Its unique coil design allows it to stretch up to 8 feet, giving you plenty of room to move while ensuring you're securely attached to your board. The leash also features a double swivel system that prevents tangles when paddling and includes a wrist band for added comfort. Plus, the attachment rail saver ensures that the leash won't get tangled up in your board's fin or tail when moving around. Make sure you always stay connected - get the Aqua Marina SUP Leash today! With its superior construction and features, this leash will make sure you enjoy a secure ride every time you step out onto the water. Materials 8’/5mm flat water safety leash. Heavy duty material.
Catch Surf 8' Beater Leash - Good Wave
Catch Surf 8' Beater Leash $54.38 USD
Get ready for a surf session that's built to last with the Catch Surf 8' Beater Leash. This robust surf leash is designed to take on anything that comes your way, providing you with extra control and comfort in whatever conditions you encounter. Its ultra-durable construction is made of premium urethane and reinforced stitching, so you can be sure it will stay strong no matter how hard you go at it. And with an 8 foot length, you have plenty of slack to move around freely while still keeping your board close. Don't let waves keep you down – experience the performance and reliability of the Catch Surf 8' Leash!
Badfish 11' Foot Coil Leash - Good Wave
Badfish 11' Foot Coil Leash $39.00 USD
Stay Connected to Your Board with the Badfish 11' Foot Coil Leash Stay secure and safe during your paddleboard adventures with our superior Badfish 11' Foot Coil Leash. This leash is meticulously designed for optimal comfort and minimized drag, making it your perfect companion for flatwater and ocean paddling. Features Ideal Length: With an 11' ankle coil, you'll have plenty of room to maneuver without getting tangled, ensuring you stay connected to your board. Versatile Use: This leash is designed for flat water and ocean use, providing you with plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. Comfort-Focused Design: Forget about abrasive materials rubbing against your skin. Our leash features a comfortable neoprene and Velcro ankle cuff, guaranteeing a secure yet gentle fit around your ankle. Reduced Drag: The coil leash design significantly reduces drag, providing a smooth, unhindered paddling experience. Please note: This leash is not suitable for river use. With the Badfish 11' Foot Coil Leash, you'll have one less thing to worry about. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on making the most out of your time on the water. After all, your adventures deserve nothing but the best!
Aqua Marina Accessories - Paddle Board Surf Leash 9'/6mm
Aqua Marina 9" SURF Leash for Paddle Board Inflatable SUP $38.00 USD
Enjoy more time on the waves with the Aqua Marina SUP Leash 9' 6mm! This lightweight and durable leash is designed to provide excellent performance while you stand-up paddle. Its heavy-duty 6mm urethane construction ensures superior strength and durability, while its elastic design helps reduce strain on your ankles and feet. The leash also features a reliable double swivel system that prevents line tangles for an uninterrupted ride. Plus, it has a comfortable neoprene ankle cuff - so you can stay secure during your entire session. And thanks to its universal size and fit, you can be sure that this leash will work well with any board setup. Improve your watersports experience today - get the Aqua Marina SUP Leash today! With its superior construction and features, this leash will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable stand-up paddleboard experience out on the waves.   Specifications 9'/6mm SUP leash Features double stainless steel swivels to reduce tangling Heavy duty material
Catch Surf 5' Beater Pro-Comp Leash - Good Wave
Catch Surf 5' Beater Pro-Comp Leash $51.88 USD
Get ready to take your surfing to the next level with the Catch Surf 5' Beater Pro-Comp Leash. This top-of-the-line surf leash is designed for maximum comfort and performance, providing a secure fit and plenty of board control. Constructed with premium urethane for added durability and strength even in tough conditions, you can be confident in its long-lasting quality. The 5 foot length gives you enough slack to move around freely while keeping your board close, so you can hit those sweet spots with precision. Plus, its lightweight construction means you won't feel weighed down when heading for the waves.
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