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Stormrax Foam Surfboard Car Racks
Stormblade Stormrax Foam Surfboard Roof Racks
Stormblade Stormrax Foam Surfboard Car Racks instructions

Stormrax Foam Surfboard Car Racks

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The new STORMRAX strapping system secures boards to most cars, vans, and SUV’s.

Fits all types of sporting boards such as surfboards, stand up paddle-boards, snowboards, kayaks, and can handle multiple boards. 

Each foam base features a magnetized foot area that secures it to most metal roofs. Strong straps with pads protect most soft foam board edges from denting while zinc alloy cam locks provide secure gripping for larger loads.

Compatible with ALL Storm Blade and Wavestorm foam surfboards!

    Please see our Stormrax setup instructions for a step by step guide to install in less than 10 minutes.


    • Fits most Cars, Vans, SUVs/4WDs, etc.
    • Effective way to secure up Shortboards, Longboards, Stand Up Paddleboards, Kayaks, Snow Boards.
    • Two 21” (Patent Pending) magnetized soft foam bases that secure to vehicles with metal roofs and keep boards safe.
    • Two straps made from 6000D strength webbing with neoprene pads for buffering straps against boards.
    • Heavy-duty zinc alloy cam locks.

    Wavestorm Foam Surfboards:

    Wavestorm is the defacto learn-to-surf foam surfboard based in sunny California. The boards have been developed and refined over time through top shapers year after year. Increased volume, rounded rails, and progressive outlines make this collection absolutely fun to learn or push the limits on expressive surfing. The key has been our dedication to refined construction technology and a continuous realtime innovative approach to details that matter to surfers.

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